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  1. Thank you Gabriella! This words are so needed now. Since last week i feel so many releasing. i have some feelings that i had 9-10 months ago. I feel like im in constant fight with my mind, something is coming out again, but it is not easy at all. I am trying to observe all this, but now i`m up, in the other moment i`m down. it is different then before, but i hope it will end soon.

  2. Daniel Lindsey
    I thought I blocked you, go annoy Eli shirk or one if ur other male counterparts.
    -stay away
    -don’t write a notebook about me
    -get a girlfriend!!
    -get in a fight
    -stay away from gay people
    GO STRAIGHT or jump of a bridge.
    Into water

    How does he know I wrote about him? I haven’t ever written about him to anybody else, and I have a notebook at home with only ME who knows. he keeps telling me he hates me, and that he thinks I am straight, and HE KEEPS FUCKING WITH MY HEAD. HE IS THE ASSHOLE WHO IS MY FLAME AND I AM GONNA PUNCH HIM. He has been in my head, calling himself anyone he can to get to me, and distract me from him. He is such an asshole. Notice the MALE COUNTERPARTS issue, and the fact that another housemate of his said how he hated me cuz I was gay. W.T.F. I am freaking out. HE IS SUCH A JERK, AND HE IS MY FLAME? Oh lord.

  3. Dear Teo:
    Be in peace with God and youself. Ask for help from your guard angels. One of my sisters hated me so much, it seems that she was my enemy or something and she tormented me a lot, but I started asking for help from my angels, and they helped me to protect myself from her negative vibes. People sensitive ussually pick up negative and positive vibe. The negative vibe is the one that can make us sick of our mind, body and soul. This soul who is communicating with you is mad for something, pray for him, and PLEASE don’t allow him to affect you.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  4. i just found out that my TF has another girlfriend… i can`t take this anymore, i really can?t…how could i deceice mysels for so long. i can`t live like this…i never had someone for me to share my life with him, i just want my partner, i just want share my love with someone.i can`t. really i can`t…oh my God. this have no end

  5. Dear Sunshine,

    I know the emotions you must be feeling, and how your twin having a girlfriend can seem as though you are alone and that the love you have remembered, connected to and cultivated, believed in and shared about is for naught, but Dear sunshine, the divine sacred love that is within your heart and between you both is there, always growing, expanding beyond what you can see as separation. Your heart and your souls are one…let your heart feel this truth, allow your emotions to flow without bringing you into the perceptions and actions of feeling separated. Know that the love your twin flame is experiencing with another is being sent to you, and that it does not take away but rather enhance the love that you share with one another…if there is another, a soul mate to come along for you, it will be…let yourself move from one step into the next without losing hope in the power of love. Allow the love that IS the both of you as ONE to flow through your being into expression with everyone in your life and all that is within your life. All is revealed as you continue walking your path. I am sending you so much love from my heart to yours!

  6. Dearest Sunshine,

    I am sending you an angel to keep you and protect you in softest, sweetest wings. I can feel your despair and deepest sorrow, dear Sunshine.

    Right now I have difficulties finding the words to write what I want to express, but you will feel what I am sending you.

    I am sending you so much love and and light and a soft angel helping you to remember the deepest truths of your soul, which is that you are loved, dearest Sunshine, so much loved, and also loved by your twinflame, no matter what is happening in the 3D.

    I so much resonate with all Gabriella has written to you and we have to see beyond what can be seen with our physical eyes. My twinflame has told me this spring that she didn’t want any contact with me any more and that she will only focus on her husband and give him all of her love, and this also hurt so much, dearest Sunshine, more than I can put into any words. But still this does not mean the twinflame love ends as it simply will not end because it is eternal. Miracles of all kinds are happening for all of us on this TF journey and we don’t know how things will enfold and why things happen the way they do and which steps lie on the way. We can always only understand in retrospect, looking back on our life.

    Nothing you felt in this sacred twinflame love is in vain, dearest Sunshine, there is nothing that you did and and you did not deceive yourself … your sacred divine love is just that: sacred, divine and eternal, and it *will* prevail. LOVE PREVAILS. True unconditional love never fails and never does anything wrong or in vain.
    All the love you have been feeling between him and you is a blessing for both him and you, and will continue to be a blessing for both of you.

    Sending this with a beautiful angel who will let you feel what I am trying to say and find it so difficult to express right now. Oh, I’m so glad that my computer problems are gone and I can be here with all of you again. πŸ™‚

    Waves of sweet pure love to you and all

  7. My dearest Gabriella and Delphina,

    words are to small to express my love for you and your words you said. I can`t describe this, i don`t feel any sorrow or anger or something “bad”. i feel to much love around me, from you and from my friend that i told what happened. i send my TF a message that i want to tell something to him that is for my soul peace and i felt such relief after i send that message and happiness. i am a litlle bit scared what will i tell him and how he will react but that was the right thing to do, it is time for some words to be spoken…i should have already done this in february when i was in pain, struggling with question should i say something to him.
    i don`t know what is he doing with his life, he changed three girls in year and a half including me, after being with me, before he was very closed up beacuse of his struggle with a cancer…for peace of my soul and mind i need that conclusion with him. i don`t even know what i`m going to say to him, i already feel peace just after sending that message.
    My dearest thank you, it really is a small word for all your love that i feel from you, i really feel it in my heart, it gave me stranght. it is time for me to be brave…i know that he is my TF, i don`t doubt this. I always choose a “harder” way my whole life, this is not different…but i am growing up through this experiences. This is a beautiful path and i learned so much and things are getting more clearer, my life is just beginning. My TF gave me what i needed and my love for him will always be in my heart, but maybe it`s time to finally give each other a conclusion. i don`t know what is next and i really don`t know what i`m going to say to him, how to start??! But we shall see. Much love to both of you and all who reading this! πŸ™‚

  8. Dear Sunshine,
    Think of this as one other test. I went thro a period when my TF shut me out for two and a half years. He point blank refused to talk with me. Things changed after that. So keep your hope and faith up. Trust in your love and surrender to the deepest love of TFs. Even now my TF never responds directly to my texting. It is always in other ways but yet so deep. Many times he just says ..” please do not SMS” or ” I am not interested in sharing with you ” ,etc. But anyway I could never cut myself from him and destiny always brought us together in such divine ways. These are all test that we have to go thro and I understand how deeply hurt you must be feeling . But hang in there..sending you waves of love. We all need each other.

