Communication in Dreams With Your Twin Flame

Have you felt as though you are communicating in your dreams with your Twin Flame? Do you feel as though you are traveling at night but not aware of where you have been? Many of us are preparing for twin flame reunion. One of the steps for physical reunion is releasing the ego as much as possible so that it is easier to consistently remain in the space of unconditional love with each other. Our dream time is one way that we can communicate with our twin and do work on an unconscious level. We will discuss this deeper with more details.

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  1. Joana says:

    I think, I met my twin flame almost 2 years ago. We don’t talk to each other, he only used to stare a lot on me when I was fare away. I did the same. I need to tell that he always kept his eyes away from me when he was close to me, and I really never saw his eyes. He seems so shy. Strange feelings I felt when he was around: inmense love and ecstacy. Like being in heaven. This scared me a lot, why do I feel so intense for somebody I don’t know who is? I never felt this way. I used to feel pain in my chest when I knew I will see him. I tried to fight this feeling, I’m married with a good man, but I know he does not love, ok he love me, but like his sister. We don’t have intimacy for many years, I guess we are only together for our son. But anyway my twin is young for me, like Cher and Tom Cruise or Linda Evans and Jani something like that. This make me feel embarrass, I don’t look my age, but I know I’m older for him. I have a dream, in this dream one of my twin’s friend told me that he was my husband, but “he needs to work things with seven persons.” I guess that we are not going to be together in this life time, only God knows. I feel a intense conection with him, I dream with him and feel him during the day. I think on him 7/24, Am I crazy?

  2. Christopher says:

    @ Lost Here,

    While I’m sure that you’re anxiously waiting for Gabriella’s response, let me say that your experiences mirror my own- except to say, that even though our two encounters were extremely short, there is NO doubt in my mind that she is my twin flame, even though I had never even heard of the phrase “twin flame” before meeting her.

    I have written of my experience elsewhere on this site, so need to retell the entire story, except briefly…

    When I first encountered my twin flame, I knew within 1/10 of a second that she was “the one”. She approached me from behind, to offer assistance at a store where she was working.

    As I turned to ask her a question, I did not even get a chance to see her face or body- her bright, green eyes were like magnets! My eyes were drawn instantly into hers as if there was this intense, divine connection which had been preordained from the beginning of time. The experience completely blew me away- I couldn’t even finish my sentence!

    Her eyes- oh my god, they were these infinitely deep, glowing green orbs! You know how when you see someone’s eyes outdoors, and the sunlight hits them just right, so that they are filled with light? It was kind of like that- but much more intense.

    Over the past few years, I have experienced increasing awareness of my own psychic abilities, but these have always been kind of faint and inexact- for instance, with some individuals, I can sometimes experience brief feelings of mutual understanding, or discern (sometimes) when someone was being dishonest with me. Other times, I have been able to tell people exactly what they were about to say, before they even began to say it.

    In the case of my twin flame encounter, this was the first direct telepathic “conversation” which I can ever remember experiencing. What’s more, the conversation which took place only lasted, maybe, 30 seconds, but I feel as though the amount of information which was exchanged could have easily filled an entire encyclopedia. I can now say from experience that spoken language is but a faint shadow of the level of communication which is possible through telepathy!

    In conclusion, I do not believe that you have mistaken your twin flame encounter, based on the connection which you shared instantly with this person. Also, it does seem like your feelings of reservation might be related to your life situation at the moment.

    If this helps you feel any better, I can also say that my own life situation is not, at present, conducive to the further development of this twin flame relationship, as I am married to a soul mate, and am unsure how (if ever) I am going to make the transition.

    Because the title of this post is “Communication in Dreams With Your Twin Flame”, allow me to relate the experience of the one lucid dream which I’ve shared with my twin since meeting. I’ve had lots of other experiences of feeling a direct psychic connection with her, but presently I sense that we keep very different sleeping schedules (partly due to the sleeping habits / medical needs of my wife), indeed it seems like lately I get very little deep sleep at all- therefore the opportunities we’ve had to meat in the dream world have been somewhat limited.

    In the dream, I find my twin flame in a beautiful garden by the sea. There are rosebushes, trees and butterflies, birds chirping, etc., and we are near an ocean, which is odd because we both presently live in the midwest.

    When I meet my twin flame, I cannot remember for sure, but she may have been painting at an easel. This may be my imagination here, but I am an artist, and when we met, I got this immediate, overwhelming impression that she is an artist too.

    The dream was very short, but I can remember asking her if we could get to know one another better- I still do not even know her name! Her response to me was that “it wouldn’t be a good idea” because I am married. In my dream, as we stood in the garden, there was this distance between us- even though she is so intensely beautiful, and I only wanted to reach out and hold her in my arms, I remember feeling very strongly that I had to respect her wishes, and not argue with her. I sense that she is a much more spiritually grounded person than I, and she refuses to be the one to break up a marriage.

    After a brief standoff, where we both stare at each other just beyond arm’s length, I simply jump on my bicycle and begin riding away. I look to the sky, and can see a long line of storm clouds approaching, and yell back at her “storm’s a coming”- I cannot remember her responding, or even noticing. I then pedal my bicycle away, back to a busy highway, at breakneck speed, dodging cars and pedestrians on my way towards a bridge leading towards a nearby city.

    I interpreted this dream on two levels- one, that my twin flame has great respect for the sanctity of marriage, and would never violate this sacred oath. Secondly, I believe that my rush to go back to the city is a reflection of my deep soul-level need to complete my greatest life work, which I have been working on for ten years.

    It might be easy to judge me for wanting to “jump ship” from a marriage with a soul mate. My wife is an amazing woman, and I want always to be able to have her as a friend- after 3 years of marriage, however, there are just so many differences in between us, and it now seems likely that she’ll never be able to give me children, for various medical reasons which are too complicated to list here.

    Moreover, I feel so confident that a relationship with my twin flame would allow both of our talents to flourish in such a way that wouldn’t ever be possible working independently.

    One thing is certain- my encounter with my twin flame has changed my life forever. I believe this might be the greatest test of a twin flame encounter- if you are essentially the same person afterward, then it is likely that this person isn’t your true “twin flame”.

