Make sure that you follow what feels true for you. Illusions are that which seems to be true, but is not true when you feel deeply within. There are layers of illusions…and what is true for one may not be true for another. Pay attention when someone says to you that you are living in illusion. Are you truly living an illusion or are you following what is true for you? Sometimes when you follow your inner voice and your inner guidance, to someone looking outside at your experience, it may seem like you are living in an illusion.

An illusion merely is what is not true and what is truth for you may not be truth for another, yet that does NOT mean that it is an illusion. Follow your heart on this. It knows what is illusion and what is true. When you release the mind, you will know what your own truth is, therefore all that can be considered illusion falls away and what you consider as truth becomes what is, fully known within your entire being.

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  1. I feel that I’m living an illusion, especially when I feel my TF close to me and feeling his love. But when I used to see him in the 3D realm the energy I felt between us was intolerable. Grabriella could you explain why this happen? Why when I used to see him, I almost fainted? and Why it took a couple of hours to recover from this sensation?

  2. Joanna,

    Many people who are experiencing this deep love and connection with their twin flame do tend to wonder if they are living an illusion. This is why I posted this, for many people outside of the twin flame experience looking in at it can believe that you are living an illusion. I encourage you to follow your heart of what feels true and “real” for you, for what does is not an illusion, it is truth. The twin flame connection and love goes way beyond the minds capacity to understand it, yet that does not make it any less real.

    When twins come in physical contact or closeness with one another, there are a lot of emotions felt, a lot of energies exchanged beyond the 3D. In these times, the body does not always know how to receive the intensity of these energies. As a result, a lot of different experiences can result, such as feeling like fainting. I have felt a couple of times when I had to part physically from the presence of my twin, a heart and soul wrenching emotional release. The easiest way to explain it was like I was throwing up but from my heart and the tears flowed. All I could do was allow the release. Then I have felt such peace and deep unconditional love at other times, like I was completely frozen just watching and loving my twin exactly as he is as he interacted with others. I felt like the Grinch in those moments, as my heart expanded and expanded ever further to welcome in this deep, limitless sweet love. There is nothing wrong when you feel such deep emotions or reactions within your body…just allow them to be.

  3. In the beginning of the year, I was contacted by my twin flame or the person that I think is my twin flame. We talk on the phone everyday. I have not physically come in contact with them this go ride. But again, there is this longing and for this particular person I cannot explain. I wonder if they even feel the same about me. Somedays I feel rejected, silly, foolish for even going this far emotionally with this one person. The more I push, the more they pull it seems. Is there a way of relly relly know if they are m twin flame. I mean really know. What I do know is that I have never felt like this with anyone ever in my life. Help please. Help understand.

  4. James, just be free to think that this person is your TF, be free to be wrong, if you can understand me. There is nothing to lose, allow yourself to be foolish, only thing you can lose is your ego or pride and it`s worth it…love can`t be wrong, there is no question about this. i know how you feel, i been there, i finlly free myself when i realised that there is nothing to lose. learning how to love and feel that love you also give yourself a lot. Believe your dreams also, they come to you for a reason, like a confirmation. Hope i helped a little.

  5. James,

    The knowing of your twin soul comes from your heart. When you know who your twin flame is, the mind may make various attempts to try to persuade you otherwise. Why is that? Because we, as individuals and the collective, have been living and trying to love in the vibration of separation for so long that when our heart lets us know that we have found our counterpart, the mind doesn’t want to believe it for fear of losing the control, for it can no longer keep you in separation if you move forward into union with your inner peace, your inner beloved, and then the beloved in the physical. I encourage you to stay true to what you know within your heart as it will never steer you wrong. You know this…when you get into the moments of doubting, go back to the reassurance that you know, and if you know and you feel this to be true, then the universe will create a way for you to fully understand all of your details on your particular journey with your beloved twin flame. Have faith, have patience, and keep allowing your heart to open, to feel deeper and deeper unconditional love.

  6. Gabriella,
    do you now maybe how much planets, univers have influence on us, in which way? I ask this, beacuse i had two dreams, the first one was one moth ago, it was dark and i was looking at the sky and i saw three stars in a shape of triangle and they were important in that dream, the second dream i had one week ago, it was dark also, like there is storm coming and i was talking to someone and she told me to put colors on the three planet, mars, jupiter and pluto and then i woke up. I got interested in this, i don`t quite understand why this colud be importante and why did this come to me, maybe to prepare or something?