  9. Right after, I met my TF in the 3D; one of his friends came to me in my dream, and he told me: “N is your husband, but he need to fix things with 7 persons.” It is the only thing, I can remember of that vivid dream. But I think that he will go into another relationships, I don’t know…I have a son, and sometimes I wish to him to experience the happiness to have a child. Of course, I would like to be with him, but right now my life is in “……” I don’t even know how to describe my situation in words. It will be to much to ask to my TF to wait for me until I fix things with my soulmate. Jesus! Sunshine I would like to say the right words to you right now…I only know that I can understand how you feel. Even with a soulmate, like in my case founding out that my husband was in touch with the ex-wife for years without mentioning enything to me, hurt me incrediblly. Now, I think that my soulmate never loved me and he only married me because he could not be with his ex. I think that my soulmante really love his ex wife. I never saw him crying the way, he cried for her when she passed. The love I feel for my TF help me to heal that pain. But all this is in the past, I don’t feel anypain anymore. As Gabriella say, a TF go into another relationships with soulmates in the way of reunion with their own TF. Yes, it sounds easy but It is so hard to understand. I just can not imagine the pain my TF will experience when he finds out that I’m in a relationship. Many times I think that maybe he knows already and it is the reason he keeps himself away from me. Sunshine I just will like to keep talking to you to keep your attention away from your pain. I read in someplace that when our TF run away from us for whatever reason, we should give him/her that time to fix things wiht soulmates, and we should be focus in ourselves, learning new and interesting things, etc.

    Sending waves of love to you

  10. Sleeping beauty,
    thank you, thank you for the bottom of my heart on your words and love and support. I trust in this love, this love is in me, this is our natural state it is irreversible. even now this love give me strenght, because it`s in me and in all of us, we ARE that love. This love really has no frame, i can see now more clearly, even i knew this i always looked on us like boyfriend/girlfriend thing and this is more than this,much more…maybe we will be together some day but not now. that is the hardest part, to let go of that thought of being with our TF, to be free of that thought and to live our life fully without delay…that thought needs to get to our heart from our head and just BE, when it`s there we don`t hear it in our mind anymore we care it in our heart in peace, we BECOME that love, that thought becomes live, we live that beingness with our TFs.

  11. Dearest Sunshine and all,

    I want to say: I have been there, too, at this so painful moment when your TF chooses to say goodbye, and to make it worse: after moments full of bliss … I know what you must feel like right now and I can only say: I think it may not be too unusual for twinflames to retreat after deepest touching of the hearts and run to another relationship or into freedom (as they think), just because the twinflame love is so intense. Being so deeply heart-touching at the deepest levels, this love is not always easy to cope with, especially when deep hurts from the past are involved.
    The truth is however, they are never running away *from us*, but in fact running away to have some time for themselves to fix things, to release things, to work through their own hurts, and in fact what they are doing in this: they are running as quickly as they can *to* us *sweetest smiles* as they don’t want to be one minute late ;-). All of this seems to be an unconscious programme deeply engraved in the souls. πŸ™‚
    Never ever blame yourself for loving, dearest Sunshine, but I am so happy to see you are finding your light and your sun again so soon …. you will do the right thing, your heart will tell you what to say when you are with him.

    So much love to you and your twinflame from the bottom of my heart
    and a sweet angel to keep both of you so safe and let both of you feel how very loved you are

  12. Joana, Delphina
    thank you for sharing your stories, it helps. i am so grateful for all of you and this blog, i really can`t put that in words, i hope you can feel it. He answerd my message and wrote that he doesn`t understand anything and he asked me, am i ok. i wrote that i want to tell him something that i carry in myself for a long time and that i can`t do this anymore and i have that need to tell him all that, now he wants to give him some clue, but i really don`t know how to start, i don`t know what am i doing.
    Joana, yes it sounds easy and we find ourselfs in front of the wall after finding some things out and the mind gets it but the heart has its own way to process things. Right now i can feel that fear of being totally honest, i think if i hesitate even a bit that everything will turn in another way…i need to let go everything and that part it`s scary.
    Delphina you have such a nice connection with the angels, thank you. i really feel them and all of you. i don`t feel alone in this and that is what i am most grateful. Much, much love!

  13. Dearest Sunshine,
    you put it so beautifully, and YES, this is exactly what I am feeling, too! This love is also my natural state of being and it is indeed irreversible! πŸ™‚

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,
    you told that you had this period with your TF when he refused to talk to you and even asked you not to write to him … this is exactly where I am right now .. and you said it all turned around after some time?
    You said: “But anyway I could never cut myself from him” … I feel the same and it is so incredibly difficult for me not to write to her, not to send her at least one sweet word once in a while … and for you it all got resolved again … oh, this is such a great message for me … to hear that even these big blockages can work out … It is so difficult to keep this distance I don’t at all relate to in my heart.

    Dearest Joana,
    “It will be to much to ask to my TF to wait for me until I fix things with my soulmate.” ….. this touches my heart so much …. as it is exactly what my twinflame says without words to me …. and my heart answers ever so softly and sweetly to her with all my love that I will wait for her as long as she needs … of course I will wait … how couldn’t I? I’m her twin! As much as it hurts me to have to wait …. but so much more do I long to give her all the time she needs and I will wait for her and be there when she is ready to reunite again!

    Other relationships … well, if we all tap into this divine love we all are, then we will feel that all love put into our hearts is never wrong and that God himself put all this love in there, be it for our soul mates or twinflames, and how could one love of this be put in our hearts in order to not be lived?

    I know it sounds odd, loving your husband/soul mate *and* your twinflame …. but for me this is simply the truth … and I very deeply feel that both loves have been put into my heart by God himself.
    I know it is against our rules here in this society we live in, and to tell the truth I was quite shocked about myself when these feelings enfolded for me and when I even started to love a woman … and all of this while being married …. I truly was shocked and in doubt … and I had to do some thorough talks with God, the angels, my inner guidance and all …. but at some point I asked myself: who am I to deny what God has put into my heart? Who am I to judge whether God has done this right or not? Only because I can’t understand it and so can’t our society, it doesn’t mean that I have to oppress my own deepest feelings of love. It is pure divine love in both cases, and pure divine love simply cannot be wrong! (however we choose to live these loves is of course a choice, but never ever do I want to get rid of something as beautiful as twinflame love!!!)

    I deeply believe that other relationships are not the big limitation at all. This is not the problem. It is only on the outside and seems to be the problem , but we have to look beyond that.

    Whenever both twinflames are ready to unite again (temporarily or permanently in this lifetime), I believe that all relationship questions will be worked out between all partners involved and the difficulties will be solved with heavenly help so that the best situation is found for all involved … whatever this solution may look like, which is surely very individual for everyone. But it will be good and in peace for all involved, and this is the most important thing!

    I believe the real problems making twinflames retreat, run or reject each other in some ways are always on the deepest levels of the souls and are always inner problems that have to be taken care of and also that *can* indeed be solved.
    Otherwise we wouldn’t have met our twins in the first place and these issues wouldn’t have been triggered. The souls have decided to let the hearts be touched so deeply that these issues are triggered, and there has to be a reason for this. And this reason can only be healing, I think. The souls wants to create healing … for both twinflames.

    Waves of love to everybody and beams of light and love

  14. Dearest Sunshine,

    I am sending you the angel of honesty and of courage.
    The angel of courage is orange and is wearing a beautiful shiny dress and the angel of honesty looks at you with all his love and wraps you in his arms and keeps you safe in all you’re doing.

    Being yourself and honest is so important in the twinflame journey, but only your angels and your own inner guidance can tell you what to say, how and when. Connect to pure divine love and to your inner guidance and you will know. You will feel what you have to do and give you the strength to do it with all your love and the angels are with you and all of us. All will be well.