  3. Joana says:

    I’m not the same, after I met him (my twin flame). ALL my past sentimental relations seem just infatuation now. I truly believed in the past that I was very deep in love maybe two times. It was not love, I can say now. I believed that the love I feel for my twin flame did not exist. I used to think that Romeo and Juliet were crazy. But now, I don’t think they were crazy. I sense when my Twin when he goes to sleep, I feel him hugging me. When I dream with him I feel so happy next day. I feel when he is happy or sad. I send my love to him when he is sad. I know he is having hard time because he can not see anymore. The same happen to me, sometimes I cry, I’m feeling better these days. But at the same time I don’t want to see him. I’m married with my soul mate. I know he does not love me romantically, he said this to me in the past, I suffer a lot when he told me that. MY relation with my soul mate have been tormented and I allways felt alone; but since I met my twin flame, I don’t feel alone anymore, even if we are not together and the chances to be together are very slim. Just thinking on him fill my heart and give me happiness. My life change completely. I don’t know if someday I will make the transition from the relationship with my soulmate; we a son and he needs us together, but another obstacle for me is my age. I’m older than my Twin flame. The other strange feeling when I knew I will see twin flame or be close to him, was a pain in my chest, I felt like was ready to faint. Being close to him was like feel paralized, I even could not say Hi! nothing even I could not smile to him. He used to sit the far away he could from me, then I did the same. One day, there were not chair in the classroom and I sit by his side it was the only available chair I saw, and he move from there, abruptly. He could not be close to me. So after this incident I did the same. We were taking clases together almost 4 semesters and we could not start any conversation with one another. He only used to stare a lot on me, when I was far away.
    Thanks for reply my post.

  4. Christopher says:

    @ Joana, It may be that you have found your twin flame, but that your union in this lifetime is not yet meant to be physical- perhaps neither of you are ready yet, based on the pain you describe when around him.

    In my case, I feel the opposite- when I have been in the presence of my twin, my heart felt like it was singing! The second time I saw her I could psychically sense my aura expanding around me, filling me with a great sense of peace and oneness, even though part of me was crying because I yearn to connect with her physically.

    Almost all of the stories of twin flames reunions I have read seem to indicate that this reunion is always a long, drawn-out process, filled with many painful emotions, and needing to overcome many obstacles.

  5. Joana says:

    Maybe you are right, when I used to see him my heart could not stop pumping at the begining, then after a while I feel an inmense peace and happiness being just there close to him or around him, but when he or I used to leave I experience an inmense pain of separation. It was like a chemical reaction: the reaction, bonding,and separation of the bonding. I feel better when I think on him, or feel his presence, and dream with him. Maybe, I’m crazy, but I feel that we talk a lot through telephaty and share an inmense intimacy. But just thinking to see him physically even if I want, make me feel so scare, because I will not know what to do, or say. I had a dream where my husband and him were together, my husband seems that he knew him in my dream. The relation with my soulmate or present husband has evolved the way I see him like a friend or brother. I love him this way too, like a friend or brother. It is nice to talk about this with somebody; when I started feeling this emotions and conection with him was when I started reading about twin flames. I did not find books about this subject. Maybe nothing is written yet.

  6. Sidney says:

    Christopher, I know you touched on the idea of how others might judge you for contemplating leaving a marriage with a soul mate. Let me reassure you (and anyone else), you are among friends. There will never be judgement from those of us who are trying to reconcile marriage and family commitments with twin flame reunion. Maybe it is a long, drawn-out painful process to give us time. Time to work through our fears. Time to choose love, over and over again and watch it grow bigger and stronger. It isn’t easy and I will stand alongside anyone who has the courage to go through their own twin flame reunion. No judgement, only love.

  7. Gabriella says:

    Blue Ocean, you can read my response to your question here: Pain Comes from Fear: Recognize It and Understand There is Love Underneath

  8. Joana says:

    I don’t know if my husband (soul mate) sense what is going on with me. I’m listening frequenlty romantic music and I get lost in my thoughts. My soulmate knows that I’m very romantic. And he is not( he told me in one occasion that he could not be romantic with me); now I feel a little embarrass with him. I was asking to him what my twin flame can give easily: a thousands of hugs. I feel my twin flame always hugging me. I don’t want to hurt my soulmate, but sometimes I think that is he the one that wants to leave our relationship. In the past I told him that he does not need to be with me because I can take care of myself. But I guess, if he is with me is for our son. Before, I met my twin flame, my soulmate lied to me and it hurt me a lot. But now, since I met my twin flame that pain is gone. Now, I feel so happy that in this life time, I knew a real love even though maybe we are not meant to be together physically.

  9. Sidney says:

    I suppose I am fortunate- I have been able to tell my husband what is going on with me. He doesn’t believe in the idea of twin flames or a soul. I jokingly tell him he is on “vacation” from spirituality this life time. But he does listen patiently and understands I have an unusual connection with my TF. The longing to be with my TF is a longing to create together at all levels and I want nothing else. It is my sole/soul desire. To create more beauty, more joy, more laughter, more acceptance, more love.

  10. Joana says:

    Sidney, is your TF incarnated or is in heaven? I used to think that mine was there in heaven. I used to dream with this misterious man, I used to talk with him in my prayers . I dreamed with him many times or found him in my meditations, but I never saw his face and the comunication was by telephaty. I thought that him was just my gardian angel. I was in love with him, I knew it, and many times I used to let him know to go away because I was married. But when my relation with my husband became so painful, I prayed for him to come with me otherwise I will be crazy. Then, my husband told me to take some classes at the university and it was when I met my TF. Many times ask to myself, what I’m doing here taking these clases that there were not in my field. My soulmate is not an spiritual person, he is a very practical man, he never remember his dreams. He believes in UFOS and ghosts, but that it is. I’m a very spiritual person. It is unbearable to met my TF and not to be able to be with him. It is what I wish with all my heart, be with him and never be apart from him. But at the same time I think that we need to do some homework before we get together.

