Home: Here We Are, Here We’ve Always Been

This illusion of this rope,
with us both pulling on it is disappearing,
fading with each new truth of our love.
We are not getting closer, so to speak,
for we have always been close.
It is in this awareness that our union is found.

I wipe these tears away and bask myself in the creative insight that is flowing in every moment,
as this is the place you and I have always resided.
The comfort in the embrace of our offerings to the world, we in turn give ourselves,
somehow rendering the human illusion of pain useless in its attempt to control or limit
our power, our inherent ability, to give and receive love.

I choose our love, in every moment,
and release any limitations that can seep through.
Truly, we are moving away from tears,
moving ever deeper in love.

I am here
and I see you, love,
approaching me eagerly, rapidly,
mentally, emotionally, spiritually, AND physically.
Come here to me…
you’ve made it
you’ve never left HOME.

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