    Love love love,

  15. Ah Delphina, i don`t know how to express my feelings right now, thank you so much πŸ™‚ i will need this angels, because how now things are resolving i will have to say to him everything and i feel like i am jumping off a cliff. Ah God…but i felt in my whole body that something is going on, the same feeling like last year, my history is repeting. I will…i will trust myself fully and finally…i feel very peacful and that is a good sign. Love, love to you too!!

  16. oh really, Sunshine, your story is also repeating? Oh wow … our story has also been repeating itself, in the rhythm of a year, very often even the same things happening on the same dates without us being aware or knowing before. Not quite though, it also is a bit different every year, but there is definitely some kind of structure to it.
    I know these “jumping of the cliff” situations very well and I am also nervous every time it happens, but the angels keep protecting it all and are surely with you right now to help and guide you and keep both of you in their pure divine love
    lots of love, dear Sunshine, and good night from me for now

  17. First of all Sunshine and Teo hoping you feel better. We are becoming like a big family here in this blog, so I feel for both of you.

    Dearest Delphina: Wow! your words lift a huge weight from my spirit. “Dearest Joana,
    β€œIt will be to much to ask to my TF to wait for me until I fix things with my soulmate.” ….. this touches my heart so much …. as it is exactly what my twinflame says without words to me …. and my heart answers ever so softly and sweetly to her with all my love that I will wait for her as long as she needs … of course I will wait … how couldn’t I? I’m her twin! As much as it hurts me to have to wait …. but so much more do I long to give her all the time she needs and I will wait for her and be there when she is ready to reunite again!

    Then, probably my TF is answering me the exact words you said. Sometimes I feel trap and unable to move, and I only will like to run where he(my TF) is and give him a big hug, but I can not. I want to tell him (my TF) that I love my soulmate, but the love is different for the one I feel for him. I don’t want to hurt him (my soulmate) and anybody. Sometimes, I would like my soulmate to finish our relationship, it will be easy for me, I know, I’m being a coward. I feel weak, I know our relationship is just like a brother/sister and it is not what a relationship between wife/husband should be. On the other hand, I feel so scare to be with my TF, it is so intense what I feel for him. I feel that he is not ready either, because the times he had been close to me, he is unable to see me directly on my eyes, and I feel so scare to iniciate a conversation with him.

    Love to everybody.

    Note: I set a wet platic bag on our ping-pong table and when I took it away from the table, I notice that this bag let a water print of the shape of a heart on it. So weird

  18. Delphina,
    yees, this all looks like some bad deja vu…he is doing the same thing again, almost in the same time and it is again that after we reunite for a while he found another girl. What??! i really don`t get this…i am learning about true love, about love that we once talked about and what is this then?! he doesn`t see that love in me. Girlfriend of mine told me that maybe he is my preparation for somebody else. i thought that last year immediately after we split, i thought ok, he is not the one, there have to be somebody else, but nooo, that is not how the story ends and i can`t think like that again. Before him, after that one boy, which i had similar feeling a knew that after him my soulmate will come, i just knew, i wrote it in my diary and he came…i really don`t see anybody else, i just don`t feel it. But everything is changing and it is hard to know what will come to us…maybe after we talk i`ll get my answers finally. I`ll pray to angles to find the right words that will come from my heart to give me strenght to be honest!

    i know that fear, but maybe one day the perfect situation will come and you will make that contact or you will be so secure to ask him some silly question and that will brake the ice πŸ™‚

  19. Dear Sunshine,

    “and it is again that after we reunite for a while he found another girl. What??! i really don`t get this…”

    I don’t know about your situation, dear one, and I certainly don’t want to say anything untrue about it, and please ask your inner guidance whether any of this makes sense for you or does not apply in your case. I just feel guided to share at this point because you have again said that it happened after something nice and that you didn’t understand that … and I might have an explanation because I have had a lot of thinking and research about the same question ~ quite unwillingly so ~ because this is just what I have been experiencing as well with my twinflame.

    It is again *after* reuniting … so *after* something really nice and heart-touching. Dear Sunshine, the same thing has happened with me and my twinflame lots of times .. on various occasions, with smaller beautiful things happening creating the need for her for a little bit of running, and with bigger beautiful things happening creating a longer period of running …. BUT at the same time it never meant for us that she doesn’t love me, but it meant that something we did touched her so deeply that she was not able to cope with it. It was too beautiful so to say, too wonderful.

    Of course I don’t know what’s the reason for you and your twinflame, I just wanted to say that especially running *after* very beautiful experiences is possible IF the other person has unhealed hurts touched by this beautiful experience as well. I remember you said that you had some releasing to do right after being together with him … it sounded to me as if you were sad somehow because of his behavior after being with you so beautifully …
    This is so strange and so difficult to understand why this might happen, but I have come to learn that this phenomenon really exists and by no means mean that the other person does not love you or didn’t like the reunion or what was happening. It means that they have to run because it has been too beautiful.

    I know this does not help in reversing the situation right now, but maybe it might help by giving some help in understanding what is going on and most of all in understanding that the reason is surely not that he doesn’t love you.

    It might be that he runs and also even chooses another girlfriend so that he can experience a love less deep, less touching and less stiring up all of his issues on the the inside of him.

    You can be sure of this one thing, dear Sunshine: the love of twinflames is the deepest possible love and when he is with somebody else he won’t be like he is with you. Nobody can touch him so deeply as you can. It is different with everybody else … and paradoxically enough that is why everybody else is easier to be with than with the twin. (as long as deep unhealed hurts are touched ~ I believe and HOPE that the more deep hurts have been released ~ for both twinflames! ~ the easier again the time with the twinflame will become and the more the twinflames can be together again.

    I hope this all makes sense.

    Sending you angels to keep you safe and sound, dearest Sunshine and to make your beautiful sun shine again on your inside! πŸ™‚

    Waves of sweet love to you and everybody

  20. Dearest Joana,
    I also feel we are becoming a big family here and I like it as well ~ very much so ! πŸ™‚

    Oh, sweetest Joana, I am opening my sweetest twinflame heart for you as you are touching me so very much by what you are writing …
    I have noticed that in moments when our twinflames are not able to write or say things to us they would love to share, somebody else will be found by the angels and sent to us in order to say or write or do what the twinflame wanted to. I seem to have done this for you, dear one, in telling you what your twinflame cannot tell you right now … I am very touched that you felt this right away … and I am even more touched as you are saying these beautiful words: “Sometimes I feel trap and unable to move, and I only will like to run where he(my TF) is and give him a big hug, but I can not.” Oh, dear Joana, it is so wonderful to read these words that I am sure my twinflame is speaking to me right now. This is how she feels and it is so wonderful to communicate with someone who feels this and I am just so grateful for this!

    “On the other hand, I feel so scare to be with my TF, it is so intense what I feel for him.” very softly: yes, this is what I meant in my comment to Sunshine … sigh …

    And you are saying that your TF is not ready either …. and this resonates with me, too .. of course .. as I have come to understand that it is an illusion to think twinflame A runs and this is the reason why twinflames A and B can’t be together …. because A is not ready …. no, in fact both twinflames are always co-creating as Gabriella always reminds us so beautifully and I deeply believe that each period of running and separation in the 3D is created for BOTH twinflames equally. A is not ready, but in some other way B is also not ready.