  11. Gabriella says:

    I am really loving the conversation that all of you are sharing on this post…I don’t always have the time to respond to everyone’s comments as they come, which is why this blog has been created, in addition to my responses for YOU all to share with each other, thank you for doing that and for feeling that this is a SAFE nonjudgmental space for you to do so, but rather one with the deepest unconditional love and allowance for the natural unique unfolding of your journeys while also sharing in the similarities of the twin flame journey.

    That said, let me say that what you said Christopher, “Almost all of the stories of twin flames reunions I have read seem to indicate that this reunion is always a long, drawn-out process, filled with many painful emotions, and needing to overcome many obstacles.” is accurate to some degree, however, I don’t like to use the word “obstacles,” because I honestly feel that there is only opportunities for growth as the path brings us more and more in alignment with our true selves and the deepest parts of our being, that truly is love…we do need to recognize and remove all of what is not love…this is where I believe we are in agreement, that the “obstacles” or “opportunities for growth” are what can block us from perhaps receiving love from ourselves and seeing it within every relationship, every experience, every moment. As you all know, there are some painful emotions through the process of reunion, and I must say, that this pain comes from the many lifetimes where the human experience of being alive felt profoundly the feelings of separation…as we are now recognizing and understanding that there truly is no separation from the twin…and it does take an understanding of this to be felt, known, believed and acted upon to move into the space of union within, which lays the continuous pathway towards the union with the twin in any given lifetime.

    This union is always also present even when one is sharing love with a soul mate…and the more you understand that union is all there is all the time, it becomes easier to be able to express the truth of the twin flame connection to your current partner, if it is not the twin flame. Sidney, you bring this out quite beautifully when you expressed that you have told your soul mate about the twin flame connection/love you are feeling/experiencing and while he may not completely comprehend it, he is listening openly to it. My soul mate whom I was sharing with the past 4 years has been the same…moving from not listening to what I shared regarding soul contracts, twin flames, my experience with my twin flame and so much more to letting go of layers and layers of the mind to come into truly listening from a soul place what I was sharing…and knowing that the love we have shared throughout the years has been a part of my twins growth, mine and my soul mates. The love that we have shared in was not separate but all inclusive…and now we have since physically transitioned from our relationship with each other (as we are and always will be very close friends)…part of what will be unfolding for me to share with all of you is my soul mates side of our experience/relationship to show the interconnectedness, the unity of all love as it is shared, what union truly is…from the perspective of the soul mate who is open in unconditional love and sees what union truly is, all layers of jealousy, anger and such disappear, replaced with a deeper understanding that love with one is love shared with all (this is the pathway of union consciousness)…this is so much so with soul mates and twin flames. This will be expressed in more detail in my next book too…

    Many of you are meeting your twin flame while in a relationship or your twin is in one for the laying out of the process of deep unconditional love and union that recognizes this love is all inclusive…and the unconditional, respectful part comes in to allow for the natural unfolding of the smooth transition for all involved if there is indeed a soul contract to transition from a soul mate relationship to a twin flame union. This is why I often talk about how important it is to be in the moment and follow your guidance as it comes…you will know in each moment what next step to take. And of course, it does go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. You are not alone ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And absolutely Christopher, that when you encounter your twin flame, you are not the same afterwards, as meeting your twin pushes you into a spiritual awakening of self, of love, of the connection and meaning of it all, helping you to love yourself as you see yourself within your twin, which then brings a deeper sense of love within so that you desire to share it with all…yet I also have to say here that the higher up the ladder of love you go, the more your soul mates will also help shape you and guide you into deeper parts of yourself and consciousness, changing you as well…all in preparation for the union with the twin flame. It is a beautiful tapestry of the evolving of deeper love in all its many layers.

  12. Sidney says:

    Joana, my TF is very much alive and breathing. We are almost exactly the same age, both married and each have a child. Our spouses have met, and we have never tried to exclude them, but they seem to instinctively leave us to our relationship. We both have challenges in our marriages and are very conscious to be respectful of these commitments. I have cried knowing that at a soul level, he has been willing to be “in lesson” in his marriage where he is denied love, affection and respect. And I feel compassion for his wife for being the soul willing to present the lesson, which of course, affects us both. My own marriage has been in a transition-slowly being disassembled. At one time I had thought to speed up the process, but it was too emotionally distressful for all concerned. It has it’s own timing. My husband and I certainly get along well, so it has been strange to recognize that the marriage came with an “expiration date”.

    It is difficult not to express physical affection for my TF. On the other hand, I have become more sensitive in picking up on the energy in his voice, thoughts, movements. We are adjusting to each other. I think all TF’s want to rush the process of reunion and are frustrated that things don’t happen according to our ideas about how fast or slow things need to change. I keep wanting to speed things up, to get to the place where we are in perfect communion. Time is a blessing. These energies are so strong and are building. And the journey isn’t as appreciated as it should be, with each of it’s perfect moments revealing more love.

  13. Joana says:

    I just want to ask, if somebody knows why when I find my TF in meditation or in my thoughts, he is giving me instructions by telephaty to stare or look his eyes. I can not stare on his eyes for long and he keeps telling me look at my eyes. The energy coming from his eyes is overwhelming.

  14. Joana says:

    LostHere, I never even shake hands with my TF the closest we were together was when he opened the door for me, also we were together alone in the elavator for seconds until another person went into this elavator, then this person left the elavator and again we were there alone in the elevator for a couple of seconds until we reach the level 4. We were taking clases there at level 4. I only remember how nervous he was, he almost broke his pen that was holding on his hands. I could control myself better than him. In two occasions I open the door for him. The first time, I did not know he was behind me, when I was holding the door open, I turned my head and stare on his eyes for a second, then I felt an inmense love coming from his eyes, he looked at me with a love I never see on my soulmate (husband)’s eyes or anybody. I got very confuse, asking me the question, how can be this possible, If I did not know him, I just knew his name. The second time, the same, I did not know that he was behind me and I was holding the door open, he just told me “Thank you!” I could not even open my mouth, I got scare and paralized.

  15. Sidney says:

    You might have heard the common expression “the eyes are the window to the soul”. Are you afraid of what you might see when looking in his eyes or afraid of what yours might reveal? I can only say that within a couple of weeks of meeting my TF, we did look directly into each others eyes on more than one occasion. What made it unusual was how direct, unwavering and comfortable it was to hold each others gaze for so long. We don’t really do this anymore, but we do tend to catch each others eyes to “check in” with each other. If you were to ask me, I would say that looking into another person’s eyes is how we recognize souls that we are close to.

