Pay Attention to What you Feel in Your Dreams

Q. For the past few months, I’ve been dreaming about who I
call a “mystery guy”. I refer to him as such because I can NEVER
see/remember his face. Every time I dream about him, however, the
dreams are so vivid that I have to write them down. Some dreams
included us walking in grass together (a lot of the dreams I’ve had
with him included soil/grass), intimately kissing, holding hands,
expressing our love to each other, etc., and I always feel like I’m
right in the moment. When I wake up, I feel absolutely in love with
this man, although I don’t know who he is. I was wondering, could this
“mystery man” be my twin flame? If so, is there a possibility that he
is experiencing similar dreams? Also, are these frequent dreams a sign
that we’re going to meet soon?

A. Breaking down the many layers of existence can be very exciting, which is one reason why we love to unravel the “mystery,” of what we already know. To break through the illusion, we need to move from the mind into the heart, for the mind tries to figure things out yet the heart just feels into the truth. When you transform the surface and become clear, then you realize what you already know…the energy of this “mystery man” is familiar, and even though you are asking me if this could be your twin flame, you already know the answer. Can you feel that you already know?

As far as whether your twin is experiencing similar dreams, the answer to that is yes…and the answer I gave to this ‘other person’ that asked the *same* question, you may read here: Shared Dreams With my Twin Flame

In answer to your last question on whether these frequent dreams is a sign that you’re going to meet soon…I have to bring you once again to your heart…don’t think about this, but feel it…what I have found with dreams with your twin flame, is that it isn’t how frequent the dreams are that is important, but rather what is occurring in them, and how you FEEL as a result…because you have brought this question out, wondering whether it is time for you to meet soon, I would say that YES, this is accurate. Can you feel it? Have you been feeling it? Pay attention to what you feel and the *signs* of the universe, which of course, since you are a part of the universe, you have already given yourself.

I was feeling an anticipation to be with your twin flame within your last question but there is an irony here in that the illusion is that you are separated from your twin flame. However, in truth, there is only connection, as the heart knows this, and the mind understands separation. It is in the merging of both the mind and the
heart allowing for this deeper love and connection that is always present to be felt. When we feel that we are always connecting, loving, co-creating with our twin in this moment, growing deeper with each moment,
we no longer feel a need to “rush” our full reunion in all ways. Surrendering control is so important, as you understand that there is a divine flow and order to you and your twin sharing in your love as well as
preparation for the mission you will take on together.

The twin flame relationship is so much about the mission of servicing love, so to speak, to the world. That being said, it is essential that both twins extend love to others while also cultivating this love within for the twin which then increases the love felt for all: the self, the twin, and the world. As both twins are living, being, loving like this, fully in the moment and present, the path towards reunion becomes closer. But it is a balancing of being in this moment, knowing what will be (the reunion of you and your true love), allowing yourself to move deeper and deeper in the vibration of unconditional love…this is the path towards
reunion and joint service to the world.

Release your focus on when you will be with your twin in all ways, knowing that you are now and always are connecting, loving, co-creating together. Let this beautiful universe reveal to you again and again your twin flame, your mission, your deepening of love…and let love guide you in each moment to the next step on your journey.

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5 comments on “Pay Attention to What you Feel in Your Dreams
  1. sunshine says:

    Dear Gabriella,
    i am trying to find an answer for a while now about that one dream i had with my TF, after we met physically. It was the strongest dream i have ever experienced i remember every detail even smell, and while i was waking up i heard this ringing or buzzing in my ear and i needed a few minutes to realize that i was dreaming, i was in total bliss, laughing. I know that wasn`t just a dream, it really happened, but can you explain maybe where we were, in which state of existence and what this buzzing means?
    Much love!

  2. Gabriella says:

    Dear Sunshine,

    The answer is within you, and when you are open, ready to receive it, it will come. But ask yourself this, does it matter which state of existence you were in while having this experience? Does it change anything to know what the buzzing means? Can you bask within the experience and allow it to be without feeling the need to explain, to fully understand? Quite a powerful thing to let all the questions bring you within… to receive the answers as you will, as they come, if they are meant to be discovered, for they will. I had a very strong experience in the “dream state” after meeting my Beloved as well… which I woke up, like you, to realize I was dreaming for the “dream” was still ongoing when I opened my eyes. How could that be possible to be experiencing what was happening in the dream with my eyes open and no longer in the “dream?” I’ve come to be very comfortable not feeling the need to explain it, but just knowing that we are so deeply connected and literally had those moments together. Yet I can’t say where we met or give any other details other than I experienced it, and it was pure bliss, filled with the most infinite peace and overwhelming sweetness of love. I am sending you an abundance of love dear Sunshine, always, on your journey.

  3. sunshine says:

    Dear Gabriella,
    thank you, it really is like you say, i already know on some way what that dream was. Lately i think a lot about multidimesionality and i remembered this dream, but like you said the answer will come, there is no point thinking about this, it is not of the mind.
    Thank you Gabriella, it is always nice to feel your warm energy through your words!

  4. Joana says:

    Hi! I also, start beginning to realize that I’m a multidimensional being and all those sings or synchronicities are part of my awakening. Maybe those dreams are sometimes our traveling to those dimensions, and not only dreams; especially those vivid ones. Teo, me too, sometimes it seems that I don’t dream with my TF, but if I analyze or try to remember some of my dreams, then I feel somehow that my TF was in them. Anyway, I feel him all the time even when I’m awake.
    Blessings to everybody

  5. sunshine says:

    yes i know what you mean and i also think that we are finding with are TFs in other dimensions, it is definitely not a dream, in my “dream” we were in some house that i don`t know but i have a feeling that it is my TFs house or something and we both had different hair which is interesting then in this “reality”. And yes, sometimes i just have a feeling that he was in my dream, but i can`t remember. This is really an interesting journey and there is so much to go 🙂

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