  7. Sunshine, I had some dreams like that, visiting another planets, I never payed attention on them, I always thought they were related with movies I watched, but yes I think stars, planets influence us in some way. My husband and I are from the same signs of earth. He is capricorn and I’m virgo. I wish I could know which sign is my TF. I always find people who is Virgo around me, even the exact date I was born. When somebody tell me that day is my same date of birth, no kidding, I’m not surprised. It seems that some people around me belong to the same group.

  8. yes, i researched something, i wrote that three planets in google and i found that they are importante for this months, i don`t know, i don`t understand this quite. I also had that dreams of strange places in one period of time very often, i thought that i`m in a video game, it was very interesting and very alive. Yes i met i boy once, we were on some party and we clicked a lot, he is born on a same date like i do (we realised that after), he is like brother to me…at first we thought that we can be together in a relationship, but we saw that it`s not that type of connection. it`s really interesting.

  9. One of my bosses born the same date as me; this annoyed me because I dislike this person for some reason, I never could understand it; I think now that it was vice versa. My group in middle school, I remember, there were a lot of kids who birthdays were in august like me. Mother Theresa birthday is the same like mine, I like it a lot. One of my sister used to call me nun, I took it as a complement. Yes it is very interesting learn about the influence of the stars and planets on us. Now, I’m intersted on Numerology, I’m finding everywhere the numbers 111, and secuence of numbers with one number between two equals, 232, 525, etc, and 777, 888, all these is puzzling me.

  10. every time when i think of my life path or read about other lifes i know that Everything really is connected and just the way it should be. i wolud love when people just colud relax and enjoj in life, in the moment in every day, stress doesn`t make sense, sometimes i try to explain that to people around by they are trapped in that circle and sometimes i feel that their nervousness influence on me, pulling me…i really have to fight it to hear myself, to be with myself, not their lifes. Lately i feel like this, i hope will pass.

    Yes, 111,11 and 777,7,77 all over. One day i was just seeing sevens around me, constantly, but now i know why. Really sometimes it has to do with certain experiences during the day that you experiencing or will experience.
    Do you fill sometimes that it`s really hard to stay in that state of higher self? lately like everything wants to pull me down. it`s started few days ago, like a tests, that`s why i thought that maybe it has to do something with planets influence.

  11. Yes, some days my spirit go down, down, and down, I can help it. Especially when I try to look into the future. Then I stop looking into the future and focus in the moment, and this helps me to go up again. As I told you before when I took photos of the drop of water with the heart’s shape, then yesterday, I loaded them in my computer from my camera, and to my surprise, the number of this photos are 0110,0111, 0113, etc. So I don’t know… there is more, on one of these photos of this drop with the heart’s shape appears two small dots of the reflexion of the light, then in other the these two dots get bigger and close, and in one of these photos the lihght unified and again it look like a heart’s shape. The reflexion of the light has a heart’s shape too! Is it a joke? Maybe due to my awakening, I’m paying more attention to all these symbolism, this is my explanation.

  12. Yes, when i`m not in the moment it all starts to go down, but sometimes it`s hard beacuse of the college for example, but that`s the things where i practice this.
    That`s all signs…i think that everything that caught up our attention, there is something. Yes, like with the time clock they become more profound…in the beginning i noticed all 11:11, 12:12,etc only, then with 22,33,44, now i can recognize signs all over that our not so,well…noticeable. I think that you are not imagining, we are becoming more aware…i become so excited when i think what`s next to see, know…

  13. In the past, I always wanted to be in control, but now I find myself just going with the flow of my life. And yes there is symbolism in everywhere, wow! That make me feel that I’m surrounded by beings, angels, guards and all this positive energy. I just need to remember this all the time.

  14. Yeees, i feel like i`m flying…yesterday double and equal numbers were “attacking” me from everywhere, one after the other…i was just smiling…i love to talk with them, sometimes i think that there is three or four of them. i think i was talking with them my whole life, but now i know they are here. yes, i didn`t even know that i was a litlle bit a freak control beacuse of the fear, i was scared all the time if i lose control that i want manage even i always was pushing myself to the edge just to see what will happen, i thought that i`m self-destructive, but now i see that i wanted to be free subconsciously i wanted to find ME…now i just enjoj, that`s all life, a beautiful game construct to help me to become a better persone

  15. Hi,hi, hi,… I like that word “attacking” it feels like that; those heavenly beings sending us messages with numbers, and etc., etc., I would like to share this video: “Cry of a twinflame you tube”

