Month: January 2010

James Arthur Ray, Sedona and Soul Contracts (Radio Show)

In this show, we are going to extend our discussion on soul contracts to the Sedona James Arthur Ray event which took place in October of 2009. How would your perception of this event and the results change if you

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James Ray, Sedona Retreat and Soul Contracts

If we were to look at the events we call tragic in a different light, we might find that what we consider “wrong” and what we perceive as being tragic, is not as we think. Through many of my writings

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Heaven in Your Eyes ~ Loverboy

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Soul Mate Partings and Reunions

Before I get into a discussion about soul mate partings and reunions, I want to just go into the definition of soul mate and the definition of twin flame. I’d also like to use the analogy of the ladder because

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Soul Mate Partings and Reunions (Blog Talk)

Have you already met your soul mate and physically parted from each other? Have you not met your soul mate yet but feel that you are ready and wondering where this soul is? In this show, we will discuss how

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