Our Love is Love We All Share

Ancient intimacy we share love, it is in the dust of the ages we lay, resting to await the rest of the living to join us. One day I see, the vision is still with me, we will all as one know the true meaning and understanding of love. We will be able to see it through our human eyes merged with our spiritual, divine eye. We won’t question what we think we don’t know nor will we know what we think. Knowing moves beyond thought to feeling, just being what is, because that is all there is. But this all there is, is growing bigger and will soon encompass all.

I sit here, acknowledging that I desire to write a love poem for you. Words in my heart bleeding, seeping, soaking into the paper, yet here I am, sharing the visions, the connection, yes, the connective tissue we all share. I can’t deny that this is our love story. Our love includes all, and our mission is to connect, you and I, on all levels as we extend that connection, that love, our creation outward. The ultimate love story some have been known to say, Jesus and Mary Magdalene born again as the world becomes ready for the true message of love, accepting the inevitable merging of their souls in total ecstatic union.

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