Let the Tug of War Cease

Q. What does push pull mean exactly when describing twins I am not sure if I understand that term?

A. When you think of push pull, envision a tug of war – one person on each side of the rope, pulling the opposite way. Well, many of you know that when you meet and interact with your twin, it is like looking at yourself in the mirror (all the pieces of who you are – what you can consider “good” or bad” come out to the surface, exposed) and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from the truth of your essence, nor can you hide your true presence from your twin. This is the battle between separation and union, from loving your self or rejecting your self, battling the ego and the Spirit, the mind and heart. Yet when you come into union consciousness, you see that there is no “good” or “bad” but that all is one, you don’t discriminate or hate, you no longer choose to battle, you flow with what is and know that what is IS in alignment with your heart, that there is a natural order to things…and when you feel that you are no longer resisting seeing, feeling, observing ALL of what make you YOU, and you stop blaming others but taking responsibility for what you do not like, you start to become your WHOLE self – the dark and the light so to speak and LOVE them ALL. The push pull is the resistance to loving ALL of who you are – this is the process that gets deeper if you allow it, if you stop resisting it, when you become aware and encounter your twin flame.

3 Comments on “Let the Tug of War Cease

  1. I’m feeling in the space where I don’t blame but see how and why it irritates me. (With people and family)

    And I feel this on my single jouney. I don’t have my twin flame near me yet and have no communication.

    But I’ve been on a very long soul journey.

    Warmest Regards,

  2. Dearest Gabriella,
    It has indeed been a lot of pushing and pulling with my TF .i happened to be with my TF last evening with my soulmate and other family members. MyTF was much relaxed but there was a certain quietness about him that was unusual. There seemed to be a trace of sadness which which I did not expect. Is he healing now? He was a lot more patient and I could sense a deep love flowing within him.
    I feel happy yet sad. Why did our souls make such a contract where we cannot show, share, express our love for each other? I feel united with him and feel we are one, but long to share ouR love in all ways.

  3. Sleeping Beauty, I have the same question, Why we made this contract? Sometimes I can undestand why, feel strong, and accept this life without my TF, but still feeling sad. I said something to my soulmate (husband) like: “What about if I’m in love with another man?” he did not care, then I started crying…and I don’t know why? He sees me like a sister or friend.