How to Know Your Twin Flame

Q. How do I know if someone is my twin flame?

A. There is an inner knowing of who your twin flame is that once you tap into, there is absolutely no doubt. It is not something that you think about, but rather you feel it, and then it becomes a knowing. However, your soul has always known the essence/energy of your twin flame, and your consciousness becomes aware of it through feeling, then understanding. There is a perception within society that you have to get to know someone before you know that you love them and can commit to them. I am here to tell you in the matter of twin flames, this knowledge of who the person is (their deepest desires and how they are, how they feel, etc.) already exists within you. When you see the physical form in front of you, you recognize the soul dwelling within the body, and there is no doubt.

What are some experiences you will have regarding your twin flame? You will begin to have dreams and they may become very detailed, with an energy of someone that you love intensely, offering support, connection and communication. There is depth to the love that you feel for this other that your mind cannot logically explain though it can’t be denied. You are a mirror for each other, what you feel is in alignment, what you are passionate about matches, how you treat others is the same. The energy around you is similar, you will have similar physical features, especially in the eyes. You will have shared many lifetimes together, therefore healing any fears that may have been taken in, together.

You will find that you can read each other’s thoughts, finish each other’s sentences, end up feeling what the other is feeling even when you aren’t in physical contact, know what the other is thinking, be able to deeply read between the lines of the words expressed and communicated. There is this inner depth of emotion to join all of yourself with your twin, all of the aspects of who you are.

Many twins start to become aware of who this person is even before you know what they look like because the truth is that you exist within each other, you are a part of each other, as your twin holds the same vibration as you but balances you. The male and female aspects become one when joining together.

There is an inner knowing of who your twin flame is that once you tap into this, there is absolutely no doubt. Do you feel it right now? Do you remember the energy of the one that you know you are already connected to? Do you have this feeling that when you meet this person, you will just know? If so, where is that knowing coming from? It comes from within you…and yes, you DO already know…have faith in that, trust in it. You will know, and then watch how the feelings are right there along with the knowing.

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  1. sunshine says:

    Have you tried just listen what is coming to you, when you have that feeling of knowing something will happened?! I have that strong feeling in the top of my head and in the middle of the chest (it seems like they are here), like the time stops. I don`t think anything just have that feeling and while i`m “listening” it`s becoming more clearer, i got the answer. I tried to describe that, is something similar with you also?!

  2. Joana says:

    Yes, I have those feelings or ideas that come to me, sometimes are negatives feelings too and I try to erase them from my mind, because I think that they are coming from inside of me, but now I’m thinking that maybe I’m getting these negative feelings from people around me, and they are not from me. Many times in the past I felt guilty for this, but now I can understand it. The other day I called my bank and as soon as I asked the information about my account, and the lady was giving it to me, I felt so uncomfortable and negative feelings came to me, my God, but I soon I hung the phone down eveything was gone. Then, these feeling were not from inside of me, I concluded. I have two dentists (doctors), but I love to go with one of them, because everything around him feels so peaceful, I could not describe it. But even being there at his clinic and just talking with him feel so nice, I think he has many angels around him or something. One of my son’s teacher is like this, around her there is not negativity, everything is nice. Yes, scare me sometimes to have this hypersensitivity. Then, all those long conversation with my TF maybe are not only product of my imagination. Before, I use to see in my mind a big eye open in the middle of my forehead, this feeling last for a couple of days, I thought it was somethings I saw in a science fiction movie. Now, I wonder if this is a third eye everybody has in the forehead, ok I don’t know much about it.

  3. sunshine says:

    I know what it`s like. In the past i had days when getting out of the house was torture, i felt such burden being close to all that people around me. I was blaming myself also, i thought i`m weak or that i bother with nonsenses. After meeting my TF that stoped largely, I guess i learned also on some way to protect myself. I just hate being around some people, it`s not comfortable, sometimes i feel they are too strong for me, energetically, i can`t act normally with them. I feel how my integrity increases, it`s becoming more and more easier.