  16. Aaah, beautiful video…i loved the sentence “How desperate they are to be together. No one to tell, no one to understand”, yeeees. Today i was talking with one very nice women and we talked about life and finally love and i told her how i`m single now, well when you count all “failures” i was usually single…but i told her how i met a very nice boy last year (my TF) and told her what happened and she started to analize why he did that, he wanted to full me around…and i was just saying no,it wasn`t like that, there wasn`t a single moment where he was bad or something and she got confused, there most be something. that happens every time when i tell someone about him, they just can`t find explanation…i just laugh. Also they saying to me how it`s better to never show too much love at the begining, to protect yourself…noooo, i was doing that my whole life and it was wrong. Love can`t be wrong, it just can`t, we are afraid all the time of being hurt and being dishonest that`s why we have problems…how would be wonderful when everybody could just value each other a little more

  17. I have a question, does man and women experience differently this TF experience, physically, mentally and spiritually?!

  18. gabriella and sunshine,

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. I, again, amongst all the mental turmoil and doubts, I go back to feeling in my heart that he is my TF. I keep asking myself, what is it about this person that I love so much plus given the fact that I can count one my hand the times we have seen each other( we have not seen each other since July 2011 and we live in seperate cities). However, when I go back to the center of my heart I know he is the one. I have to focus on loving me now. I know he loves me, even though we have disagreements and I might get on his last nerve sometimes, I still feel he loves me and like me he doesn’t know why. There is this explainable deep bond or understanding of one another. Can anyone else relate or understand what I am talking about?

    I found a quote from Catherine Ponder in which I use as an affirmation. ” Love melts situations that seem impossible…I truly believe that with all of my heart.

  19. James, I related to what you said. I have not seen my TF since Dec. 2011 and last month he saw me and I saw him from far away. Since I did not see him anymore my love for him has manified and my connection with him too. I know there is not chance for us, because I’m older than him and I’m in a relationship, but I can not stop loving him. I feel his love too. And yes as Sidney said, we choose to believe in this TF love or not. I chose to believe on it, it has been not easy, sometimes I get terrible sad, but also I feel so happy to experience this love for him.

  20. I guess I have learned a little bit to protect myself of the negative vibrations from people. I just try not to allow this negative vibration go inside my mind. Be around cheelful people is helpful. Yes, series of numbers are dancing in front of me since I wake up in the morning, especially everytime I turn my head to check the time, I just smile now. Yes, “No one to tell, no one to understand” I just tell to a good friend what I’m feeling for him (my TF), but I never mentioned the words TF, no way! She could think that I’m absolutely crazy. Could somebody hide love? I don’t think so, the only time I saw into my TF’s eyes I saw his love for me on them.

  21. Yes, i learned that too a bit, actually a lot, before everything had infuelnce on me, now i choose that, even i still have to practice. It`s amazing how i can feel which “task” i have finshed and on which i still have to work, i just feel that closure in my heart. Do you feel maybe that acceleration lately? last months like they were a bit slower, i don`t know…i feel like everything is happenig much faster, i know it`s in my head, but i feel that change.

  22. I love illusions more and more these days. I am learning to trust what images I see and visions I receive. I don’t change my life drastically because of what I witness (through visions, etc), but I take note of what I see through these images. They are quite beautiful. I think that more people should befriend their imaginations.

    I use the word imagination not to sound facetious but I use it with reverence and honor for this mental, etheric, and emotional state. Our imaginations are so powerful. How beautifully active and free they were when we were children. It seems like we all had this easy access into other dimensions through our imaginations as children and somehow, the access closed more and more so that we can all become “civilized”.

    In effort to be what we perceive as “normal” we loose our unique essence. I feel to be truly”normal” is to let one’s full self show up and have some sort of validity. In our full selves, we remember that we are not just spectators. We are all co-creators of this reality we can life on Earth. We all have a wealth of wisdom and insight if only we learn to trust our imaginations, our wisdom, our insight, our illusions.

    We become confused when we don’t trust ourselves. In our purest and most clear place, our illusions, imaginations, and insight will always be connected to LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE w/ compassion for self and others and the desire to see all people continue to raise to Higher and Higher frequencies. Just my two cents, anyway 🙂

  23. Yes, I feel that a lot of events and situations in my life has been unfolding little by little, I’m becoming more and more patient to those changes. Before I wanted to speed up whatever situation I wanted to change or stay in the situation I did not want to change. I’m resting more too, I heard Gabriella talking about how awaking make us feel tired. I think that men and women experience this TF experience, physically, mentally and spiritually the same way. I can deduce it because of the many posts in this site writing by men; I don’t find any difference between what a woman or man writes about their TF experience. I dream a lot, and many times I can not remember what I dream, I only remember that I was having long meetings or conversation with people I don’t know. Do you have this experience too?

