Twin Flames and Unconditional Love

Q. I know meeting a twin flame can enable us to learn and awaken to a greater love. The question I find puzzling at the moment is I read recently to achieve and maintain twin flame manifestation at least one of the flames has to have reached a 5th dimensional state and be able to maintain it !!! Is this true?

A. Twin flames have had many lifetimes together, connected spiritually and/or physically, and it is the way of the twin flame to move into a higher vibration of unconditional love, for this union is meant to not only bring a deeper love to the self and the beloved twin but also the world. It does take many lifetimes and many experiences to reach this state. A 5th dimensional state, as you mention, is this state of seeing through the eyes of love, which means seeing all that exists, all that occurs through the eyes of love, including the challenges or anything that could be considered “negative.” In this state, you want to serve, you want to give and receive love and to be able to do this, moving from the 3d human experience into this spiritual deeper space easier and quicker, while also in the human physical body. In this way, you are able to move forward in serving love to others with your twin, but this state will need to be reached…and yes, maintained.

You may have heard stories of twins that have come together and then separated, to come back together again or some that don’t come back together in a particular lifetime. This can be because the consistency of this unconditional love state is not maintained…there are fears that need to be dissolved, the ego needs to be recognized and silenced, and the choice to balance the mind and the heart needs to be constantly brought into the awareness and acted upon, all the time, again and again. Love is put first, love of self, love of the beloved, and love of all that is.

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2 comments on “Twin Flames and Unconditional Love
  1. susan says:

    hi Gabrielle,

    I have met my twin flame and we are at the seperation and growing stage.
    and Yes, I get goosebumps and tingle feelings ALOT when I think of him and often
    find myself in a somewhat obsessive mode when the feelings that so intensed.
    Is this when he is also thinking about me with all these sensations?

  2. Gabriella says:


    You can read my response to your question here: The One Unified Heart of Twin Flames Sees and Knows Only Love

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