    We had this picture of the two cars arriving at the same destination on different routes some weeks ago .. and I think this is it: both twinflames need to release some deep issues if one of them is still running. It means that both of them have to take care of things and I think that both will arrive at the same destination, which is their reunion, just at the same time. No one is faster or slower than the other. I guess this is all a big illusion.

    But I also want to tell you this again, as it lifted such a big burden from your heart, dear Joana, and I so much want to help relieve this big burden, from your heart as well as from my twins … as it is really a big illusion and so I am opening my heart and saying so sweetly and softly to you what my heart tells my twinflame when she thinks this and when she is worried because she thinks she is putting a big burden on me when somehow asking or even only wishing for me to wait for her:

    I feel so deep inside this: I love her with all my heart, will all my being, and her place in my heart is hers forever. There is nobody else who can fill this place, it is hers, and I’m keeping her safe in my heart, no matter how long it takes. And if there were a thousand soulmates who I would love deeply, she would always have her place in my heart and I would always want to be with her as she is my twin. I will never ever forget her and never ever forsake her. I just belong to her and she belongs to me. I am and will be there for her always, in all ways, in each moment as good as I can.

    …. and if you can feel all of this ….

    …. now I want to tell you: and this, dear Joana, especially the last part of the sentence: I am there for her, in each moment, with all the love I can give, just like I am here on earth as a human being, and I am giving her love constantly, as beautifully as I can in each moment … this, dearest Joana, is true for you as well …. even when you are asking him to wait.

    It is in fact true for every twinflame … for the running twinflame and the staying twinflame … for both.

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you have not been able to do that you should have done. All is perfect ~ like the title of this blog page we are on right now and where we happened to have had this conversation now πŸ˜‰

    Waves and waves of sweetest love and light to you and all,
    and a sweet angel to keep everyone of you in their love


  21. I chose to be in a relationship less intense when I married my soulmante…I only wanted a company and I was ancious to start my family period. But in my case, I never felt the intensity of the TF love before, so I can not give my opinio if after meeting my TF I would do the same. I don’t know, now I know that I would prefer to be alone waiting for my TF. Being in a relationship less intense is safe I guess, this is what I thought, but there were years where I thougt my soulmate was being sincere and honest with me. It was painful to find out that he was not…I guess because I thought that I was his closest friend and then I believe that I learned to feel for him a special love. Now, I know that what I feel for him is a fraternal love. I will never chose to be with somenody in a relationship less intense again, this is my lesson, I learned. On the other hand, be with the person I really love is so scary, but I guess I’m ready to take a risk. I’m sure my TF love me, because the few times I caught him looking a me I felt so much love coming from him. Sunshine, Do you feel or see the same from your TF? Love can not be hide

    Dearest Delphina: What about if the waiting time I need from my TF takes this life time? What about if someday I’m ready for him, and it is too late? He could be in another relationship, and them I would be me the one that have to wait for him? Sometimes, I feel that he does not feel ready also because he is too young, he is student and he is not ready for a serious relationship. I think, some young people think this way.
    Love to everybody

  22. I have a question, I never understand why even I still with my soulmate after the many times he told me and show me that he does not love me? And tormented me with his behaviour…Really, I always felt and feel today the need of protect him even from himself. I remember many past lives where he has been there with me. Sometimes I feel that he save my life or protect me from danger in past lives, and this is the reason I’m with him faithfully. I’m getting tired of this circle. I think, he should be by his own….and it is very difficult for me to break this chain. In this life he takes care of me too and I do the same. I wish to have him like a brother and not like a husband. I don’t want to have him in anylife time like my son, he has many problems, and he does not take any advice. It would be hard to have him as a son. The other man, I always rememeber to be around me like a father in many lives is my father. I like this man as a father…he passed the same year my son was borned. It is like, he said it: “OK I’m leaving, but here your son is comming” My son is a strong, mature and speritual soul, he is my happiness. I feel that all these is planed to be this way. So,…

    Waves of love to everybody

  23. Sunshine, the only words I want to tell my TF if someday I have the opportunity to say them to him are: “Whatever you find out about me, whatever people tell you about me, and whatever you see about me, please don’t doubt about the love I feel for you.”

    Waves of love to you

  24. Dearest Joana,
    I am not sure whether we even have the choice to make a conscious decision for either waiting or not waiting for our twinflame. For me I can only say: her place in my heart is hers ~ forever ~ without the shadow of a doubt ~ and nobody, absolutely nobody can ever take this place in my heart apart from her ~ it cannot be lost and it cannot be stolen by someone else.
    And yes, I know, dear Joana, what if it took this whole life time … I know … and of course this thought makes me utterly sad as I want her *now* of course … but so much more than the wish to have her *now* is my deepest desire to be with her only when she as a whole being is ready for it. I have no desire whatsoever to “pull” so to speak, to “make her” come to me … my love for her is so much deeper … I love her unconditionally … and if her inner work takes this whole life time, then also this will be guided by the angels … and if she is one day ready and I am in a relationship, well, then this will work out some way, with the angels’ help. Either the relationship will be ended in a peaceful way and to the best of all involved, or we will find a way to live both loves, however that might work out and however the practical details will be solved then. I don’t think it’s our main job to be concerned about these questions right now …as God and the angels will take care of them when the time is right, but I think it is just our main job to do what is right for us, to go inside and ask our inner voice of LOVE, which is God of course, what the next step for us is ~ always guided in love of course ~ AND NOT WORRY about the consequences for your twinflame! If you are doing the right thing for YOURSELF, you are AUTOMATICALLY doing the right thing for your twinflame as well ~ Oh, I absolutely love this fact about twins, it is so liberating and such a relief when you have really grasped this and let it sink in deeply in your heart! Whenever you are doing the right thing for yourself, the things that are outlined in your soul’s plan for yourself, the things that the angels nudge you to do, the things that will enfold easily and give you fun and peace and happiness, this is AUTOMATICALLY the best you can do for your twinflame as well, dearest Joana !!!! The very best indeed!!!!! NO MATTER what it looks like, no matter whether this SEEMS to be a hard thing to ask of your twin, no matter whether it seems you might throw away the chances of this life time ~ all of these are illusions, as you said yourself so beautifully in your last comment, dearest! Whatever it looks like … please *know* that I love you in all that I’m doing … and the angels are adding to this sentence: “please know that the heavenly blessings are shining upon both of you, keeping you in all you’re doing and please know that you are blessed and loved … so much … and that all will be well! There is no need to worry!”

