Expressions of Love Part 1

August 3, 2011

Stuck, that’s how it is, as I lay on this four post bed staring off into the distance, immersed in the energy of you that has embraced me so sweetly so recently…

I desire you, knowing full well that you are within me, you are so much a part of me that I can’t tell where you begin and I begin, for we both know that there is no ending to the essence of you, of me, of us.

My arms are open to embrace you…and they are, of course in this moment, holding you as my heart is loving you…I sigh and thank the heavens for the awareness of the closeness we share so far away from each other, yet not really far away…increased closeness it always is…

You truly are so beautiful and as cliché as those words may sound, it is completely how I feel. Your beauty continuously grows and all of your mannerisms, your humor, your light, your heart, your depth, all that makes you YOU is what I find so beautiful. For you paint such a clear and sweet picture of me as I see you…this vision tugs at me, and knaws at my hands, so much so that I want to place my hands on your face ever so gently…as you close your eyes, and inch your head closer into the nook of my palm, warm and healing energy flowing from my veins into yours, our bloodstreams become one.

Sweet and dearest love, do know this: in every moment, I love you, and in all moments, I am supporting you. I am swimming in your laughter as I am drying up your tears…I am embracing you when you sleep…I am singing you awake…I am poetically creating my heart open for you, as you said you wanted to feel my love…feel my love in every moment. My love is always present with you, no matter how much “distance” we perceive is between us for we know that nothing can distance us from each other…I can, right now, feel your heartbeat drumming along with mine, creating a rhythm we know so well.

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