    That`s why people usually think i`m shy or that i can`t relax, i always need some time to get use to them, i love people and company but i always need that time, only few people in my life doesn`t affect like that on me.

  4. Joana says:

    Yes, I ask to God for forgiviness, because sometimes is so uncomfortable to be close to some people, I can not take it. Thanks God, I can say that I have found few people like this so far. My husband can become like this kind of people when he says painful things to me, and then he said sorry, but it is already too late because he hurt my feelings. Now that I can understand that maybe I’m receiving some negative vibration from people around me then I can protect myself. Yes, meeting my TF in flesh make feel a strong person, when I’m sad or frustrated thinking on him make me changed my mood. I was thinking in my two close friends, from one I have learned to live a simply and happy life and from the other to have faith in the future. I never analized this before.

  5. sunshine says:

    When you mentioned the forgiveness from God…before my TF, i was in such a guilt beacuse of that feelings that i had, and all my life i was feeling something special inside me, but i was blaming myself, i thought that i`m too egoistic thinking like that,i have to be like other people…but i`m not, i function on different ways, i see things on different ways, things behind curtains…and that`s me, and that is not wrong…my TF opened my eyes, when i realised that i finally accepted myself completely…for the first time in my life i feel so free, i`m not blaming myself for having that feelings, they are part of me, they always were. i was in denial my whole life…i was actually sad that to him, about this feelings and he sad to me why i`m so blaming myself…i felt such comfort.

  6. Joana says:

    I felt the same way, I thought I was a bad person because I wanted to be far away from some people. I can feel when people is depresed too, if he/she is my family or friend I try to sheer them up, but if I can not do it; I need to be a little far away from them. My husband has those moments that nothing can sheer him up, and it difficult to be around him when he is with that mood. Absolutely, my TF made see the world diffently and accept my self how I’m too. But there is days like today, that I can not stop longing him.

  7. sunshine says:

    I know that mood, my roommate/best friend has them very often, and even though she realised them when they come, she just can`t escape them…i used to do that, i hated myself whn i was like that when i`m with her…now i know that is a pure ego or i just learned how not to pick up all that emotions from her. I am in those days when i`m totaly confused…i`m very busy in the past few days and i feel that detachment from myself and my TF, but there are steel those signs, but like i don`t perceive them, my mind is to occupied…i just want to say to him what is going on in my life, i need his thoughts and opinions…

  8. Joana says:

    You are lucky because you can see your TF and talk with him. I wish I could do the same. I least I would like to know what he is doing. It seems that the only time I don’t think in my TF is when I’m sleeping, because I as soon as open my eyes he is in my mind until when I go to sleep at night, unbelievable!!! I have been so busy too (it is the end of the school semester), but I find myself all the time thinking on him. Is this going to be all the time? That is my question. It sounds and looks like obsesion, but I think an obsesion is something wrong like a mental illness. Thinking in my TF make me feel happy and alive. I have not been remember my dreams, so I don’t know if my TF is on them.

  9. sunshine says:

    Yes, but i wish when we could have normal conversation…we talked only that ones time, after 8 months. i know i need to let go all this 3D fatigues, and i do, but sometimes i within 1 hour things changes…usually what cause that is something with my roommate, it`s so hard sometimes, i`m feeling like i am in some kind of magic circule and i/we don`t know how to get out…before all this started (before 2 years ago) with my awakening we were so much alike, now…i`m sad and scared in the same time. Tonight i almost said my other best friend ( with her i`m very spiritual alike) what is going on in my life, with that dreams, and that i know sometimes what will happen…i only gave her an indication and she felt scared…i just can`t tell this to anyone…i`m so gratful that i found this site, i just feel crazy sometimes, like a torture

    and yes…i woke up with him and go to sleep with him, we live together 24/7. at first months i thought that is obssesion, i have to move one, he is not a part of my life anymore…but even then i wasn`t trapped with thinking on him or all that other thoughts…i colud live normally, only thing that i didn`t understand was that biiig feeling of longing,i was feeling it in my chest, i cried a lot…and it wasn`t superficial like i thought at first, because of that he left me…i wanted his soul, his mind, i didn`t have any of that egoistic or break up feelings, or wanted to get even with…that is the difference, i just let him go…