  16. Christopher says:

    @ Sidney,

    Yes, I agree with you completely. I have only been lucky enough to catch my TF’s eys on two occasions, and the 2nd time was only for a fleeting second.

    The first time, though, was exactly like you say- I honestly don’t think I’ve ever stared at anything as long before, without blinking, as I did my TF’s eyes. I remember thinking, when I first saw her bright green eyes, “oh, now that’s something…” and then I was just sucked in!

  17. Christopher says:

    @ Joana,

    I am just hypothesizing, but here are my thoughts:

    Quantum mechanics suggest that “time” and “space” are merely illusions, as every point in time and space are engaged via instantaneous, quantum entanglement with every other point in time and space, across vast distances, as observed via subatomic experiments.

    Perhaps the key to unlocking quantum entanglement, is that two objects (or individuals) within time and space must be operating at an identical vibrational frequency (or wavelength)?

    If this is so, then it could be that your Twin Flame is an individual who’s DNA is designed to operate at an identical vibrational frequency as your own. Therefore, when looking into their eyes, it is possible that Twin Flames are exchanging bio-photons which, by operating at an identical frequency, allowing us to unlock the mysteries of time and space itself?

  18. Joana says:

    WOW!Christopher, that explain everything, I’m not so scare now, thanks. A couple of times I had the sensation that my TF takes my face with his hands and make me look into his eyeS, the message was, “if we want to be together, you need to look into my eyes” well that was the idea of the message I got; not exactly with these words. Now, I can understand that the communication by telephaty is not the same to the communication by words. By telephaty, I understand the message without the need of any word. He gets mad when I tell him that I’m older than him too. He says: “don’t come to me again with that!.” I feel that maybe he is more speritual than me. I don’t know if the experience of meeting my TF awake some powers on me, but now more than before, I feel when people is sincere or when they are not. I can read, them before even talk with them. Also, I always find series of numbers when I Turn my eyes to see my clock, usually I find many 11s, and the funniest it is that I always see numbers like for example: 212,454, 323, etc. always one number in the middle of two equals, I find a lot 222,333,555. I thought, it was just a coincidence. I don’t know anything about numerology.

  19. Joana says:

    Sidney, I don’t feel scare, I say this because I want to see into his eyes, but the experience is so intense, so what I do is look into his eyes and then close my eyes and then look again and close my ayes again.

  20. Sidney says:

    Hmm, yes, the intensity is something tricky to handle. I find that there is an amplification of emotions (both positive and negative) when around my TF or just talking on the phone with him. The first few times I heard his voice on the phone, I nearly dropped it out of shock. This amplification almost certainly has to do with biology/physics, as Christopher suggests. Two in-phase wavelengths or energy fields amplify, although I would be hard-pressed to think of experiment that could demonstrate this with TF’s.

  21. Joana says:

    Sidney, so much to learn and understand about twin flames my life was quiet before meeting my TF, but when I met him for the first time I felt alive. When I meet my twin flame on the astral plane or in my dreams I feel free to communicate with him, but in the physical plane I feel that I can not hundle this energy and niether can him. Do you think people around twin flames can feel the energy this TFs emanate?

  22. Sidney says:

    I do think other people sense something when there is a TF energy. I have seen people react very strongly when we are in the same room. Usually there is a positive vibe, but there have been times when others have inexplicably become hostile. We are both adept at lightening the atmosphere, so it has never really been a problem to diffuse any negativity. We don’t flirt with each other at all (a bit of teasing now and again)-so there isn’t a sexual vibe that would make others uncomfortable. At the same time, I can say that I find my TF incredibly attractive. More attractive than I will ever find anyone else to be. You could introduce me to the hottest Hollywood stars and none could come close to matching the pull I feel towards my TF. It is magnetic, electric, and intense. There is also an incredible tenderness between us when the high energies settle down and I only feel more love and gratitude towards him. It isn’t all rosy. There is some anxiety that creeps in (mostly on my side) when I don’t hear from him for a while. It is like a dance, where some of the time we are very close and can easily share our thoughts and feelings and hopes, and some of the time we are further away and connect in more subtle ways: in dreams, for example. But we’re still dancing, right? And I know where the anxiety is coming from. It is the fear that it will all be taken away and I will be left without my other half, with no way for us to walk back to God. So, we do the best we can to trust the process, don’t we?

  23. Joana says:

    Sidney, I find my TF irresistable, this is one of the reasons, I feel so embarrass seing him. His long black hair, his hands, his body Oh, my God!
    The way he walks, his voice….I thought at the begining that all these feelings I have for him was just lust. My soulmate made me believe all these years that I was a frigid woman. So I never thought that I will feel this way for anybody. I see a lot of atractive men, but I will never change my TF for one of them, my TF is everything in one. I made a comentary about if you believe people around TFs notice or feel something when TFs are around, because there were occasions when my TF sat the opposite side from me and nobody sat between us, it was weird. I read somewhere that the female has negative charge and the male has positive charge. Sometimes, one of his friends used to sit between us and he was like a confortable shield; he reduce my anxiety and I believe for my TF too. This is his friend that told me in my dream that he( my TF) was my husband but he needs to work things out with seven persons, I guess before we get together.

  24. Joana says:

    Christopher, I was thinking about what you mentioned in regard to the aura. I just remembered something. When my TF was around or in the other side of the classroom I felt an invisible bridge or channel from me to him. I could not avoided it was there. I don’t know if this were our auras.

  25. Joana says:

    Gabriella, when and where can I listen your radio program?

  26. Christopher says:


    I can’t speak with great certainty, as I’m not very knowledgeable on the subject of auras. Also, I have never been able to “see” other people’s auras, as others claim.

    The experience I speak of was akin to a sudden, overwhelming feeling of intense awareness, confidence and inner calm. It was really quite magical! The closest thing I can relate to this experience was the feeling of falling in love, which I very much have with my twin flame, though it was somehow greater than that.

