Twin Flame Union: Divine Timing

Q. Divine timing is a big part of twin flame union, but if you have already met physically, does it mean 2012 is the reunion year?

A. Yes, divine timing is a huge part of the twin flame union, and in realizing this, so much a part of the journey is about allowing yourself to fully be in the moment, to allow yourself to FEEL all of the emotions (energy in motion) that is so much within this journey. What I mean is to witness the guidance of the universe and feel the love surrounding you in absolutely EVERYTHING, all of the moments that you may have perceived were “dark” have given you insight that you are now bringing into your life mission and all of your relationships. All that you felt brought joy to your life you are called to be in the deepest space of gratitude for, which enables you to see the perfection in the circle of all that you have taken part in, all of your challenges have offered you opportunities to grow, to heal, to create, to BE more deeply who you are. Each of your relationships and the moments of your life have helped you to remember the truth of who you are so that you can express that truth of who you are right now and all the time.

This twin flame journey is truly about constant surrender to the flow, to holding onto the love that is always present yet letting go of the need to explain or understand it all, to let go of the expectations that the mind can place on the time frame of full reunion (in all ways) so that you can truly get into the place of knowing that you have never been separated, that you are always connecting. Re-union means remembering that union (you and I as one) has always been the truth…in this, you are able to honor all of the steps along your journey, honoring you, honoring your twin (all of the choices and creations) which eventually brings you to the point of full immersion into your life purpose, individually and together.

I don’t like to place any particular time frame to the full reunion in all ways with ones twin, because each of your souls have your own intentions for your creation and union in this lifetime. Feel inside you what resonates with your particular souls agreement: be open and know that you can and will receive this information if you are willing and ready. I can tell you that the message that I have received is that now, nearing the end of 2011 and into 2012, many twin flames will be joining together merging in many different ways and forms, to help raise the vibration of this planet Earth, as this has been contracted or agreed upon on the soul level to happen at this time. It used to be known that it was rare for twins to come together in the physical on earth and that one would have to be in spirit guiding the other along, yet now since we have individually and collectively reached a point in our consciousness where full union consciousness can evolve more deeply, it is time for twins to share in this deep love by not only words, by not only loving others, but also by BEING in love energy vibration TOGETHER so that people can experience the words in action, and FEEL the love directly. You can relate this to the time when Jesus became a physical human to express the truth of Heaven and as he did, helped those who were ready to see that Heaven can be shared and experienced on this physical Earth plane, and what that Heaven on Earth truly was (and he did this WITH Mary Magdalene as his Beloved). Jesus was showing the importance of unifying the male and female polarities within and in relationship with the Beloved. It is now time for us to bring these messages of unity in all ways through the love and union of twin flames and it is happening…you will see this happening in rapid speed in increasing numbers of eternal love as the days unfold. Here’s a toast to fully immersing ourselves in the deepest waves of unconditional love and light that this planet has ever seen…and so it is.

7 Comments on “Twin Flame Union: Divine Timing

  1. thank you for reminding me what it all means… forever connected and always in love… <3

  2. Amen!!! I am praying and sending all my love and light to all of the twin flame couples out there! Yes we are on a mission! Thank you. Namaste

  3. i needed to read this today. i know who my twin soul is, and he`s running from the union. its painful

  4. I have come to understand,that twins are to aide in ancoring this love energy to the planet