Twin Flame Union is About Constantly and Consciously Choosing Love

Many of you have been writing to me recently regarding physical separation with your twins. Because of your concerns, I am guided to share with you in some detail just what happens when twins physically come in contact with each other and become aware of each other, what comes up within each twin as this reconnection in the physical takes place. Many of you may remember feeling a strong connection to an energy inside of you, perhaps when you were younger or for some years now, knowing that you would eventually meet someone who was “perfect” for you…this is the awareness of your twin before meeting in the physical. When you are ready to meet your twin, then your twin will appear – now at the time you physically meet your twin does not mean that you will merge right away and continue forward your life together by each others side.

In order for you to come together with your twin, there has to be a spiritual awakening happening within your life and this will be true for your twin also. This is what prompts the meeting in the physical. When you meet face to face, there is an even greater awakening, spiritually, intuitively that continues to happen, whether you are fully conscious of it or not. The twin flame relationship is about deep unconditional love, and it is about servicing this love to the world by reflecting it in each other, by sharing it with one another and being an example for the world to see what love truly is. What is your role as well as your twins role when you physically connect and become conscious of each other? You are called, pushed into taking a deeper look within yourself and your life. You are urged into loving yourself deeper than you have ever thought possible because the mind is swept aside…this relationship is on the emotional, profound level. You have to be ready to see what you consider to be your weaknesses and love them. You have to be ready to see what you feel are your strengths and love them more, enhancing them and fine tuning them as you go along, because it is those “weaknesses” and those “strengths” which you will recognize in your twin, as if you are looking into a mirror, for the twin is truly a clear reflection of who you are. If you are not ready to do that, fear can be created, an intense fear of being completely vulnerable, of being seen for everything and exactly as you are for your true nature, your true essence cannot be hidden away from your twin.

We have learned to put on masks and be who we think another wants us to be in relationships yet the twin flame relationship calls you to be exactly who you are with absolutely no walls up, pushing through the images you may have created of yourself, the beliefs you may have held so strongly to on what the roles are for men and women in partnership, and how to react with each other, especially if there is a chance of getting hurt. There are no rules in the twin flame relationship – the only message to remember and stay true to, is LOVE, when you don’t think you can love anymore, LOVE more. When you feel your love growing stronger and stronger, know that it is limitless. Choose love in every moment, again and again, and let the other emotions and behaviors that are NOT in love fall away. This love is NOT too good to be true and it does not have a point where it will end, as it is truly eternal. Will there be emotions and bumps along your path with the twin flame? Yes, but supporting each other through these twists and turns of life is the fun of it for you have someone there who truly understands you as they understand their own self, as you are one and the same. There are three parts to a twin flame relationship, which is you, your twin and your union (your togetherness). All of these parts need to be cultivated, and both of you need to understand your own “stuff,” for it will come up for you to take a look at, transform, release, and heal, growing deeper in unconditional love with yourself, your twin and the world. If you both are committed to healing your own individual karma that comes up, you can do it together, hand in hand, releasing the fear that previous relationships/experiences may have created, and the pain of separation from each other in other lifetimes. That was then and this is now…you both have a choice to choose love and let the fear fall away…it is worth it. Trust me. Have patience. All happens in divine timing. Know that you are not ever in separation from each other for you exist beyond your physical body. Keep connected to your eternal love and your soul intention for reunion on all levels. It IS happening and it is NOT too late for you to rise in love with each other.

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2 comments on “Twin Flame Union is About Constantly and Consciously Choosing Love
  1. Fay Serov says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  2. Nenari says:

    Dearest Gabriella~
    Thank you so for what you share here in this article. It is so helpful to so many and it mirror alot of what my twinsoul Natu (Chris) and I have experienced in such moments as well. It is always remembering to love again and again no matter what. You are such a beautiful goddess of divine light shining to help so many. Thank you for all you are to the many who come to you. Much love always ~Nenari

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