    For about two or three weeks after this experience, I felt this intense connection with my twin. I also felt as though my psychic awareness was raised to a higher level, as I felt hyper-aware of the people around me. I believe others could feel my expanded aura, too- I say this because I was suddenly receiving admiring glances and smiles from random strangers everywhere I went!

    After a while, this feeling of inner peace began to lessen, and quite suddenly. It has since felt as though the psychic connection I experienced with my twin has dimmed almost completely. I am still not sure why this is.

    My theories are that 1.) she has met someone else, 2.) moved out of the city, or 3.) gone on a study abroad program, as I believe she may be a college student.

    If I discover she has actually met someone else, fallen in love with them, and completely stricken me from her conscious thoughts, then I may be irreparably heartbroken…

  27. Gabriella says:


    You can listen to all of the previous radio shows here: Be You to Full Radio Shows and you can listen to the upcoming ones live here: Be You to Full Radio Show

  28. LostHere says:

    Hey guys, yes it was an intense meeting and it is kind of nice to hear that others think this could of been a twin flame encounter as well. The eye contact is the biggest thing with my encounter, it’s hard to even come up with the words to describe it, although it was an overall peaceful feeling and comfort zone that i was in when we made our intense eye contact i still felt frightened and felt like I needed to shield him from things that he was “finding out” about me, I didnt feel as if he already knew all this about me it seemed like he was literally reading my soul like a book and I don’t know why or how it felt this way but it did. If I could go back to the night it happened I would stand there and keep on staring to see what other energies I picked up but the intensity was a lot and it seemed as though my mind was a complete blank and I had no choice but to walk in a different direction. I can say that I have never been looked at that way or felt such love from a look, I did think I was losing my mind for a while right after I had to leave the state he lives in. I also did have a dream with him in it now, yay!!! Wow, understand how you all feel much more connected after those!! In my dream we drove down to the river and parked his truck in front of the water and shared our first kiss, and it felt real like made me question if we had kissed before. It was awesome, I am really hoping to have more dreams of him. Joana, as for the telepathy thing I felt like me and my TF were having these telepathic convo’s as well, I am still not sure if they were really conversations or if I was making it all up in my head but it was as if his thoughts were entering my head and I was interpreting what he was saying, so it was kind of like his thoughts my words kind of deal. We only had a few of these and they weren’t when I was sleeping, they were when I was laying there trying to sleep so that’s where I think maybe my mind was just getting a little carried away but I don’t think so I still think that was the telepathic conversations I have read about. But when he talked to me it was the same as what your saying like demands but I got really bad depressed and just down about life after I came back here and I think he was feeling it, he literally said I can’t be feeling like this when I got to walk around acting happy and smiling for everyone all the time, but he would tell me to stay strong, we will be together when we can be and things of that nature, but again not positive if this really took place or not. It has came to a point now when I don’t believe that me and my TF are meant to be together during this lifetime, and it does make me very sad to imagine my life with out him because I do feel like I had a chance to have it all and like I threw it away for this normal person’s life but I guess that’s how these relationships work. I am just going to stay strong and focus on myself and see where life takes me. Maybe we will be together and that was just a preview I don’t know but if that was just a tease then that was just plain mean. =) but good luck to all of you and I hope that you and your TF end up together or at least both at peace with being apart. Oh the one thing that I found different for me Joana was how you said yours was perfect….I admit I am so attracted to my TF but I had seen him before our conversations when he was with his ex wife and I was with my ex husband, like literally we were all 4 at the same place hanging out lol, but I didn’t find him anymore attractive then other guys and I didn’t have an immediate crush on him until after our first conversation which took place about 7 months later and even after the first night it wasn’t like that but that was because of the drinking and me not having a memory but i was more confused on why i acted like I did with him, the next time i seen him was when we grabbed hands and I was just overwhelmed with emotions from then on out, felt obsessive there for a month or so and started to feel back down at a normal level again. Now don’t get me wrong, I think my TF is amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing about him but no i don’t think he is the most attractive guy in the world but he sure in the hell is to me, but I do not crush very easily and I really find it hard to think a guy is attractive when I first meet him it takes me a bit to warm up enough to a guy to even see an attraction.

  29. Sidney says:

    One of the hardest things to do is trust that the universe is bringing you closer to your beloved. If we could see with perfect vision the entire path of reunion, what do you suppose we would see? We might see how our times of apparent separation from our TF’s are associated with fears of abandonment(have they forgotten us? left town? fallen in love with another? severed our telepathic link?). We might also see how these “separation” experiences give us a chance to confront our fears and replace them with love. I can only say that each time you replace a fear with an act/thought of love, then you move closer.

  30. Christopher says:


    Thank You!

  31. Janique says:

    I am very curious if I have met my twin. Can you tell me if this sounds like a twin flame encounter or another deep soul mate connection”

    When I saw him, the world stopped. I knew instantly he was supposed to be in my life. I also felt like I knew him.

    We carry ourselves very similar. Made similar choices on how we present ourselves in the environment we live in and have similar reasons for doing so.

    We have the same type mission in life, though he (last I heard) was not living his out fully. His day job doesn’t match the calling he knows he has on his life.

    Since we parted, I feel his energy everyday. I have had dreams about his life, childhood, etc. They have been indicative of some things he shared with me when he was in my life.

    I feel prompted to pray for him. I feel his inner struggle. I feel him birthing into himself.

    He asks questions out into the Universe of what to presently do with his life because he feels stuck or very traumatized from things that happened to him in the past. I end up hearing these questions and I answer back because for some reason, I have the answer.

    I don’t know if he was directing those questions at me. But they came to me, so I answered.

    I feel like he is right next to me everyday, even though I have not seen him in over a year.

    Lastly: If he never comes back into my life, how do I keep moving and how do I cope with this energy that now exist and doesn’t go anywhere.

    Up until today, I have not had dreams from him or hear questions from him in a couple months. Today, I had a very intense dream about him. Main theme: him facing what is inside of himself that has been neglected.

    I feel for him, yet it is very overwhelming to continue in life with the possibility that he may never come back into my life and I may always pick up on his internal battles and struggles.

