56 Comments on “All is Perfect

  1. Sidney,
    yeees, the same thing with me too, excatly the same thing. As i have found out that my TF has another girilfriend…again, i also decided to think about other guys, to just be with someone who came along, i just snapped and i decided to really give up this time, because i can`t deal with this for the second time and then started with the signs again, they are ALL OVER and this are a very strong signs in very noticable sychronicity. i don`t now what will happened, i send him that message, now i don`t now if i want him to call me back. Ah God…

  2. Dear Sidney and Sunshine,

    I very much agree, the signs are ALL OVER … that’s the right way to say it 😉 … and they are really very noticeable and meaningful. They also tell me to be patient, it will all work out, exactly how you put it Sidney.

    Waves of love to everybody on this journey

  3. I have that fear today that i am in an illusion about my TF. i am not questioning is he my TF but, i don`t now… I am deceiving myself about this 3D reality, things are just the way they are and it is hard for me to accept sometimes this outside things, because all of this desire to be with him, i can`t overcome it and on that way i don`t have a clear mind. all this signs, dreams, coming together again, now leaving again and then signs again, ah… i start thinking that something is approaching. I don`t know why can`t everything just stop?! why this dreams and signs just can`t appear when something really is going to happen, this is too much for me. I am not in disbelief or indifferent, but i have that pain, something like nervousness right where my solar plexus is (i found this out) for 2 weeks and it is hard to carry this every day, i don`t know what to do with this anymore?!

  4. Dear Sunshine,
    You are going thro a difficult period. But you must this time of running away by TFs . It happened to me. That time I was not even aware of TF concept and was groping in the darkness lonely and filled with pain. You are aware of all the difficulties in this journey. Hold on. Things will change when the time comes. This is not the end. Even now my TF and I connect spiritually and he never responds to my texting. However the deep connection can never be broken and can be felt always. Hold on to that feeling. I do not know what is next on my journey.. All I know is that I love my TF and keep hoping that we will be reunited in all ways. Hope this helps. Divert your attention and keep yourself busy. This helps to tide over the pain. Love to you.

  5. Dear Sleeping Beauty,
    Thank you, it helps. I do all that i can, i go out with my friends, i need to study also, but that is a little bit difficult, but i try, i found some student job also. This situation is not unfamiliar to me, this already happened last year, but i still need to resolve my feelings. Everything will be ok, i know, but when that feelings comes i just have to do something with them. This writing helps. Thank you again! Love to you too.

  6. Hi! I feel that pain you are talking about it, and it is at the degree that sometimes I wish to go to heaven and wait there for my TF. It is kind of depression I guess. But praying to God for a medicine to this pain, he is putting in my mind new projects I should start. Yes, keep our mind busy is a solution for this waiting and TF journey. I have the spiritual connection with my TF and I guess it is what is keeping going.
    Blessings and waves of love