Welcoming in the Twin Flame

Many of you may have noticed that the energies are speeding up. Things that have taken us months and years to experience before are now taking days. We are being called to release any old behaviors, emotions and beliefs that are no longer serving us. As we do this, and bring in the energy of laughter and playfulness, we are welcoming in our twin flame bringing us closer and closer into full physical reunion.

Circumsition of the Mind

1-2-3-4 who’s the one I’m looking for?
It’s you, it’s you I adore
With our relationship, I could never be bored.
You have penetrated the core of me to be me
You have opened the door to my heart from the start
I loved you before
I knew of love
I dreamed of you as I read in school the stories of folklore
When you go to sleep, I say “love, no, no, more, more, play with me more.”
Ah it is you and only you, nor I shall die.
Is it the sweetness in the eyes or
the warmth of soft skin?

Your energy seeps into my pores
as I am opened unto me again.
When we are intertwined and find ourselves within.
I hear the roar of my passion building for you.
My heart is constantly writing a rhythm of rhyme for you but could never get sore of your affection.
When you have to leave my side, it feels as if my being is tore away from me.
I even remember the first shirt you wore when you wrote our love song.
Yes it is you, it is your vibration that inspires me to rise higher.

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5 comments on “Welcoming in the Twin Flame
  1. Alicia says:

    I love it!

  2. Emily says:

    What do you mean when you say the energies are speeding up?
    I’ve been feeling anxious as of late, wanting to contact, but I stop myself. Also, dreams of him have been more profound.

  3. Wimbla says:

    Thank you sweet.

  4. Amrita says:

    So very true…..its mind blowing and overwhelming.

  5. Gabriella says:


    You can read the response to your question here: Energies are Speeding Up.

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