    it`s so hard to carry all this changes sometimes, like today…

  10. Joana says:

    Never crosses for my mind the idea to tell anybody about TF relationships not even to the priest of my church, no way! first thing they will think for sure that It is a crisis I’m suffering. Yes, sometimes I want to go back the way I was before meeting my TF, and being happy with the things used to make me happy. Now I feel in the middle of a bridge, I mean crossing the bridge; and I don’t know how long this bridge will be, this scare me. My questions are, Am I going to be able to be in the other side of this bridge some day? How things will be then?. Sorry, I’m talking in a metaphorical way, but it feels like that. On the other hand, I think on him (my TF) I would like to know how is he handling this meeting with me? Is he ignoring all this? I’m not sure of that, I feel when he is sad, crazy?, but I can feel it. Yes, I notice too that some family and friends don’t like to talk with me anymore, maybe because they have noticed my changes which does not agree with them. Myself, I feel that some people just don’t agree with me either. Thank God, I found this site.

  11. sunshine says:

    Me neither…about that friend, i wanted to tell her what is going on with me, i can`t imagine to tell her what`s maybe the cause of it (my TF) or anything about him. I don`t need somebody else opinion,confirmation about this anymore. like i needed in the beginning. I just feel that her or anyone else couldn`t understand and i don`t want to fight with that. Feel free to speak metaphorically it`s easier and i thin that way too.

    And yes, about that bridge…i had a period, when i was so calm, days were passing so slow, i just colud enjoy, i colud feel that peace…now is not that much differente, but i feel that rush…i know that i can`t influence on time, i`m not trying to, but it`s just that feeling to know now, what is on the other side of the bridge, like you said.

  12. Joana says:

    Did you watch the video Gabriella’s link at My Twitter Feed I leave you with this before bed…when you are laying down, unwinding this eve, let this energy accompany you. about 13 hours ago

    It is great. I don’t know if you feel dizzeness, I feel it sometimes, I’m eating healthy, and I noticed that I’m rejecting unhealthy food. Also, I don’t watch tv, because it just too much violence on it.

  13. Gabriella says:


    You can read my response to your question here: Doubt comes from the mind and truth comes from your heart

  14. sunshine says:

    I started to watch then something interrupted me…i have to listen it again when i`m alone, it`s hard with a roommate.
    About dizzeness…yes,i feel it almost every day,most of the time it really suprise me, but i thought it`s beacuse of the weather, it`s spring and temperatures are very unusual, so i can`t tell. How to even know what causes what? but in the past two years i really have a lot of problems with my body, i never had to worry so much about it like now, it`s really annoying sometimes, like everything poped on my head aka body. it is never something too serious but when i heal one thing, something else appears.

  15. Joana says:

    I feel that sensation too, especially when I’m close to water. There is a beautiful fountain which run as a river on campus, I love it, but pasing close by it make me feel dizzy. I thought it was because I see the water running. I’m suspecting that the encounter with the energy of my TF did something to my body. This video, I mention, answer many questions to me, especially about the sensation I have of being walking in a shaky bridge, without the possibility to go back where I used to be.

  16. sunshine says:

    I wish i know more about this body changes or maybe energy changes…i know some facts but i don`t understand them quite. Everything around us have energy and we influence on each other, sometimes i`m very confused about that. about that body changes, people around me started to notice that something`s really happening with me in this past two years and i hate when they start to sorry me, awful feeling…i don`t want to fight with their fears when i don`t have mine, i really needed to learn how to deal with people and that pressure.

    Do you feel lately that you don`t have to work much anymore to feel the connection with your TF in every moment? Lately i can feel in my mind also, that this connection becomes normal to me on some way, i can`t explain. I steel have that moments of disbelief, but not so deep anymore, like they are just passing through.