  32. Janique says:

    I even tried putting up a spiritual shield so that I didn’t feel his struggles so intensely. It was hard for me to get through the day because I would start crying out of no where and I knew the intense emotions I felt were not mine, but his.

    I have had this strong empathic ability my whole life. Usually a person’s energy stays with me for a while, then it leaves (once I pray for them really hard).

    This is the first time that the energy has literally stayed with me everyday and for this long.

    I still pray for him and I still talk to the energy when I feel it. I am also just trying to learn how to protect myself and not get overwhelmed or caught up in someone else’s struggle. I can easily loose where my emotions end and another’s begins.

    Since meeting him, my psychic life has intensified a lot. A lot of the development has to do with what naturally kept getting revealed to me about him. My empathic ability has intensified. My dream world has become more fine tuned and now I apparently can speak to a person through intentionally focusing my thoughts on that person. I usually do this when I can tell someone’s energy is reaching out towards me.

    Since I have become extra sensitive, I needed to practice having the shield up so that I would not get overwhelmed by other peoples’ emotional, spiritual, or mental struggles.

    What does one do when there is no hope in sight that the possible twin flame will come back into their lives? I may never see him again and I feel like a part of me is not here. I stay active and continue to grow spiritually the way I know I am supposed to. I continue to head towards this calling I know I have in my life.

    It is hard when I feel him next to me everyday, yet in the tangible world, he chooses to stay far away from me. I have tried to contact him, and after being ignored over and over again, I am content with not trying anymore.

    I am dealing with my ego of being hurt that he seems to communicate with me in the spirit world, but refuses to communicate with me in the tangible.

  33. Janique says:

    I have been recently learning to just say, “hi” to him when I feel like his energy visits me. I smile at him and wish him well then I keep moving on. This is very trying for me, as I do love him deeply. It has been a battle for me to just still be there for him, when I feel my presence is needed, and then let go when feel like I did the job I was supposed to.

    I just wonder if he really knows he is communicating with me or is his Higher Self communicating with me and he has not made the connection yet.

    I would really really appreciate some insight about this very interesting dynamic that I have going on for now over a year. I have not seen him in over a year. Yet we live within blocks of each other and share the same grocery store. I choose not to just stop by his house because I guess I am trying to respect his apparent wish to not connect.

    Though in the past, when he was in my life, I would show up at his house and his eyes always told me that he was not surprised I showed up, and that he was expecting me to knock on his door.

  34. Janique says:

    Why do I feel compelled to help him out so much? I feel like I have been helping him to heal in many ways over the past year, yet he stays away from me in the tangible world.

    Is there a different way for me to view this dynamic? Right now I feel used spiritually. I just have to be honest and say it. Though I can’t help but to remember that somehow he helped me too. My spiritual life has been fine tuned a lot, but mainly because I kept getting revelations of his internal struggles.

    I am so sorry I keep writing, but I am 1st very thankful that there are people out there devoted to publicly shining light on this phenomenon that seems to be happening to a lot people. 2nd, I would like some insight on this issue that has baffled me and my close friends that I talk to over the past year. Only one other person in my life has experienced the exact same type of relational dynamic. Everyone else, does not really understand, though they try hard to understand.

  35. Joana says:

    I agree with Sidney, This experience of meeting my TF and then the separation without even started a friendship with him turned my life; and I don’t know if outside down or 180 degrees. The thing is that now I see the world differently. I became more espiritual, I believe in a true love. Before, meeting him (my TF), I did not believe in a real love, because I never felt the wave of love he sent me the only time I turned my head and saw his eyes for a second. When I married my soulmate, the true is, I married him because I saw him so lonely, and I wanted to help him. There were some atraction but nothing like the electrical and intense atraction I experienced with my TF. Maybe God kept me with my soulmate for some reason, because him (my soulmate) rejected me many times and even now I don’t understand why I chose to be with him (my soulmate) and gave him a child. He has been a good person with me, but he does not know to give affection. He suffers of depresions and he is not a happy person. I tried to talk to him about faith, esperituality and I don’t think I had any success. I know he does not really love me or he love me like his friend or sister. He never recovered of the pain his ex-wife gave to him when she left him. When his ex died two years ago, I saw him crying a lot for her; and I found out that behind my back he was in communication with her for long time. All this was painful at that time for me. But since, I met my TF all this does not bother me anymore. So for me meeting my TF has been a BLESSING FROM GOD. I know we are not going to be together probably in this life time, but sometimes I wonder if he will have a kind relationship like mine. Maybe lessons to learn like me. Another worry I have is that maybe my marriage has passed the expiration date. Sometimes, I just would like to be alone, I feel that the depresions of my soul mate affect my health. Long ago, I had a dream, in my dream my soulmate asked me for the divorce. I hope God guide me and tell me what to do.

  36. Gabriella says:


    Truly it is because your twin is you, the other half of you, and there is this inherent deep unconditional love that is always there, no matter what is experienced or what is chosen or not chosen by your twin in any moment. The twin flame journey is SO much about unconditional love, the one heart of twin flames is the knowing that everything and everyone is interconnected, and acting in each moment from this deep truth that the soul knows…to help with viewing this another way, as you have expressed elsewhere on my blog in other posts, you are helping him, he is helping you, you are both helping each other. You have the awareness that you are both encountering, healing and growing within similar issues…this is absolutely the truth for you are so much alike. Know that your growth, your evolution, your deepening capacity to give and receive the deepest love is also shared with him…there can be no “using,” but only sharing, growing, learning, walking, co-creating together in each moment. Only the form of that co-creation may change and take different shapes as you move along the journey.

