What about Now? Isn’t Now a Good Time to Choose Love?

I heard this song while I was traveling today and it got me to thinking of how short life really is…and how NOW is the time we have to move forward to embrace what our hearts truly desire, whatever that may be. In regards to love, are you choosing fear or are you fully allowing yourself to be vulnerable in the space of deep love? This deep love helps you to continue forth your life experience committed to healing, growing, creating and learning together with another in alignment with your vibration, enhancing who you are as an individual, which naturally adds to your partner, and all that you share together with the world. Everyone is affected in such a beautiful way by a deep love as this. What do you choose? If you choose this, wouldn’t now be the time to take a step towards what you have been waiting a LONG time for? It is here right now…and truly, “there is nothing to fear,” unless you believe there is…Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself…” Let it go, and all there is, is love. I’ve said this many times but it bears repeating now…unconditional twin flame love is a love that is an ever increasing, non releasing type of love…it is there and will always be there for the rest of your life…this is guaranteed. Do you accept it?

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