The Age of Aquarius is Here Now

The Age of Aquarius is the age of love and we are in it right now, moving ever so rapidly forward . This is the time where what we may have considered darkness will be coming to light so that we, looking through eyes of love and light, can see it for what it is and therefore allow for the transformation. There will be many creations that have been for a long time, government systems, ways of believing, feeling, acting, etc, will be transformed. Some of these will be broken down to be built again in the vibration of love.

We are moving away from separation mentality and all that is a part of this: systems, beliefs, actions, emotions (energy in motion). Anything that you can imagine that focuses on the differences between us will need to be shifted into the energy of love, which is seeing that underneath what we may perceive as differences, we are all the same. It is the focus on this connection, this sameness, that we move into union consciousness, letting go of any actions, emotions, beliefs, thoughts of separation so that we can truly live as one, in harmony, love and peace.

In order for us to do this, we do need to know what love truly is. We may have had the previous understanding that love is conditional, for you will receive it IF you do something, IF you act a certain way, IF *something, anything* but something first. This Age of Aquarius is where unconditional love will be what we all know and what we all experience with ourselves, with each other, and the world. This means that we will love, without conditions, without restrictions, without limitations, without judgment. We will love because we know that love is what we are here to share in, to spread around, to vibrate within. We will be able to see that truly we are all connected, we are all one, (yes you may have heard this before) and NOW we are called to LIVE in this truth. Can you look into another’s eyes and see yourself there, can you see that we are all brothers and sisters? This is time for us to break down all barriers that have existed for a while, within our own lives and within the world: breaking down so we can rise back up in a new way joined together with the knowing that we are already joined together.

What have you been experiencing ? Have you felt frustration, feeling a bit stuck where you are at right now? Do you feel that you have so much you want to do but feel like you’re staying in a worn out routine or pattern that keeps repeating? Are there intense emotions of sadness or frustration visiting you? It’s important to know that as the patterns of your behaviors, emotions, beliefs come into your awareness, you will be called to choose again now, ONLY if what you have chosen previously is not a reflection of who you desire to be. All that will come up in your experience that could be considered a challenge is there for your healing, your growth, in allowing you to move forward in a deeper vibration of love and light. Your happiness is increasing with each new step as you merge closer in love with the sweetness already there inside of you. You are the creator of your destiny, and all that is no longer serving your highest good IS standing there in the light for you to notice it, become aware of its purpose in your life, to be in gratitude for what it has given you, and to let it go so that you can continue forth your journey in a way that will deepen the love vibration on this planet. This is why your soul has chosen to be here on Earth at this time…if you are reading this, you can be certain of it.

So what is your role right now as we move forward in this Age of Aquarius?

1. Rest – allow yourself the time to rest your body and your spirit. You are taking in a lot of energy right now, whether you are fully conscious of it or not and you need time to incorporate it within you. Part of this processing is moving from the mind and into the heart, to receive this new energy and deeper awareness from that space.

2. Relax – Instead of reacting with frustration when things go on that might bother you, embrace it. Don’t let stress become a companion on your journey. Yes, you may have some responsibilities, but tackle them one at a time. Don’t put more on yourself than you really need to.

3. Go with the flow – what we think is a setback is usually an opportunity for us to grow, a gift in disguise. Relish the mystery of figuring out what that gift is instead of cursing it because it comes in a wrapping you aren’t familiar with.

4. Realize the frustration and sadness you feel is the letting go of what has been to welcome in what is now here. You are shifting, you are changing, and as a result, the frustration and sadness you feel is the awareness of this happening. This is a natural process.

5. Patience – have patience with yourself and with the process as you strengthen your love vibration. Just as when you learned to ride a bicycle, you had to get back up when you fell. Now know that you are not falling, you are rising, higher and higher. With this comes some growing pains, so to speak.

6. Find your Passion – if you are not yet aware of what you are passionate about, it is now time to discover this. If you already know what you are passionate about but have been keeping it hidden and not into your life, it is time to bring it forth. What you are passionate about is your life calling…this passion is something that you can bring forth into a service that you offer the world. Perhaps it is something you create and share, or a giving service of some kind but tap into the vessel of heaven inside of you and you will know what you are excited about that you can cultivate and bring forth in the world.

7. Believe in love – as you bring your passion into the world and are shining your light, another light that is in alignment with yours will recognize the similarity of your brightness and join together with you in serving the world love. This IS the time for these deep love reunions.

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