    Dear Joana, I hope your heart can feel the love and insights I am trying to send you, and I hope my words are conveying the things I want to say. Words are so inefficient in all of this twinflame journey, I have the impression as all of this goes so much deeper … but I do hope you will be able to feel that you are truly doing the right thing when you are doing what is best for you and that you don’t have to worry about your twin. The best you can do for him is send him your love, and I know you are doing this all the time. πŸ™‚

    I am also sending you wise angels to help you solve this inner struggle you are having with the feelings towards your marriage, and I am hoping that you will find a way towards inner peace. Only your own soul and God can tell you whether this is by leaving your husband or by finding a new inner way of looking at things and whether you might still count your blessings with him and in doing so maybe find out that your marriage is wonderful after all, even if more fraternal right now. Only you – deep down inside – can know what lies on your life’s path.

    By the way, my twin is also older than me and her life is also different from mine because of that, but this has never been an issue for me, only for her.
    But we are still close enough in age to be loving twinflames in all ways πŸ˜‰ … we are not child and greatgrandmother for example πŸ˜‰ …. might also be the case for twins, mightn’t it?
    I think all of us here on the blog are also really blessed with having our twins so near to us and in an age so that all is possible. Consider your twin was living across the world somewhere, maybe even without internet, mobile phone or live in the slums of a poorest country with no connection to you at all. Or you were 3 years old and your twin 98. We are all really close to our twins, in terms of distance in miles and also in terms of age.
    And another thought: I am married as you know and would never ever leave my wonderful beloved husband (as I even think my twinflame herself has given her blessing to my marriage, she has been kind of a guardian angel for us finding each other, so I know that this relationship with my husband is meant to be!!!) and I know very deep down inside that God would make a way where there is no way (yet πŸ˜‰ ) if my twinflame decided to return to me and if we decided to let that love live in all ways.
    She is present in my life and in my heart anyway, each day and each night, and it does not interfere with my marriage! What does interfere with my marriage is when I’m utterly sad about our separation, and so this is what I have to do something about, and make sure I can stay in our love and feel her all the time and most of all feel and live this gorgeous twinflame blessing because then I am stable again and healthy and can lead the life I want to ~ with or without her in the 3D.
    In fact the twinflame blessing added to my life has opened doors that would never have opened without it and it is a blessing for my life, has done things for my marriage that my husband and I were not able to do ourselves and the blessings are just everywhere in my life. πŸ™‚
    I just have to see them!

    Waves of love and light to you and all

  25. oh, and please do not think that the longing for the twinflame love and this deepest desire of the heart and soul that comes with it to live the love for oneself, the love shared between the two twinflames and the love that goes out into the world ~ so to live this love in its wholeness and in the trinity ~ might be any less if one is in a loving relationship right now. I wouldn’t have believed it before either. But believe me, it is just the same.
    Of course my situation is different in that respect that I really love my marriage, although we have things to work on as well as every couple has, and I consider myself of course blessed that I indeed love my husband and my marriage, but the longing for the twinflame, the despair about the sorrows of separation in the 3D is just as deep and painful for me.
    This twinflame love touches the very core of my being and has changed everything that I am.

    so much light and love to everybody

  26. My dear Delphina,
    how to even start what i want to say right now and i hate when i have to think in this situations on the foreign language and having that urge to write immediately what is in my heart. You wrote so many truths and it is a blessing to have you hear my dear Delphina. Yes, i also feel that is a reason about my TF and me and this running away. When we met there and were togeher for a while, so many time when i just wanted to run away from him, i felt that energy from him and something in that was making me to close myself in a shell, so to speak and after we split that turned in this beautiful journey of love, heart and spirit and every time when he “push” me away i feel switch in my consciousness. he broke that shell that i had around me, i was so blocked and i always thought that he is more open for love and always was in that searching for true love and now i don`t think that is the case, i don`t now what experiences he is caring on his soul and heart, i know about his life and it was hard the past few years, but i don`t know how much scars that left on him…maybe that scars are coming out after our every encounter, subconsciously. i can`t change that love for him, it will be always in my heart what ever he is doing and i have to let him go to learn by its own experiences, but it hurts so much looking him and knowing all this. today i had such a meaningful day, all my soul mates friends are breaking down and i along with them, i am afraid for one of them, she is very depressed and she is in a TF relationship and each of them are cleaning their own stuff and i see what is happening and all i can say it is say a few words and hope she`ll get it, i miss her so much. all my soul family is somewhere else right now and we can`t even hug each other…today was a really hard day, really hard. i also have to speak to my TF this week (at least i hope) and i don`t know which part i want to say to him…maybe he is happy finally with that girl…but i have such a big feeling that he just comforting himself that way, how on earth he can fall in love so badly in each of us, three times in a year and a half but???! thats why i resonate with your answer Delphina. i also feel that i have to speak with him for my inner peace…i feel like we come to the edge and i have tell him some things, i think there is no other way…God will lead us.
    And yes, when i found this about that other girl it schoked me, i just thoguht “not again”, but my love is not less, not a bit.

  27. My dearest Joana,
    YES!!! When he looks at me i feel like he is looking in my soul, like his energy is poking my eyes, ah… I see that in his eyes also and he is acting so weird around me…i feel that love but i think it is coming from joy that he has for me, he is finding me nice and loving and goofy, but he doesn`t see me, obviously, as someone to be with…i feel like i am too hard for him, i had that problem with all guys. i am so sad sometimes when i think how i never had a serious relationship beacuse of that, they just ran away from me,after being badly in loved with me, i never had that experiences like all of you to truly be with someone in a longer relationship to have him by my side every day, and now i met my TF in my 23rd year and now what??! i looked for him my whole life, that exact feeling, that`s why i never could have relationship, there was always something and now again?! i am really sad beacuse of that, i feel like i am sacrificing my life for something, my whole life!
    Ah Joana, yeees…just to SAY something to them, just to say!! maybe i will get that opportunity these days and i am so scared, i think on his feelings too much and i don`t know if i should…i think i should really say what is in my soul and heart no matter what…i just pray for guidence to say the right words, words that i need to say in this moments. that day when i sand him a message i really confused him. i think i should miss this part about all this signs and everything “paranormal” and say to him what he means to me like a person and meeting him in my life and that his words are like medicine for me, his every word. i think i`m going to cry…today i feel pain of all of my friends, it`s too much.

  28. Dear Sunshine:
    ARE these girls just your TF’s friends? I tell you this because my TF like to be friend with girls more that men. He has male friends I could see that, and I used to see him sitting close by to a girl, and even I thought that this girl was his “girlfriend.” But then I notice that he liked to sit close to other girls and talk to them. EVEN I could see or notice that a girl was kind of in love with him. I don’t see any anormal on this, I sometimes feel better talking with men, and I have male friends. Maybe because in my profession there are more men than woman. Even when I was student, we were 3 girls on a class of 25 men. If your TF is going from one relationship to the other is because he looking in each girl something that he does not find or they are only friends to go out. Ok is my opinion. Me too, I never was with the guy I really “wanted to be” there was one when I was 14, my problem is that I have been being shy all my life and he was shy too. Our relationship was weird he never talked to me and I never talked to him, but we were in love… I could married him at 20 but he married another girl instead,( the girl got pregnant and he had to marry her. No kidding, I met his baby son, this girl took same taxi I took, and there she was with the baby on her arms) Jesus! But anyway, I was not ready to marriage at that age. Now, my TF is not shy with people even, he looks that he is sociable and outgoing, but with me he is extremelly shy.

