The Balance of What Is

As I am reading, I am writing,
As I am resting, I am being,
As I am being, I am doing,
As I am doing, I am creating
the image of me

As I am sharing, I am receiving,
As I am receiving, I am giving
Within this duality is the balance of what is –

As I am waiting, I am experiencing,
As I am experiencing, I am feeling,
As I am feeling, I am knowing
me to be the me I see right now
but what is, is always shifting
as me is always shifting.
You are always shifting, in all ways,

As I am writing, I am revealing,
As I am revealing, I am receiving
and re-creating
me again and again
the me I see now is a different me I will see when I finish with the creation of these words.
Can you see the limitless possibilities here before you now and always, in all ways?

As I am questioning, I am answering,
As I am answering, I am feeling,
As I am feeling, I am being
the me I know
yet the me I know is changing
as my knowing is changing,
evolving ever deeper into this moment and all moments,
merged into one,
the all that is,
is right now –
as now leads into the next now,
constantly constant,
consistently evolving,
revolving around the observer,
the perception of you as you see you
and the perception of all that you are experiencing as you are experiencing it
both as the one who is experiencing and the one who is watching you within the experience.

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