The Continuation of my Move to Los Angeles and the Energies of 2012

Many of you have been awaiting a response from me as to how things have turned out here in Los Angeles, and here I am, hearing your call to write. I am staying with a beautiful woman whom I have contracted within the soul to come together with at this particular time…as many of you are merging and connecting with soul family for the continuation of the birthing of many of your dreams…now is the time really. Perhaps you may have heard this plenty of times before, but there is no time, like right now, for this to truly be the case…

You know that my twin flame also currently resides in Los Angeles and it is one of the reasons why I have been guided to physically transition myself here, combined with the guidance and signs of this amazingly abundant universe. SO here I am…allowing each moment to unfold as it will, knowing so deeply in my heart that all is happening, gosh can I feel it!

Let me tell you a bit of what I have been experiencing…many of you may be feeling similar things and not sure how to interpret what is going on…let me try and help you. Before leaving Hawaii, my body was going through a lot of shifts and changes, feeling sick like symptoms in various different ways…and then transitioning here to Los Angeles was pushing my body to get adjusted, as it still is…but what insight has come to me is that I need (we need) to stop taking in and processing SO much…we need to be, and we need to be *in* the divine flow. We have learned for so long to do, do, do…sometimes we notice our feelings but we don’t do anything about them because we have to do, do, do some more…well, moving forward, we can’t DO this anymore. We need to BE this…now…to be ourselves, our *true* selves, not the selves we were told to be, not the roles we were told to take on, but who we really feel and know that we are. Yes, you still will need to do but the difference is bringing your being into your doing. Many consider this time now as the *age of love*, and literally, we are being called to take a look at our beliefs, our emotions, our actions to see if they are in alignment with our true essence, which is love. Are you living the life that you desire? Are you experiencing the love you crave? Are you following your destiny or following someone else’s script? When you aren’t following your heart and what you know deep down inside to be your *true* path, what will happen is your body will start to respond and not necessarily in what you may consider to be a “good” way. But also what is happening here is that our physical bodies are adjusting to the change in energetic alignments and shifts that are occurring individually yet also collectively…those of us, such as myself, that are intuitive and empathic can feel this on deeper levels. I went into Barnes and Noble today and as I picked up some books to read what the story was, and then opened up to pages to read a sample of the writing, I encountered some violence, bad mouthing, various creations of separation, and started to get faint…I had to put the books down and literally leave the store. This is happening with foods, my sleeping patterns have shifted (I’m resting a lot) and I literally want to crawl under the covers and not move, nor take in anything…I can’t even focus if I begin to watch something (or many somethings at a time), and feel like I need to take a break. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, this is normal at this time, because we are changing, as individuals and as a collective…therefore, what may have been patterns for you are changing, and as a result, you might not be able to conceptualize what is happening at that moment, and it is OK. Let yourself take the time that you need to understand what is going on…at this time, more than ever, you need to be allowing yourself to live in the divine flow…you don’t need to know what is going to happen next week, what about right now?! What are you feeling right now? What are you guided to do right now? All that you need to *get done* will get done in the perfect time…this is the truth. And wouldn’t you want to put the energy into doing what needs to get done rather than depleting your energy to try and *attempt* at doing what is needed? What if what is needed to get done is not what you originally thought? This is what I’m talking about…we are all asked to take a look at our priorities, our habits, our emotions, our beliefs, and see if they are in alignment now with what we feel. Have patience with yourself on this…it’s a process, and you are absolutely not alone.

Relating this to relationships, you may have learned that it is better to be alone than to risk getting hurt in relationship, that the deepest love you can imagine is not possible or that it won’t last, or that love is like the fairy tale movies and perfect all the time which can make you run away when a growth opportunity presents itself…this truly is the time for us to come together IN love, WITH love, BECAUSE of love, since we ARE love. We desire more of what we are, which is love. This is natural…and it truly is fear that stops this from happening…again, I ask you to look at your habits, your patterns, your beliefs, your deep feelings about relationships and love, what are you feeling NOW? What do you choose now? You don’t have to stay in the past, what has been known just because it is known…or rather, *was* known. In order to receive what you desire, there does need to be shifting. Deep love absolutely does exist and can be sustained forever, yet there needs to be a willingness to walk through any “challenges” that present themselves, for they are merely chances for you to grow deeper in love *with* love, meaning yourself, your intimate partner, and all that exists.

Ok, so my personal experience is that more than anything in this world, other than the work that I do in serving YOU (as you serve me at the same time), I desire and choose with all of my being to unite, in all ways, with my beautiful twin flame. Yet even so as I declare this, intuitively feel that it is time, I hold the deepest unconditional love and respect for our process of union as these days unfold…it does make it hard for me because as I mentioned I am very empathic and FEEL deeply, and those of you who are on this twin flame journey and awareness know that the connection and love with the twin is so deep, that you meet/love/connect in dreams, and yet there is this constant intensity of feeling your twins’ emotions/thoughts during your waking moments…I must say, that this can be much more intensified when you are in close physical proximity. Then, because I know that I am love, and I allow myself to feel the depths of my love so strongly, I just want to embrace my twin, all of who he is, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically,…to let the words fade away as we feel beyond form our love and the peace within our presence together…and when I am not able in this now moment to do this, yet I am aware of these nudgings, these emotions, it creates friction…and then there is this surrendering again, knowing that I am embracing him right now as I am writing this and you are embracing your twin as you read this…this is the truth. I do know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that these days will unfold into our full union, and when the time is right, I will share with you all of the details that I am able, since our union is not just for us, but also for you.