  24. Yeeees, yes…i don`t remember the dream but i know that i was doing something, that`s happening quite often lately. Once, during the night i woke up two times and i knew that i have go back to sleep beacuse i have to finish something…i think i was helping someone. also a few nights ago, i`m convinced that my TF healed me, i was in half sleep and i felt inside of my stomach (i have a lot of troubles there) such a good feeling, healthy feeling but i don`t remember the dream, i just know that something was happening, something important…and my stomach is fine for two days.
    Actually yes…men and women feel the same, because that change is happening beyond this 3D world and our bodied and sexes. while i was with my TF i was amazed how he have both sides, male and female, like i do…people always saying me how i have a male brain and i was using that part most of the time. He wasn`t afraid of showing that side of him to me and in the same time i loved that so much and was scared, beacuse men in my life (father, brother, grandfather, friends) are all afraid of their emotions and i learned how to manage with that, but with him i was so confused.

    Janique, you just pulled out my thoughts, i was just thinking about that today. I`m saying taht sometimes to people around me…every time when i become aware of some truth and when i feel that someone could help i try to find the way to say that persone but not to scare her…with this you have to gentle with some people, i just say something to them in one sentence and leave them in their thoughts…like a avalanche, i just push the first snowball, they already know what is true for them, they just have to wonder…i feel so alive when i can help someone, my heart grows bigger. I`m feeling like i`m doing my purpose, beacuse all of my knowings, thoughts, truths that God gave to be aware have sense then, i have to forward it.

  25. When I have these kind of dreams, I have the sensation that these people or beings in my dreams are lecturing me; it is just a sensation. Talking about false TFs, right after meeting my TF, I wished my TF not to be my TF because of all the obstacles between us. But I could not denied, he is my TF; there were a lot of sings, so I’m living with this happines of knowing him, and the sadness of be not able to be physically with him.

  26. I had that feeling too in one of my dreams…it`s amazing that i`m not scared, i want to do that, that`s how i now that this is good and that feeling in my heart… I know waht you mean, after we split up, i just wanted to move on, forget about him the sooner the better and all that feelings that i had, but then it started the synchronicity, dreams, that strong feelings and i had to give up of resistance beacuse the pain was too much, but that had to happen to become free finally. i have that strange feeling that we are going to be together, after we split up i had it immediately, i knew that we have unfinished business that had a perfect sense to me, but still i know that love is in God`s hands, he knows the best…maybe that “business” is in spiritual way or some other mission, that i dont know

  27. Yes, a voice in my mind or in my heart tells me that we (my TF and I)are going to be together, but It is not clear to me when and where…Many times I think that it won’t be in this life time, not sure. I just would like to be his friend and know about him. The other day when my husband mention that on Saturday will be a graduation ceremony, I almost cry infront of him. The word “graduation” hit me. I don’t know when he will graduate, I guess pretty soon, and then he for sure will leave this area where I live. Then, I guess, I supposse I need to be strong and continue with my life. I saw the movie “The Bridges of Madison County” and I see myself in this movie as the lady who is played by Meryll Streep; OMG, I cry with this movie. But at the same time I like when she wrote on a letter to her children that the memory of him gave her strengtht to continue with his life.

  28. Yes, i know the feeling…but i always remind myself that he is still with me and that if i need some help or just to speak with him, i can…i do that very often lately hihi. Yeees, the movie is great, i cried too when i watched it. we really need to cherish what we experience and carry that in our hearts and believe in love in all kinds in our lifes. every day i feel like i`m falling in love again in everything on this world and his beauty. People just can`t see how perfect we are and everything around us…we look that perfection in wrong things policy, careers, education, but we can just look in a small flower in our garden and see that.

  29. Yes, I still feeling the connection with my TF, then I should not be sad; it is weird, I can not explain it, but I feel his essence. This is the good thing since I met him in flesh, before I used to feel his energy with not face. I love this movie when he tells her: “now we are one person” no remember the exact words but is something like that. I can see the beauty in small things too, but the interesting about my awaking is that I’m becoming more patient with myself, and this is a greeeeaaaat step for me.

  30. yes, patient, for me too…i finally know what feeling is to be patient,i`m stuggling with this my whole life, i think i`m learining about this right now, with this separation. I also learned how to surrender to love, truly…i was so afraid of this beacuse i felt week and i was protecting myself always. how beautiful is to know that my TF helped me to learn all this, i feel such gratefulness for him, he helped me to set free and accept myself the way i am finally…that was the big problem for me.

