Pain Comes from Fear – Recognize It, and Understand There is Love Underneath

Q. i think i may have met my twin soul, in 2007, and it’s so complicated to explain. i keep having dreams of him, even though we haven’t talked in 8 months. i just had one the other night of a letter he wrote to me. i’m not sure about the twin soul thing, i don’t really understand it or it can seem not real and i wonder if i’m crazy, especially since he may think that of me. i don’t know if he knows about twin souls, but he knows some about spirituality. i hadn’t figured out a way for it to work out besides to destroy our relationship, because he was already with someone else, had children with her (after we met). it was painful for both of us. ego got involved, he did lie to me, he was with other people, i couldn’t do it anymore it was hurting too much i felt used despite our connection (platonic, he had moved away long distance in 2008). i came to think he did it purposely (like a psychopath or narcissist), i couldn’t forgive him. it ended very badly. is there any way to resolve this? i do miss him but i don’t want to be hurt again.

A. I would recommend that you go within your heart on all that you have experienced with your twin flame to see where there may have been the ego/mind that got in the way of acting and feeling from the space of the heart and unconditional love. It is essential for twins to get to the place of consciously knowing, choosing and being/acting from the place of unconditional love. When you do this, you can look back on all that has happened and see the love, see the opportunities for growth and healing that is there, and also see how what may have seemed as horrible was not so much so, when seen from the eyes of the Spirit. Every opportunity, challenge, relationship offers us many chances to merge both the mind with the heart to see from the heart and feel from the mind…that the only thing that truly matters is love.

There is no separation between twin flames and their deep eternal love, so if one twin is choosing to be in relationship and love a soul mate, then the other twin moves into knowing that they are not separate from that love. All is interconnected and deeply connected, to offer everyone involved the many chances of moving ever in more depth in seeing the love within it all. I would suggest that you really, openly look at all that has happened, and see how much you have grown, how much you have learned…and act from there…not taking a step to connect for the fear of being hurt comes from fear. Feeling what we call pain is part of being in these human bodies but we can allow ourselves to feel the pan without attaching to it. What I mean by that is let yourself feel the emotions, but don’t hold on to why you are feeling them or placing blame…ultimately, you are the one that chooses to feel and continue to feel pain, yet it is also in feeling deeply like this that healing is possible.

It is not surprising that you are continuing to have dreams with your twin, as this is one of the ways that twins connect, love and merge together when physically apart. It is also very common that people do wonder if they are crazy when they experience this twin flame love that goes way beyond the minds perception to understand for it is beyond the physical direct form of connecting and loving in relationship. Though I can guarantee you that you are not “crazy,” you are experiencing the truth of love, and love cannot be defined nor can there be rules placed upon it…stay true to your heart in every moment.

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