  37. Gabriella says:


    I am strongly getting the feeling that it might be good to have a twin flame mentoring session with me, if you so feel guided, because we can touch on your questions and all that you are experiencing with your twin (YES, all that you express above IS a twin flame connection) more intimately and in detail. Here is the link to read about the session and move forward if you feel to: Twin Flame Mentoring Sessions. “Lastly: If he never comes back into my life, how do I keep moving and how do I cope with this energy that now exist and doesnโ€™t go anywhere.” To briefly answer this some here: I would not focus on “if” or looking so much into the future, for the twin flame journey does not have a “rule” book, other than what your heart guides you in each moment, so there is no outcome (whether he comes back into your life or not) set forth in stone in THIS moment. Also, the energy and all that you are sharing with your twin flame RIGHT NOW is going somewhere, for you are receiving his love and his energy to aid in your growth, your healing, your increasing frequency of unconditional love. I know you understand and feel this as you have shared…keep knowing that this connection always is, and try not to go into the mind to try to “box” it or put it into the previously known ways of how relationships should be…there truly is no separation from the twin, and the sharing that you are experiencing will only increase throughout your journey but it will be so rewarding in so many ways. Allow yourself to be here right now, and feel what your heart is telling you, what it is guiding you in each moment. SO much love to you!

  38. Janique says:

    Oh MAN!! You are SO good Gabriella!!! WOW and you are SO prompt with responses. I am very thankful I ran into you website. I was listening to your Be You To Full talk radio about the intimate love that can be shared between Twin Flames. Then after I listened to it, I googled “having dreams about twin flame’s childhood” Then I came across this website. We were, indeed supposed to cross paths. I could use a session and I will keep that in mind. Being a grad student and mother limits my time and funds a bit, but when I am ready, I will contacting you personally to work through some things. I just happen to be home sick today and yesterday. That is why I was able to totally immerse myself in your website. I stayed on for hours yesterday.

    I saw a vision of him yesterday. He was looking directly at me and standing in front of me. As Joana mentioned about her Twin relationship, his stare is VERY intense and would overwhelm me when he was actually in my life. Now I am seeing maybe it wasn’t so much his stare, but the connection, period between us that was so intense.

    Thank you so much Gabriella for this work that you are doing.

  39. Olivia says:

    Hi everyone,

    I figured I would share my story if Twin Flames. I met my twin flame when I was in college 1996-1997. I did not recognize him as my twin until last year. I always felt the explained feeling when I saw him up on stage( we are both musicians). I thought that maybe it was a crush I was feeling but throughout the years when his name came up or I saw him on TV, the feeling that I felt back then would emerge again even stronger. When I first met him, he was already in a marriage. He is still with her this day and I am married with children. I know that I was now meant to know who my twin is as back then I may not have been ready for that. My husband does not believe in twin flames but I know he is not at that level yet and I am ok with that. I know that I connect with my twin at night as I remember some of my connections with him. I do believe that we are preparing for our reunion. I believe he has the same unexplained feelings for me but he is unaware of twin flames as well. I know he feels the same as i hear it in his music that he has produced recently. When we have our physical meeting, he will know then what twin flames are and that we are one. God Bless you all!

  40. Joana says:

    My TF and I still going to the same university, but this semester I have classes in another building very far away from his. And I guess our hours are different. Before, we used to see one another at least three times per week. I miss so much him, I wish, I could see him again at least from fare away. I’m sad and many times I have been coming to my home crying, you know driving and crying. Many times I Look carefully around with the hope to see him, but at the same time I still feel scare because I don’t know how to face him. I still feeling and seing him at the astral level. I have just a couple of questions, why the feeling for my TF is growing and growing like a snow ball? And why TFs meet if many times there are so many obstacles between them to be together in the tangible world? Is it about preparation?

  41. Gabriella says:


    You can read my response to your questions here: Every Step is Perfect and in Divine Order for Your Reunion with Your Twin Flame

  42. Joana says:

    Joana Says:
    Gabriella, Thanks so much for your answer, it gave me peace. Yes, I can not see my TF in flesh, but I feel and see him in the astral plane. I feel that he is always with me and we can communicate wonderfully. Yes, I have a lot of personal issues I need to solve in my mind and heart. Becoming more espiritual will help me a lot. I know, I need to look inside of me and look carefully for the answers to all my questions. Thanks for this site, before I was not mentioning to anybody all the changes I have been experienced after meeting my TF. One experience I remember right now for example was: I found him (my TF) in the astral plane and I started blending myself with him, My God! It scare me, so I stopped it, and since then I prefer to keep my body and see his body as we look in the tangible world. I was not ready for this, and I did not what it was about it. Thanks again.

  43. Joana says:

    Christopher, I read your post of 12 Jan. 2012
    You wrote that your TF looks like you, let me tell you my TF looks a little bit like me, his long, to his shoulders, black shiny hair, and he is so fair skin like me and thim but he is taller than me. He looks so healthy. My hair is black too. He tries to cover his face with his hair, for some reason. I used to do that when I was younger. I’m starting my master program, and he is finishing his bachelor degree, I think in one year more he finishes it. I noticed that you wrote something to your TF in case she finds this site? WOW…I always send messages to my TF to read about TFs. The first time I read about soulmates was when I bought a small book in Barnes & Noble Title: Soul Mates by Douglas Pagels, this pocket book comes with a rose quartz heart, which I always carry in my purse. After read this book, I went to the internet and look for more information. Let me tell you that I bought this book before I met my TF, then every thing make sense, this book describe the relation between TFs. Then I look for more info. in the internet, I remember the first thing I read was: Twin Flames Symptoms and it described what I was experienced since meeting my TF. All these information I got and getting from the internet is helping a lot. Maybe some day my TF will read this site.

  44. Christopher says:

    Joana, Yes, my TF’s appearance was the most striking thing to me- she was at once the most supremely beautiful person I’ve ever seen, but her facial structure / hair color / voice were almost identical to my own.

    I realize that sounds vain, but I do not think that highly of my own appearance! In fact, I am frequently mistaken for a woman, though not so much so now that I keep my hair short.

    Also, it is true, partly, that I wrote these posts here in hopes that she would find them. I have only met my TF briefly, and do not know here name, or how to find her. I live in a very big city (2+ million metropolitan area), and am certain she does not live on my side of town- I would have definitely seen her around if so.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, and taking the time to read mine. After reading all the posts here, I am starting to get the sense that this Twin Flame phenomenon is growing exponentially… and this can only mean good things for our collective future.

    Good luck and god bless!