  31. I have to take a class, that I have not able to pass eventhough I took it already, the next semester right there in the building where my TF is taking his classes. I’m scared already, and I’m asking me to myself, if I’m taking this class only because I want to see him? or I really want to pass this class? But I feel a force pulling me to do it and at the same time a voice in my mind is telling: What is the point?

  32. hihi yes a know the feeling…if you feel something inside of you that you should do this, go for it, other things will resolve by itself…i think we can`t avoid that feeling/wishing that we want to see them whenever it`s possible, it`s a fact, we just have to see is this feeling match with that feeling inside of us…you can feel it physically in your heart, like a clomp, when you know something is good or true, i noticed this in my case. I always ask my self do i want to see him just to satisfy my desire or i really want to see HIM, truly…it`s fascinating how always we have to be true with ourselfs, sometimes i think that i always have to have a clean emotion about him, in that moments i feel so much closer to him

  33. OMG, I started to feel nervous and weak. What about if is not he there anymore? What about if is he there? Will I pretend that nothing happen with me if I see him again? What about if he pretends that nothing happen to him if he sees me again? The answer maybe is: Be yourself. The thing is that I never knew how to be myself when I was close to him before. Yes, I read in somewhere that TFs come together of meet to each other just to know or find out if the other TF is feeling the same like them. Like re-affirmation.

  34. Maybe, I’m crazy, but I sense that my TF went out with his friends yesterday night and he got drunk. Is this happen to you? I just feel it this morning when I woke up.

  35. yees, one day i was convinced that i saw him waiting for tram on the station, silly…i had that feeling a few times after, but i`m really not sure what is it. sometimes i just want to grab a phone, call him and ask him if he`s doing that, hihi. yes, i think that`s true, about that re-affirmation. Be yourself is really the best recipe in every situation, especially in the case of TF,we can`t fake even the smallest feeling, but it`s the hardest thing to do. every time we met i can see on him in which phase he could be, that something is happening inside of him, in his head…sometimes he really try to hide something, me too, sometimes is cold, but the last time it was him, i sensed that immediately…and it`s funny how time stops when we met, but really stops, i see only him, i can`t remember any other people in the room, i`m totly distracted. lately i feel, finally for real, that we are one i feel him in my every pore and it`s so much easier to talk to him. Do you, when you feel happy or do something meningful for you, immediately think about your TF? it`s funny but when i cuddle my dog it`s like i`m sharing that with him, it`s the same feeling of love…like my dog reminds me on him, OMG it`s so silly, but it`s true

  36. Do you have that feeling that pictures just starts to pop out in front of your eyes, it`s like a movie that`s happening, some situation? i can feel it that i`m not thinking anything, i just let that “movie” to lasts. that happened when i saw him on the station and in some situations unrelated to my TF.

  37. Yes, and I was afraid to mentione it. In my case I can see his eyes, is the only vision I have. What is happening to me is that I’m coming to realize that I’m living with my twin every moment and wherever I go he goes with me, I can not hide from him because he is there. He was there, this morning I just was feeling this sensation like the ying-yang that my TF was with me. Then, I have to learn to live with it. I don’t feel anymore that I’m alone, I don’t see images in my mind like you, but every time I’m thinking something by myself, the more simple things here there are opinions or ideas that pop in the middle of my thoughts from him. Yes, I would like to call him and asked him, if he got drunk Friday night, Crazy, I feel sick and I could not focus almost all day. Yes, everytime something happy happen to me I think on him. About the time stopping and not paying attention in anything but him, yes it happen to me, when I used to be close to him.

  38. Yes, he is with me all the time…all that frustration, overwhelmes beacuse of that passed, now it`s just him and me, together, being, the day after day…i don`t feel alone anymore, like you said…he is me and i am him, we really can`t separate, we are one, i really can feel that now. I was just thinking how it`s good to think what ever you want, i was always blaming myself before of being in the world of fantasy all the time, now i just free myself and do what i feel, that`s all part of who i am…”real” world and my world became one, it`s amazing. I hope my TF can feel all this emotions, i know he could so much easier to release himself, he was much more in touch with his heart, now he helped me to do that also…i just hope that he still listens his heart…i think he knew so much more about this then me then, now i can see

  39. Years ago one of my nieces saw two brothers who were sharing a heart, lungs, etc. She told me that they have the four legs, and they could walk. I could not believe it, I know there are people like my niece was describing to me in the world. Now I feel the same way with my TF, we are together. Having him in my mind manify the beauty in everything, but sometimes I’m so sad too because we are not together in the 3D and I don’t know what it will happen in the future. So, I’m going with the flow and leaving evething on hands of the divine plan.