    Dear Delphina: Thanks for your words, you always make me change the way I was thinking, and make me see things from another perspective, how much wisdom are in your words, thank you so much.

    There is a difference on age between my TF and I, but not to the degree or being his grandmother. I feel that he is very atracted to me as I’m to him. Don’t you have in your mind, if someday things come together between you and your TF to the degree, that you will have to make a decision about your marriage with your soulmate? How can be one be with your TF and your soulmate at the sametime?

    Waves of love to everybody

  29. Joana,
    yeees, oh my God, and i notice this similarity with other boys also, i have my two friends that are with their TFs and they TF have a lot of girl friends, my TF also, really a lot and he have close relationship with them and they love being around him…but these two are his girlfriends in full sense of this word. I have a different case, i was always longing for men company and i never had it, my life just was developing like that through my school and the place i live, but i always love their company more and i loved to be around them.
    Yes, i think that too, the last few months he occupied his self with so many work and obligations that people started talking to him that they don`t see him anymore, he is forgeting things all the time…i just FEEL that he is searching for something, that he is lost and i see all that…i felt this away back before and i wanted to say something to him, i started to testing him on some way to see how much he can recieve but i was afraid to start anything until now, when i found out for this girl, i just snapped and send him a message…as i said, if he need, after this, receive what i have to say he will, we will talk, i`ll let it to God.
    Hihi, about your experience with that women…see how we always interfer with each other and people who enters in our life, they always brought us some kind of message that we see sooner or later.
    I just read a book Celestine Propehvy i REALLY recommended all of you to read if you feel you should.

  30. Sometimes, I get sad and I want to forget everything about the possibility to be with my TF in this 3D plane, and forget about TFs too, like today. Then I start feeling him (my TF) close to me…OMG! It is a blessing or something else. I know some TF couples too in my neighborhood. They are adorable, they always are together and they look so happy. Yes, hi,hi, she was not shy and she got my first soulmate. I always think about him like another soulmate. All the men I was really intersted before were shy, and it did not work because I’m shy too. This is happening now, my TF is so shy too. I will try to get this book, what is it about it?

    Waves of love to everybody

  31. Joana,
    yes, for over a week and especially the last three days i want to forget about him, forget about his figure at least but i am hurting myself a lot…in the last three days i slept only 15hours when you count all…it is interesting that i function during the day, i have some unhealty hyper energy. it is the same like last year, THE SAME. i am exhausted, i feel like someone squeezed my soul. my friends really need a help and i am the only one who knows the WHOLE thing about why they feel like that and i can`t tell them the whole thing because they just can`t process all that…i just give and give and i am not receiving back. i need my TF energy i need his presence, i can`t do all this without him anymore. everything is speeding up and people all around me are opening, everything is coming to the surface. i feel that i can`t carry the TRUTH about people, humanity, Earth, twin flames, inside me anymore, this silence is tearing me a part…i need to speak.
    This book is about nine insights, it has the second part also about 10th insight. The insight explaining how the life works, literally…i am sure that a lot of that will resonate with you and everyone who read it, because that informations we all carry in ourselves, it is again about remembering. it also expleains all this “weird” stuffs that we notice around us and feel but we can`t define it.

  32. I have a question, for example, if during this journey we have to meet our soulmate maybe, how can i even recognized it or receive it if i have unresolved feelings with my TF, that just doesn`t work, with all kind of relationship?! you can`t move on with anything if something trapped you. ah i see that i really need to speak with my TF about all things that left unspoken by my side.

  33. Sunshine, maybe if you have the need to talk with him, you should talk, what will be the worst that could happen? I feel that need to talk with my soulmate too. But he avoids my conversation. I want to tell him that I love him, but like a dearest friend. I think, he knows; anyway he loves me that way too. I told him something like this months ago. Yes, it is truth how ones can jump to another relationship if we have issues with somebody else. These days me too, I also want to do something about my TF (at least talk to him) or forget about it. Sometimes I WILL LIKE to run away from both them, my soulmnate and my TF, is becaming to much to deal with. My son is the one that keeps me with my feet on the grown. OMG. Do this feelings have to do with the full moon? I just wondering…. Sunshine I understand how you feel, maybe you also need to be in the company of cheerful friends…

  34. Joana,
    yeees, yees, to everything you said and i really think that this full moon is veeeeery strong…imagine then the whole december?! i think that is time to tackle with all things that we carry inside of us that feel like a burden. all people around me resolving A LOT of things and what is interesting they all feel some kind of global change too, i get so excited when i hear this. i think that where is a need we should do something about that, especially if it last for days, months, even years…that we don`t have our minds we would do it immediately. this days a talk a lot with people, i think that is the only think i do right now and the subject, among other things, was my TF and i am getting clearer about my feelings and what i want to say. i feel like i came to some kind of an end and some things i need to leave behind. My TF is my only relationship “issue” that i have with someone.
    Joana if you have that urge to say something to your TF, say…try to come near him and see what words will come out. i have that picture in my head of you two in the library, by some big brown table, talking…but that are just my thoughts.
    Much, much love to you!

  35. Dearest Joana and Sunshine,

    I’m sending both of you love and light and an angel helping and showing you how to speak your truth to your twinflame.

    Personally I think that being honest is so important, especially between twinflames, but of course saying the things in love and with love is equally important and your inner guidance will surely support you in the best ways so that you can speak your truth! πŸ™‚

    I have become a lot more open over the last few months and I am saying more of the things that are on my mind. Not everything to everybody of course, but I am improving. It seems I have had at least a thousand vows of silence in my life … I am finding to them in literally every part of my personal history – once I have started to explore this recently. To me it has been such a burden, not to be able to speak about myself, not being allowed to express my feelings, neither to my parents nor to my family and friends and this has literally made me ill so often. My husband and my twinflame are the only people in my life I have always been completely open to, because I know they both love me unconditionally and just the way I am, but with others it’s extremely difficult. In my case it’s also difficult because my family and friends are not at all spiritual and would never ever understand about twinflames or something like this.

    This blog is a place where I can be the way I am and this makes me very happy πŸ™‚ and helps a lot in being more *me* with others, too.

    You asked, Joana, what I would do if my twinflame and I were together again and really close …. and I would like to answer you really honestly as well …. The truth is: I have always been completely honest to my husband and he knows how things are between me and her … I have never had any wish to keep it from him, in fact I am not the kind of person who can do this when in a close loving relationship.

    I would like to say this, dear Joana: the twinflame love, this deepest most wonderful experience of true divine love … this love just flows and flows and flows …. and it knows no “either – or” … it knows no: “now that I am here, you have to go” … it knows no ” you cannot love him if you love me” … all of this just does not exist! Gabriella tells us that love is unlimited and this is what I feel as well. Pure divine LOVE is truly unlimited and we have unlimited capacities to love.

    You may say that I don’t know how I will feel IF …. and you are right. I don’t know what will happen and what I will feel. But I do know something deep inside and this is the feeling I have always had for my husband: I have always loved him dearly and I know that I will always love him dearly, no matter what, and the return of my twinflame will not change this, and not change my desire to live with him. I just know it deep inside that this is my truth.

