The Age of Aquarius is Here – What is Our Role?

Have you Heard of the Age of Aquarius yet aren’t sure what it truly is?

We are now in the age of Aquarius, or rather the age of love. This means that all of the “perceived” darkness will be brought to light so that it can be seen and transformed. All that exists in the vibration of separation will become clear so that it can move into the frequency of union – we are healing separation mentality into union consciousness in all areas of our individual lives as well as the collective.

What role should we taking at this time? What should we be doing at this time? Join me as I guide you through what is important now: healing, creating, going with the flow, coming from the place of your heart with everything you say and do…so much more.

Do twin flames and soul mates have a role to play now, and if so, what is that? How can you prepare for the reunion with the old souls whom you are contracted to connect with?

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