Many of you have been writing to me saying that the courage that I have to take this step of moving from Hawaii to Los Angeles with this deep faith and trust has encouraged you to have more faith and trust in your own twin flame journey as well as in your life experience right now. Embrace right now, and allow yourself the process of letting the shifts come into clarity in its natural time…yet take action as you are guided when you are guided without hesitation…everything is unfolding as it should. When you feel from your human side and see with your spiritual sight, you will see that this is so.

I love myself, I love my twin, I love you and I love all that is. Have yourself a beautiful February 2012, in every moment!

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  1. Waw, so nice what you have written GAbriella… I feel so identified with everything you say…yes I am embracing my twin while I’m reading this, yes I know it’s time to BE, not Do, and feel also it’s a time when I’m deeply bringing awareness to my feelings, habits, patterns and beliefs… thanks so much, again, for your PRESENCE. LOVE

  2. Well, once again this rings true to me. I had to deal with my mother’s passing last summer, and as a result had to let everything else go. It was a most beautiful, bittersweet journey we made together.

    My situation was peculiar, in that Hend was prophesied to me nineteen years before we met. I did not understand the prophecy until our first conversation, for its meaning was literally she, in the flesh, at that exact time and moment. In the twinkling of an eye we were in eternity, where I could see us, face of face, breath of breath, spirit of spirit.

    Three days later we met again. It was five minutes after a vision of God tying our hearts together in the heart of man. But within five minutes a very evil spirit came in between us, morphing the fabric of society and casting us apart. I watched it happening, with one eye open in eternity and the other open in the heart of man. I saw the evil of mankind, under the influence of the satanic force. But I had nineteen years of wondering, and much spiritual guidance so that I could take it, and make sense of it. Hend, being young, we overwhelmed, and fell into the company of her friends, loosing sight of me. She fell blinded to the truth of me.

    Seven years has now passed, and in April it will be seven years since I gave he a book I wrote explaining the prophecy. After that, she fled me. Her friends thought me to be a lunatic who was going to try to abduct her. They called the cops, and the FBI on me. It turns out her dad is an ambassador to a Middle East nation. We were cast apart, and our story is about the issues in the Middle East between the Christian culture and the Muslim culture. It took me several years of research to figure it out, and thanks to you, Gabriella, I came to the part about twin flames with a purpose. That finally solved the last issue I had with what was happening.

    I can see Hend in my soul, and she knows me there, through and through. Though we only spoke for an hour, when the prophecy passed she passed through my heart and the core of my soul, beyond my earliest memories as a child. I was drenched in her spirit, as she came down from the heavens, through the house of my soul, and onto the planet. But she was spun around in the worst possible context as we hit the planet. This is due to the satanic force and the influence of the world, and society bent on their carnal, mortal, and immediate self gratification. A myriad of lies and perversions filled the gap which opened between us.

    I was guided and instructed to the information and people who could help me solve the puzzle of all this, and explained the why of it. When souls are joined in the temple of the souls, they are divined. After that, what is not true falls away from what is divined true. It falls from high above, down to earth. Some of it falls into the hell of lies. People can not discern between what is true and what is lie, and often wedge themselves in between souls. But in time, what is not true falls away, and what is true remains. It was the process of our incarnation as soul mates, upon the planet. The process is like Michelangelo chipping away at the block to reveal the David.

    After dealing with the loss of my mom, I tried to return to where I was. I realized that I have changed, a paradigm shift has happened. I have been sleeping a lot, and simply doing yoga, trying to stay in the spirit and the flow. I do not know where I am going or what I am to do yet, but was assured that it will come, in time. You wisdom is true. We must just stay in the flow of the divine love, and in time, often just in time, things manifest as needed.

    I saw Hend in a video last week. In seven years her growth has been amazing. She was in a “Style House” video in Qatar, and recently interviewed Robert Deniro and George Clooney at the Qatar film festival. Her voice has changed a little, and I also noticed that much of the evil that fell between us has been processed out of us. The truth of twin flames draws them closer and closer until their reunion. What is not true, that which has caused their separation is eventually cast down, as the light of truth is revealed. It is part of a gradual process, and mother nature does the rest. It is best to stay focused on one’s own inner connection with the divine, and let nature do the rest. But keep your eyes and ears open. This should be an amazing year!

    thanks, Gabriella.

  3. Thanx for this, Gabriella.

    This is by far the most beautiful post from you.

    And I must admit, in the recent 2 months I had the deepest emotions attacks ever in my whole life. And the feelings are getting stronger and stronger. Its so deep I can hardly do my work. Very , very strange things have happened to me lately.

    And my twin lives in walking distance but decided to push me away from her 3 years ago as you might recall.

    Hmm, she might as well have already changed her mind now and decided to come back into my life.

    Yes, I feel exactly that.

    Greetings from Germany

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