  45. Joana says:

    Christopher, if someday my TF read this site, and read my post where I wrote about the incident of him moving his chair abruptly when I sit by his side, or being in the elevator alone with me. Then, he will know that is me. I only know his name, and he knows my name. He knows, I have a son. He knows my son because I used to bring my son to school many times. I think, he believes I’m a single mother, and it looks like that, I’m always with my son alone, we go on vacation, restaurants, parks, etc. alone only him and me. My soul mate does not enjoys going with us. I got tired to invite him, and he always had excuses, not to be with us. I guess, it is his nature. I don’t wear my wedding ring because I can not weare it any more since my soulmate lied to me. Now, I understand that the reason I was so hurt by my soulmate’s lies was because I thought he was my best friend, and he did not have secrets for me. I never have secrets for him, and I was always telling him the truth. Now, I believe that this was the pain I felt, and not the other way. I mean, that if he comes to me and tells me that he wants to be with somebody else, for me is not problem, he can go. I love him like a brother or friend and I want to see him happy. He is a good man.

  46. Joana says:

    Losthere, The first time I see my TF, was when I went to the office to talk with a professor. I did not find him so I sit in a bench close to the his office waiting for him. Then, I saw this young man pretending doing something there. He walked in the hallway back and forth passing where I was sitting. I just notice that he kept his eyes away from me. I guess, I could smile to him, or say Hi, but he did not make eye contact with me. Then, we starting taking one class, I saw him atractive but I can say now that this was a process, I starting notice that he was nervous when I was close to him, and staring on me frequently. Then, he caught my attention and I started feeling all these confuse things, I was feeling in love with him, I guess. I tought, it was just a crash, ok I tought, if I don’t see him again, this crash will go. But it did not go, and then, I started feeling all this communication, conection, waves of love from him. It was becoming so intense, I could not handle it, and I believe he neither. I just want to tell you that it was like a process, something that was growing and growing. I also, thought about this telephaty communication was product of my imagination, but there are ideas, information that pop up in my mind suddenly. I know that he has a great sense of humor, he was always talking in class, and laughing for funny things. He is out going, ok he seems this way, but I found out that it is not so, he is shy, especially with me. I have sense of humor too, but I’m painfully shy in public, but not with my friends and family. OK, I say this, because, when he communicates with telepathy he make jokes and laught, we laught a lot. In one occasion he communicated with me, I say, “would you married a bum? and I answer to him, I don’t know, I need to see how the the bum looks like first” and he laught a lot. I can feel when he is going to sleep, and when he wake up. I think he is sharing apartment with some people, he is student. He seem to be bother for the lack of privacy.

  47. Sidney says:

    Joanna, I like that you mentioned the humor/joking when you communicate. I would love to hear if Gabriella has some thoughts about spirit and humor. I was asleep early in the morning on Valentine’s Day, when I distinctly heard my TF’s voice in my head wishing me a happy Valentine’s Day. We were laughing and joking about who wished whom a happy Valentine’s Day first. I have to say, it was much better feeling so close and laughing together than any flowers or chocolates (and I’m a chocoholic!)

  48. Joana says:

    Sidney, Yes my TF and I laugh a lot when we meet in the astral plane, WE cry too. There is an agreement between us, I GUESS, if he is sad, I should cheer him up, and viceversa. The telepathy communication is becoming more a more obvious and sharp. At the beginning, I thought it was my imagination, even I thought to go to the sch-doctor. Weeks ago I sensed that my TF got depresed and I sensed that he wanted to enlist in the army, he wants to get kill in the war. I cheer him up. Then, he forgot the idea. But today, something very funny happen, I was so depressed thinking that I will never be together with him, so I should forget all this things, and suddenly almost at the same time I was thinking this, I receive his message: I will enlist myself in the army. No kidding! I could not believe it; then I apologized to him for my negativity, and send him a message that I will never be so negative again, and I will keep the hope that someday we are going to be together. Yes, es a good question for Gabriella. This Valentine Day, I feel my TF very close to me, it was wonderful.

  49. Gabriella says:


    I have had many experiences with my twin flame and my spirit guides/angels with humor. We can get so much into the seriousness of this journey of life and love that we can forget how important it is to laugh, to be aware of the profoundness and closeness that humor provides. One moment I can remember offhand here with my twin was when I was doing some work on my computer in my room, yet I felt his presence. Even though I was aware of his presence, I still continued on working, then the curtain with beads on my bed hit against the wood which caught my attention but again, I kept on working, then I felt a pinch on my nose and realized that it was a piece of hair that was thrown at me, almost like a rubber band (that’s what it felt like!). That was the final thing he needed to do to get my attention, which made me laugh and then I left everything I was doing to connect with him. My twin understands the need to merge humor with the “serious,” yet I do feel that the more we evolve, the more we realize that humor is so much a part of our natural spirit because it’s playful, it’s intimate, and it’s fun. After all, that’s really what we are here for, to have fun.

    In regards to my angels/spirit guides, one example I can recall now to share with you was when I was guided to move to LA in 2007. I remember looking at apartments online and I heard very clearly, “you don’t need an apartment,” which in that moment, I didn’t understand, but it was like they were teasing me. When I moved to LA, I was looking for an apartment and found that they were too expensive, so then I decided to look for rooms for rent and followed all of the signs to a roommate that already had an apartment as I realized that’s what they meant. I was to be looking for a roommate and not an apartment ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, I do feel that humor increases the closeness felt because humor is so much a part of our natural spirits, and it is only the mind/ego that would choose to focus on the seriousness of love and life all the time.

  50. Joana says:

    Christopher, I just recalled that you wrote something about how you wife has been helping you to get better health. My soulmate(husband) has problems with his thyroid. He is on medication, sinse his 35 years. Without his medication he is always tired. But, when I met him his diet was terrible, his levels of cholesterol is a little high and he used to eat pizzas, fast food, and a lot of microwave boxes. Now, he does not eat fast food, pizzas or those boxes. He used to eat cherry pies, he could eat one in three days. I was so scared the way he was eating. Then, I start cooking for him and introducing him to vegetables, it took years to make him change his diet. He used to eat 3 big meals a day. I don’t eat a lot, and tried to eat healthy. To make the history short, now he eats a lot of vegetables, and he has only one big meal a day and breakfast and dinner are light. Obviously, he feels better.

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