Month: October 2013

Deeper Love and Spiritual Growth Continues to Continue

For some time now, I have been in communication with my Beloved twin flame. I went to LA in July with the feeling that our physical reunion was underway. I felt our energies merged during this time, as they increased.

Changes Abounding Within and Surrounding Us

I wanted to let you all know that there are some changes happening. I am in need of taking some time off to focus on my own self care as some things have come up for me, as I know

Let it All Flow in the Now

This has been an intense time of moving within to the very core of who you are, to determine what beliefs, what fears, what emotions, perhaps from previous traumas brought on by this lifetime have kept you in a place

Your Voice is Unique ~ Let it Sing Out

Your voice is always important, and each moment if you are feeling something, wanting to express, let it flow out, for just those words may be the exact ones someone needs to be uplifted that day. Even as you let

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