Expressions of Love Part 5

How can I let go of you when you are the me I see reflected back, the me that I have always been, always known, always been shown in your eyes and your laughter?

How can I walk away or run away from myself which I hear in the tone of your voice as you create our promises through words and melodies so eloquently?

How can I cry when I know that you are within me…your vibration is felt as my voice shares the messages of unity we agreed to bring forth into being this time around, again…as it is time for this ultimate truth to be wedded and embedded in the blueprints of our hearts and the earth, all at the same time…the Heaven on Earth we have experienced, that we know about, that we are pulling down from the ethers is here now…and I have yet to completely embrace you sweet one, to release the tears from the pain of feeling separated from you…the unbearable sadness of your death time upon time, knowing so deeply that death is merely a transition and not an ending…now, we are dying to the way it was to enter into the way it is as we intend it to be

How can I get frustrated when I know that our love is stronger than fear? We have chosen each other time upon time upon NO time and now THIS time, we are choosing again, have chosen, and because of this, we are here now, awaiting the perfect moment as it nears between us, when all the past, the present and the future all merge into one, into this glorious moment of shedding the hurts of all of those lifetimes when we were able to embrace each other in our various ways and forms…you are no longer injured from war, literally speaking… you are no longer victimized for the painful actions of fear and separation inflicted upon humankind from ones in power… you are no longer that sweet, innocent child who longed to be King and found disappointment in the world as you stumbled through the muck and the yuck of greed…the disappointment is washing away with the sea…let the water take those pieces of you that keep you distanced from yourself. I am here, arms embraced, so eagerly yet patiently waiting to embrace you once again…and when that AGAIN is here, in this moment, as all of our moments come together to bring us together to be together, to be one together. Ah, heaven help my heart as it holds you, for no words can do it justice.

I envision you resting your head upon my breast, letting my heartbeat soothe your pain into nothingness as all the somethings we hold inside our souls come out with words, with glances, with warmth, with the sweet presence of our essence combined. The tears clothe us and ease us into a blissful state of relaxation we have yet to explore…in that exploration we are lost and found, we are re-created anew, for NEWly wed we will be as every moment is like the first time and the first time again and again, bringing us ever more present in the moment of US. In this blossoming of love inside the nothingness and somethings, our creations will take form, change shape right before our eyes, re-forming itself into extensions of creations of our love that we can’t even conceive, right now. How blessed are we as we allow ourselves the pleasure and our gift we give ourselves to love one another, as we love ourselves, as we love all in the process…this is why we chose this dearest one, this is why.

I honor your light, and I see me within your light, glowing back, almost blinding me, bringing me to my knees to see the love within you, within me, within us all. I feel blessed, truly blessed, to see what others may miss for fear of nothing, yet they think it is something…how easy it is to see that you and I are US so softly, and in that softness, I rest. May you rest there too.

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2 comments on “Expressions of Love Part 5
  1. Gita Ganger says:

    How truly amazing!!! Thank you so much Gabriella for sharing the infinite wisdom you bring to shed light into our lives. Those of us who truly understand this love, regardless of whether we have experienced it (yet) or not, can feel the beauty and truth in the words you write. So much love to you, Gita xxxx

  2. Aishwarya says:

    I am brought to tears in this soul recognition of my heart’s cords and true deep knowing of the soul of this, the lifetimes of memories of every word and resonance of this, true deep reflection of this highest love that has been part of me of me and brought home and ascended me to more of me, awaiting in this new birthing in this dimension again. yes, truly… immense gratitude and love ~

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