I love you, Again and Again

December 25, 2011

In every moment, I love you stronger,
I feel you deeper within me.
The lines of your essence and my essence are no longer individualized.
The truth of our constant connection through the illusion of separation increases,
as describing it as limitless doesn’t even begin to encompass the totality and profoundness of the experience of it all.

I literally feel our love in everything and everyone surrounding me ~ this love that I feel for you, for me, for us is overflowing, bursting forth from within my being as I want to give it all away as I know that in giving it away, I receive even more.

And I love you, again and again,
as the shape and form transforms,
purifies, over and over.

Thank you for the gift of sharing and co-creating in this moment with one another,
and all the “future” ones to come…