Poetry From the Heart: Connecting With the Inner Twin Flame Energy

On this show, I shared a lot of my poetry written for my twin flame and a recent dream that we have had together. Please join into this intimate sharing of my heart with you. You are always welcome to call in to share anything that moves or to ask questions.

Author: Gabriella

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  1. Your show is very hard to listen to, Gabriella, because there is so much background noise on the recording. If you could only get rid of that ear-killing sound I would listen to it more often. I usually switch it off after a minute 🙂

  2. Interesting. I have heard some sounds in the past but recently I haven’t noticed any interference with the shows. I listened twice to this recent one on my poetry…there were some roosters in the background (part of Hawaii 😉 ) and there was a slight sound that came in towards the end but other than that, I didn’t hear any other background noise. Well, let’s hope that whatever it is can be shifted out so that you may listen more often.

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