    Very very early, in fact super early in my twinflame journey, before even having had the name “twinflame”, when it all looked like a little friendship was developing, I obviously knew on the inside at once … and I somehow felt that I had to make adjustments … to be able to allow this deep twinflame love to come into my life … and the love for my husband and the love for my twinflame talked to each other on the inside of me, and the wonderful thing is: they have never ever been each other’s enemies and one has never ever said to the other: “you have to leave because I am here”.

    They are both just LOVE …. how can LOVE tell LOVE to go away?

    I believe only fear will do that, e.g. when the soul mate fears he is being loved less, or when the twinflame fears (s)he doesn’t get enough of the 3D life of the loved one or whatever fear might be the case. Fear can make us feel so stressed out that we try to close the door on one love … but imagine if you were in complete LOVE, divine LOVE only … how would you ever tell one love to go and leave your life?

    I am very certain I will never be able to do this with my husband or my twin. I just LOVE them both. Whatever that may mean in the 3D life, but certainly for me it cannot mean to leave my husband or to tell my twinflame to leave me in case she comes back to me. I don’t know what the way will be like, but I am completely sure the angels and God will make a way where there is no way (yet) and help us all to live in peace and help me to live and express all the love I feel in my heart.

    Sending you so much love and light
    and guiding angels on your way,


  36. Delphina,
    ah i just love reading your posts…energy that is coming from your words is wonderful and full of love. Thank you my dear!i agree with you in becoming more open, for me it is happening massively the last few days…and i felt like a bird, ih my God, to finally speak what you know and feel without hesitation. this blog help a lot, to speak what is really in your heart, to speak about love, real love freely. it is so beautiful for you to know your truth inside of you and to be in peace with that. Ah this full moon really has something, i feel so connected to all of you.
    Sending you much love through angels that you feel so much! I feel them to, thank you!

  37. Dear Sunshine:
    The table I used to sit there at the library is not there anymore. The people from the library move everything around and even remodeling it in a awful way, so my table and my corner is not there anymore. So if my TF was there too; he noticed that. It seemed that destiny does not want us to be close yet. I say it because my schedule at work is different too, and him it maybe too busy with his final tests. Yes there is a big brown table there, sometimes I sit there but iT is to noisy, so I prefer to go to study at the small children section because it is more quite. Me too, I always think that if we feel the need to say or do something, it is better do it.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  38. Dear Delphina, Thanks for your words, They calm down my spirit. Yes, you are right about the fear. I feel fear in this 3D plane because of it limitation, yes LOVE is limitless. It does not have boundaries and is an infinity fountain. Sometimes I feel that my love for my TF is outside my 3D body, I can not explain with words this feelings. I always feel the conection with him speritually, but MY mind is on the way trying to analize and explain all with the logic of the 3D world, then when this happen, it is when I feel the illusion of separtion from my TF. These days have been like that, my mind urge to explaing my love for my TF in the 3D produce a turmoil inside of me which cause me to be depressed and without hope. I guess, this will pass, I hope.
    Sending you waves of love to you and everybody

  39. Joana,
    ah i know how you feel, i really know, and on some deeper level i know that me and my TF have to do something separate to come together in some point of life. Last year i felt that we have some kind of unfinished task, mission as we say…maybe that mission was on the spiritual level this year to increase the energy on the planet, i don`t know. I still want that kind of love in my life, i always wanted it and i will continue wanting it, no matter what.
    Don`t worry about this feeling of separation, a lot of people feel this too, includiing me, these days and it really is beacuse of the energy of the full moon and also a alot of physical symptoms may occur. I don`t feel need to eat at all, very strange, a have some much energy, i would say too much for me. it will pass.
    i am sending you big waves of love to your heart, everything will be ok!

  40. Dear Sunshine and Joana,

    thank you so much for your loving words and angels you are sending me! I am so happy that we have this safe place here where we can feel and write what is in our hearts and really let LOVE and also all emotions flow.

    It is really about speaking your hearts, whatever is in there right now … and this is so beautiful that we are all in this together and have this place where we can learn and practice to speak our truths.

    I admit for me this is more often the positive side and the light and I believe the reason is that writing this so much helps me as well to connect to the light and after I have written something I feel better myself ;-). It also really helps because it’s just practice for speaking the truth.

    And everything is welcome and everything is loved here. This makes this blog really beautiful! Heartfelt thanks to you, dearest Gabriella, for creating this sacred blog and to the angels for creating and guarding this place, too.

    I have just found out about a longer chain of events in my life that has lead to something one never would expect and that can only been understood when looking back on it. It’s amazing and just one example of divine interweaving of events .. and I’d like to share it with you in its essence.

    I can’t write that freely here, so I’ll change some items of the story, but include all the important things so that you can easily feel its essence. About 10 years ago I had a kind of accident and got injured and I have still some problems with pain that doesn’t want to go away.
    One day I was visiting a friend when the pain suddenly got so big that I had to go to the doctor in this other town. The doctor recommended me to get something special that I should wear once in a while.
    Some days later I went to a shop in my hometown, but did not find what the doctor had recommended, but the shop assistant convinced me to buy something else which would be even better. It is even stylish and I was happy. When wearing it, nobody notices it’s function and people often ask me about it as they like it. It is something that everyone can war, there is just a special purpose in it for me.
    The other day my friend’s Mum came to my house to bring me something, saw me wearing this thing, enquired about it and I told her the story behind it. She said: oh, if you have problems with ***, then I can recommend going to *** and named another doctor in a nearby town.
    I went to him today for the second time and it turns out he thinks he can help (what many have tried before him) and he said: “Well, maybe you didn’t only come here because of that injury, maybe the universe even sent you this injury because there is a purpose and you are being sent on a new path in your life.” I have found out that his wife is very spiritual and offers seminars on all types of topics including angels… Well, all of you can surely guess which seminar I enrolled in πŸ˜‰

    I also felt happy and thought : well, people don’t always show their interests, so this friend’s mum seems to be more spiritual than I knew …. and I even started to reveal about my feelings towards all of this, although only a bit, because then she began to speak .., and started to apologize for recommending the doctor as she was not sure whether I would feel uncomfortable with him as he is very spiritual and even seems to really believe in all of this …. and she wanted to enquire whether I was a bit overwhelmed by it…. LOL … and said that she herself was a bit unsure about all of this. It was so funny that she thought this might be too much for me … he is a completely normal doctor just with some wider view of the world, that’s all. His treatment is completely normal, just involving the whole person, which is really nice. I thought to myself silently: “Oh, dear one, if you knew … too spiritual … for me? LOL …. I even have a twinflame and LOVE her …”

    Well, maybe she also said this so that I can show her there is nothing to fear about πŸ˜‰

    I felt so protected and guided by the angels today as I really have the feeling all of these events have been lined up by God and his angels for me: the doctor’s visit in this other town, the recommendation, the buying of this stylish item, that I wore it the day the mum came to my house, the recommendation of the new doctor and him being able to help me and his wife teaching angel seminars. Maybe one of my next visits will even reveal what the reason this accident is that caused this pain in my life and how all of this is guiding me onto a new path. This is all really fascinating, I think, and can really only be understood when looking back on one’s life.

