A Message from Mary Magdalene Regarding Twin Flame Partnerships

Mary Magdalene channeled through Carolyn

I have come forth as a representative of the divine feminine. I have many names. There are many pictures drawn of me, some more accurate than others. And I am part of the actual marriage with Jeshua and also participate in the mystical marriage with Jeshua. I make that determination because most today, certainly understand what marriage means in the society, and there is some question as to whether Jeshua and I were married, but I come forth to you and I say yes, we were, and we were very happy.

But I wish to discuss more the mystical aspect; how a man and a woman can come together and be so perfectly aligned with one another that they bring forth a part of themselves that is known to some, but unknown to many. Energetically they entwine their energies around their chakra system so that they bring forth energy which turns into light and moves down a channel through all of those points in the body that are called chakras, and then turns and comes upward again, where the two connect at the third eye, and their energies connect. Not only is there an awareness of the two of them, but their energy travels together in a conscious manner, and it can be directed anywhere in the cosmos.

The knowledge that is brought back feeds the soul, the mind, the personality, as one starts to understand on a very deep level the connective forces of all of creation, even to the point of being able to move together to that central position in the center of the cosmos that we call Prime Creator; some use the term of just God, All-There-Is. So there are different names. Allah. But the love that comes forth is the same for all, regardless of what name you give this force. Prime Creator brought forth our souls, and in that bringing forth of the soul, there were particles of the Creator that make up the soul. And these are not just particles of the Creator, but rather abilities of the Creator; true, in a diluted form, but nevertheless they can be integrated into your daily experiences and you can take these creative abilities and build upon it your desires, your awarenesses, and it opens up all forms of life to you. Every question is answered, according to what you are able to contain and integrate and grow from.

I wish to bring this forth for several reasons. So much talk about whether Jeshua and I were married but I, Mary Magdalene tell you, that is such a small point when you truly consider what it is like to enter into the mystical marriage with your partner. This is truly the Grail, the physical body, that which is like a cup that contains your spiritual essence, your spiritual knowledge and the connection in a very real way with that being, that Source that created your soul. There is nothing more special, nothing more beautiful or satisfying or complete or whole than to take this journey.

I wish to bring this forth now, because I’m hoping that humanity is way beyond that knowledge that Jeshua and I were married, and in that knowledge acceptance, and I wish to focus on this, that part that makes you whole, because the energies that are coming forth to Earth now are making it possible for those who truly wish to understand themselves, to be able to move beyond that which ties them to Earth. It is like a door opening, and you are being invited to come forth, to journey, to understand who and what you are. You are so magnificent; more so than you have ever even contemplated, unless you have journeyed in this manner.

It is only through this journeying with your beloved and connecting energetically with Prime Creator, that you understand what is truly before you, who you are and why you’re here. And if you have done this, I congratulate you on your accomplishment. If you have not done this yet, then I say keep faith as to what is before you, because it awaits you in the private recesses of your mind, and it will come full force to participate in your life, to give you fullness in this greatest journey of understanding, and I am excited for each and every one of you who focus your thoughts upon this possibility. Whether you have met your beloved or not, you can still take this journey. It is more full and complete and comforting if you have that partner that you can make this journey with, but if you do not, understand it is available to you, and work with it now, as this is one of our greatest gifts that our Creator has given to us, outside of the fact of being born in a physical body with all of its potential, with all of its possibilities, this is your greatest gift outside of that.

And so I beckon to you, I encourage you, look forward to this and work to that point of raising your kundalini. And this is Mary Magdalene, giving you this information, an invitation at this point in time. And so it is.

To listen to the recording, go to the bottom of Jeshua Returned.

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