  40. That sadness comes to me too, just sadness…i just want to touch him, feel him close to my body, smell him, common human things…i observe that feelings and then just let everything to God, it`s becoming much more easier to do that, there`s really nothing to be afraid when we are in His flow. The other day i was thinking how everything is beautiful and people around me and all that things that i experienced after him and i just started to cry but with a smile on my face and everything was mixed with that sadness, it`s not bad sadness, it`s hard to describe but you understand.

  41. sunshine, Joanna,
    I can understand that feeling too. The deep longing, the need to hold . embrace, share everything in this 3D world , enjoy and share the love with happiness, joy and laughter. I believe if we strongly dream of it it will happen. it is called the law of Attraction. Let us all put out our thoughts and dreams into the Universe and wait for it to come back to us.Hope this helps.
    I try to keep myself busy and trust in our deep love.

  42. Thank you, it always helps to know that we are all working together, i agree with you. We have to believe in love and listen our hearts and enjoy in every moment, beacuse each moment is precious, we only have to choose love…someday we will share that laughter together…

  43. I think what make me sad is the perception of time in this 3D world. If I’m sad or unhappy time goes slow; a minute of unhappines can be a 100 years wait. If I’m happy time flies. I know, my TF and I will be together according to our divine plan, it is just the waiting time in this tangible world that make me feel that we are never going to be together. Long ago I read in a book that in Heaven there is not time, a full life of a human being seems to be a second in heaven. I think that the gravitational and electromagnetism forces and the law of time of this 3D world where humans are forced to live give us the perception that we are living in a box or cage. Are we trap in our bodies?

  44. On the other hand, according to my religion our body is a temple of God and a beautiful vehicle that he gives us to do good in this world.

  45. Yeees, you just described what i was thinking. it`s so true, we are sad beacuse we start to think in the frames of this world it`s hard to go through that sometimes, it`s just mechanisam that serves to live in this world. it`s so interesting, our souls are meant to be free, to live without fear, to live life of love, but in this body we have something like defense mechanisms, are mind, ego, we just needed them to live in this 3D world, but that world is not ours. i read somewhere that body is our expression of soul…we mould our body. In some kind we are traped in our bodies, but we are given to experience all the beauty of this world through him, human body is the most perfect creation of God…you put that so well in this last post, “beautiful vehicle”.

    About the time you are so right, but in my case i feel that when i`m happy time goes slow, beacuse i feel every moment, every second, i live in that every second…but when i`m sad or worry everything just flies by, it`s because we can`t see all that beauty of the moment if we are in a bad mood, we are traped in our mind. we were actually living an illusion, illusions of our minds all this time, when you set free we actually start to see real “reality”, our own reality, she is real, we are real.
    Today i saw my TF, i knew i would see him, lately i see a lot a number of his birthday and hear his name all over…he was pretty distance, he just nodded his head when he saw me, usually i would realize that like a little bit rejection, but today i decided to stay in my mood, to send him love and not think about that, i just dont know why he is so serious always and worried, usually when he is on the phone. i just wish when i could ask him to tell me if something is wrong, i do that, but i don`t know is it works…

  46. Now, I suspect that the relativity of time change from person to person. When I’m happy time flow fast, if I’m happy doing a project that really enjoy and this project takes a week for example, the week just slip away. When I feel sick, the time to recover seems to take for ever. I can not imagine seing my TF, if I see him I think I will faint. Though, I always see him in my mind. Don’t you feel sometimes the change of mood of you TF? I don’t know if it is my pure imagination, but I feel him sad, even crying yesterday. I have cryed too, but it was last week, crying and I don’t understand why. I don’t let anybody see me when I cry, my family and friends could be worry about me.

  47. Yees, omg i just wanted to write about this…i saw him last night crying, i felt a big need to hug him, i tried to reject that thought but i couldn`t, that`s how i usually know is this something that is not in my mind…i also cried the day before yesterday, i was feeling very odd, then Gabriella posted on facebook that same feeling as mine, it was really something on collective level. everything changeing, i see that changes on people around me, they just don?t understand what is going on, then i comfort them and just be positive…i think, i know our TFs feel a lot too. How you would describe that feeling when you think you see him or feel him?