Not All Twin Flames Are Romantic but There is Deep Unconditional Love Between Them

Q. Hi are all twin flames romantic? Because I met mine 4 years ago, she ignored me for a year, we remet, and I ignored her, I met her again to try to heal and her boyfriend I didnt know about confronted us. She smiled at me the next day but I looked the other way, I was so fed up that day that I told myself I will never see/talk to this girl again. Well two years later she absolutely haunts me. I have smoked excessive pot since then and I feel very arrogant, even though I know she sincerely wants me to befriend her and her boyfriend, If she just could have been honest from the start I feel we could have worked things out but there is so much negative karma. We are on good terms but am I wrong to hide from this monster?I have this gut level hate for her boyfriend that I cant explain as well, I dont even really find her sexually attractive. I feel we should be friends but my stomach is still full of resentment after all these years. Thanks for your time this is a crazy thing to deal with.

A. To answer your question, no, not all twin flames have planned to have a “romantic” relationship or a lasting romantic relationship in this way in this lifetime. At this time though, heading into 2012, many twin flames have chosen, on a soul level, before physical incarnation, to come together to raise the vibration of love on planet Earth. One way that many twins have chosen to do this is by sharing their love with each other as well as the world, in service. In order for this to happen, there needs to be self love, unconditional, deep love for self as well as the twin and for all that is.

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From what you have written, I get a sense that there is still healing that needs to occur, as you mention “negative karma.” Both twins have had many lifetimes where they were physically separated from each other and developed their own individual karma to work through, each step bringing them a deeper sense of love and acceptance for self, the twin and all that is. When you are in this state, this higher frequency of love, such feelings as hate and jealousy cannot exist. At this state, you are consciously aware of what comes up, and it does sound like you are aware that these feelings are coming up, and that is the only way to transform them or move out of them.

Unconditional love understands that we are spiritual beings in a human body having human experiences and therefore, understands that human actions, such as not telling the truth are ways for us to love deeper, and that no action or lack thereof from anyone, even your twin, is a personal attack against you. Every experience, especially through relationships, helps you to accept, respect and love others for who they are, and who they are choosing to be in any given moment.

The magnetism of twin flames goes way beyond the physical attraction. It is a deep soul recognition that recognizes this soul as one that is deeply loved from even before the first physical encounter in this lifetime. Therefore, the physical features become attractive because it is the self seen through this other soul that is magnetizing you. Many twin souls have similar physical features, especially in the eyes. The attraction based on the physical body is the old, egoic way of choosing a potential romantic partner, and this is not part of the twin flame perspective.

It is not a surprising thing for her to want you to be friends with her current partner, for the twin flame connection is so loving and unconditional as well as all inclusive, meaning that it wants to increase the love between all, knowing that all love expressed is felt between all, as we are all connected, especially twin flames. Take this experience as an opportunity for you to move deeper into the space of unconditional love, accepting your twins choice to be with her current partner, not taking it personally, and knowing that you are never separated from each other.

As far as the pot smoking, as you mentioned that you have been doing excessive amounts…any form of participating in any activity in excess, especially ones of escape, help us to relax and bring us away from current experiences, issues, emotions. I encourage you to take a look at what you are not confronting that has made you resort to this excess. You cannot change what has happened in the past between you, but you can let go of the past and be here in the present moment, to make decisions of what you want to experience right now and moving forward. You can keep reliving all the “wrong” or things that you wished you could have “worked out” in the past, or you can let it all go and create what you want in this present moment.

Let me know if you ever decide to have a session or reading. You are not alone through this process.

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  1. jacqueline says:

    Can our twin flame be the same sex? even if that is or has not been our natural bent?

  2. Gabriella says:


    I encourage you to read this post as you will find your answer there and more: 2012-Twin Flame Reunions and Ascension

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