The Meaning of the Numbers 10 and 12

Q. My daughter and I have both noticed the 11:11 phenomenon for many years now and always wondered what it was all about or if someone was saying, “Hello.” I also see recurrently 23, 33 and 44.
Recently I noticed that it has changed to 10:10 and 12:12! Does this have some significance or mean that I am somehow off track for my purpose?

A. 11:11 has always been an awakening, and the fact that both you and your daughter have been noticing this for years shows that you have been well on the path of noticing the guidance of the universe and stepping forward more fully into your path. 10’s and 12’s are very significant to remind you yet again to pay attention to your thoughts, repetitive ideas that come to you – to move away from doubt with the trust that you can receive and follow the insight that comes to you. Keep staying positive and letting your intentions seep out into the universe to allow for your desires to unfold. You absolutely have a lot of support around you as all of us do…keep the faith and know that, YES, you are receiving guidance!

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