Waves of Orgasmic Bliss Through Your Body Will Increase

Q. I have been separated from whom I believe to be my Twin
Flame for 17 years. As of November 2011 I have been experiencing waves of orgasmic bliss. This is occurring shortly after I send him a message, though he chooses NOT to respond. Sometimes I feel a knotting in my lower chakras and other times I get the full effect. What is this energy and what is it doing? I am very curious about it for I feel it’s a positive sign and a blessing…but would like to know what is causing it and why.

A. As you may know, you are not separated from your twin flame, even when physically apart, and you can feel the connection and the love building within your heart chakra throughout the time that you are not in full union in all ways. Not only does this energy build within your heart chakra, but it is also connected to your womb and then flows through all other parts of the body, as this will happen the deeper in love you go with your own experiences as your twin flame does as well, which you can feel within your body. What is happening is that you are allowing your heart to open deeper and deeper as you clear out anything within that is not vibration in the highest unconditional loving space; any beliefs, emotions, actions, etc. As your twin is also going through similar experiences, it will continue to be increased as the days unfold.

It is not surprising that this has started to occur and become stronger since November 2011 as that was a huge energetic shift for everyone, individually and collectively, with the heart chakra expanding to allow in more love. I’m curious to know how you are feeling now…because many have been experiencing such waves of love energy flowing throughout their entire being on higher levels since the beginning of 2012 and more so right now…this is all good, and bask in the awesomeness of this exciting phenomenon of “orgasmic bliss” that is so much a part of the merging with the twin flame preparing you to receive his essence even deeper as this year progresses. Feel the love with your twin in the times that he does not directly respond to you, for the connection and depth is always there in every moment, and stay focused on that rather than going into any ego ways of trying to put rules on how and when he should reach out…diving timing is so much a part of the twin flame journey.

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2 comments on “Waves of Orgasmic Bliss Through Your Body Will Increase
  1. Vikki says:

    wow I had a similar experience after my TF passed away a month ago..it happened about a week after he passed.

  2. Joana says:

    I have this experience frequently, but I was confuse, and thinking it was product of my imagination. Yes, when I feel my TF hugging me or me going to him and hugging him. I feel this OB in the lower part of my body. This happen even if I’m around people any time of the day, when I feel my TF with me. I always, wonder if he is feeling the same.

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