    So much love and light from my heart to your hearts
    and a big smile telling you:
    everything will really be o.k.
    and everything is indeed already o.k.
    and will move into love even more each day of your life

  41. Dear delphina,
    my heart and happiness that i feel right now are to big to express through words. Aaah, amazing. Thank you for sharing this, thank you. Because when we listen or read about others life paths and see that beautiful God order of happenings in each other lives we instinctively feel that beauty and our hearts become bigger. I have something very similar too that happened last month.
    My stomach problems came in 2012 right when my awakening started and till last month that gave me a lot of problems, that was everyday struggle, pains, not eating and the rest. This year i decided to go to beioenergy healer but always something happened and i stopped thinking about that, till the september when my issues became unbearable, i was in big pains for 10 days and then i decided to definitely do something and i tried to call one bioenergy healer but the number was wrong, then the facebook page was not in function, i just couldn`t contact him and i gave up again.
    After 2 weeks i was with my friend on cofee and we opened to each other about all this ascension happenings, i didn`t now she is feeling it too and that she is interesting in spirituality and she talked about bioenergy how she also want to go… Next day i was in train, going home and i was thinking about bioenergy how all is energy and i looked to a newspaper that women beside me was reading and there was an article about bioenergy…i thought oookaaaay! The next thing was culmination for me, my mom came for me and after we talked a while she mentioned how three bioenergy healers coming to are place next week and that i should go! i think i don`t have to desrcibe my reaction or say something more πŸ™‚
    Ah, i just thought, thank you God and my angels. I don`t have my problems with stomach anymore but people around me find out and now they want to go, ah, it is amazing.
    Every time when we notice this flow of life and coincidences are heart energy grows, we receive more light, that is are food for are nonphysical body, our soul, that is how things works.
    I think i will go again with my girl friend.
    Life is wonderful, we just need to open our eyes and truly see it!
    Muuch, much love to you! This blog really became a place of comfort nad true love, thank you Gabriella!

  42. Dearest Sunshine,
    how wonderful to read your story! Thanks so much for sharing!

    It’s so beautiful to see God and the angels really working for us behind the scenes and when we realize it that something has truly been arranged for us!

    Bioenergy … I need to look it up .. and it healed your stomach problems ? Wow, sounds very promising … someone in my family has stomach problems that the doctors haven’t been able to heal …

    Waves of love from Delphina πŸ™‚

  43. Dear Delphina,
    yees, i had i really bad chronicle gastritis. in my country lives a man who started this method of healing and he has scientifically proved it. It is based on the fact that all diseases are accumulated in our aura or bioenergy field around our bodies and that is why we get sick, because our aura is sick, so to speak. this man is speacial because he claims that everyone can learn to heal, because it is are God given right which is true and that in the future we will do it by itselfe. he has courses where you learn this. It is actually something like reiki, i don`t now much about reiki but it is the same thing essentially. Look it up, it is interesting πŸ™‚
    Much, much love to you!

  44. Oh, thank you so much, dearest Sunshine!!!

    It sounds very interesting to me and I will look at the page more thoroughly tomorrow (it’s already late over here). Thank you so much for sharing the link!!!! It is also in the UK as I have seen, which is great as I am in Europe πŸ˜‰ and I love traveling to England πŸ™‚ and maybe there are even more people who teach it, also where I am. I will certainly have a close look at the website!

    I have done Reiki some years ago and I can only say Reiki 1 was one of the most beautiful weekends of all my life. My Reiki teacher was so wonderful and she had arranged everything with so much love and just dearest sweetest energy that I had to cry because of the sheer beauty of it all. This weekend course was filled with so much love and just divine energy that I can still feel it in all my being. And the great thing about Reiki is that you can give Reiki to yourself every time you want. And it’s so easy … just lay your hands somewhere you experience tension or pain. I think it is somehow natural for all of us – and mothers do it with their little children all the time. When the poor tummy aches ;-), she will place her warm hands there. Reiki is just that. Taught in a very loving way and along with some hints of how, when, where … and along with some spiritual opening to letting the divine energy flow through you. So the one who gives Reiki is just the channel through which the divine energy flows, and the energy is absorbed all by itself by the one treated whereever it is needed most. It is so easy and at the same time also so beautiful and just causes well-being.
    Some weeks ago I have found a really loving teacher for Reiki 2 and 3a and will surely do it next year and might even become a Reiki teacher.

    Thanks so much for sharing the link!!!

    Sweet love and a wonderfully wise and loving angel to you, dear Sunshine
    and of course to everybody as well πŸ™‚

  45. Ah Delphina,
    my heart is to big for this body right now. Yees, that is it, healing with the love that flows all around us. Ah, since then i am very interested in bioenergy, it is so easy and so logical and natural to us. i had experiance in september when i think i healed myself i was not feeling good in that time, i don`t know what happened but i felt enormous waves of warm energy all over my body,very strong…i was listening a song that resonated with me right then, i had a very big urge to listen to it in that moment. That past two months this energy things are all over me, i am very attracted to it, we will see.
    Ah Delphina, waves and waves of LOVE!

  46. How wonderdul! Read about your experiences. I had similar stories, but today again visiting my favorite book store I found these books:

    This first one that really is not a book is a stick note book but made me laugh, as I was thinking on my TF:

    Stuck on you

    The next books really left me with a WOW! in my mind:

    The end of Molasses Classes
    101 Extraordinary solutions for parents and teacher

    101 Wars movies

    101 Gangster movies

    101 Things to do with a Retired Man

    I bought them because they were on sale…This happen usually when I’m ready to give up on my TF….OMG

    love to everybody

  47. Waves of love to you, too, dearest Sunshine! πŸ™‚ I am so happy about our exchange with Reiki and Bioenergy! Thanks so much !!!

    Oh, wow, dearest Joana …. as always when you are referring to the 101, you are bringing messages of the angels ;-). Thank you very much, dearest! I don’t know, but I really have the impression this 101 thing somehow is significant. Each time you come up with it, you have a special message for me as well, and the 101 on itself is a message to me. I am really so thankful for these wonderful insights the angels are giving me through this.

    Funny, isn’t it that these messages always come strongest when we are ready to give up on our twins? Yes, this happens to me, too. I am getting the strong impression the angels don’t want me to give up thinking of my twin, otherwise they would surely not go these lengths to remind me in really extraordinary ways of her practically everywhere I stand and go.

    Waves of love to you and to everyone here

  48. Oooh, I agree that the messages come along strongest when we are discouraged and feel like giving up on our twins. Yesterday, I was thinking on a different life path, one that doesn’t include my TF. He was out of my thoughts most of the day until I decided to go for a walk and something triggered. Later, I was mostly awake in the middle of the night from about 3:00-4:30am with one of those “conversations” with him that I can’t even remember in the morning. I keep getting the message “be patient, it will all work out”.