  17. Joana says:

    No, I don’t do any effort he is just there, somewhere in this site Grabriella wrote something about how even we can feel our TFs. I’m kind of shy and I’m thinking to have a coach session with her because I can feel him at nights or in the mornings close to me. Unbelievable, sometimes I think that I’m crazy. This is the reason, I keep reading more and more about TF relationships. My husband sees me as his friend or sister, it is funny, if he sees me that I’m wearing a pretty dress, or I just changed my hair style, he does not notice it or make any nice commentary about it. I used to feel sad for this reason, but since I met my TF in the fall of 2010, it does not matter to me anymore. I will take a class next semester right there where my TF is taking his classes, and I started to feel nervous, thinking whta I will do if I see him around. I’m afraid that he and I can not handle the magnetism between us. It is amazing to me that since I met him I have been experiencing many changes including the way I see the world and my way of thinking, or my phylosophy about life. I’m sure my husband has seen those changes. I used to be impatient and worry about small things. I used to be in hurry, now I feel that I have slowed down. I used to abuse my body in the way that I always was overworking in each project I was involved and reducing my sleep hours. I used to feel exhausted and I did not care, I keep working and demanding more more from myself. I stopped doing that. The only commentary a friend made about me was according to her that I look joyful.

  18. Joana says:

    I have moments of disbelief too, especially when I feel that he is sending me his love, I think that it is product of my imagination. But if I’m sending my love to him, then it is logical that he does the same. I guess?

  19. sunshine says:

    Yeeees, i was like you, the SAME, about this worying, impatience, overworking, demanding more and more…now i just enjoy, but truly, nothing on this world is not worth of my health or anything else. i finally live like i always wanted, now it`s part of me, i`m not deceiving myself that i do that, i really live that way, it`s amazing…he helped me to break through.

    Oo yes, about feeling him in the morning and at night, it`s like he`s lying beside me and i just lay my head on his shoulder. This is such a strong feeling, i know he is there and sometimes i have the same strong urge to touch my neck, it`s strange, like i don`t do that with my hand. Also, now i went home for a weekend, i`m away from him and i always feel him more then, why is that?

    I know how you feel about seeing your TF again. Try to take that as practice, try to aware what you feel in that moment when you meet him or while you close to him. i feel on some way that we need to synchronise our energies…i think we do that also while we are apart, so when we meet them, every time we took some energy from them to us to work on it, maybe that`s why we need that time to “recover” we processing something. Since i took that encounters like practice it`s easier, even though that energy always suprise me, it`s so strong.

  20. Joana says:

    I know, the physical distance between my TF and I is helping to process all this in my mind. Yes, I believe that something happen when we are close to our TFs, and yes we need that time to recover from that something. I wish, I could understand more about it. Yes, I feel him laying close to me too. Usually in the right side, I feel his arms around me too. Tell me about it, yes it is sooooo strong. I used to be worry of what is going to be happen with us(my TF and I) in the future. Now, finally I let everything on God hands and his divine plan. I just would like to tell him that I love him so much.

  21. Gabriella says:


    I would welcome the chance to share intimately with you in a session. I am sure that it would benefit you tremendously and shed much more light on your relationships, with both your soul mate and twin flame. Sending you love in each moment until that time we connect.

  22. Joana says:

    Thanks Gabriella, I can’t wait to talk with you. Sunshine hi! hope everything is fine.

  23. sunshine says:

    hey Joana, thanks for asking, you are really nice :). i`m fine, but really fine…i`m so peacful lately in my heart, i was just enjoying…i was just thinking how i didn`t write here for a few days and something was missing :). i can`t describe how God, univers, is so big and wonderful, every time he suprise me how he is alwasy with me and leads me. It`s amazing how every time when i need something or just need to fullfil my soul a little more, some persone will show up and say just the right thing. It`s so many people around us and in the world that are on their missions, discovering them selfs and this blog just confirme that. When i read this posts and talk with that people that came into my life, everything has sense. I`m just happy today…hope i can send you a little bit of this feeling, know that we are all together. How are you, have you seen your TF lately?

  24. Joana says:

    Here, enjoying the last days of spring in my area before the unbereable summer starts. I did not see my TF around campus, but coincidence, I have seen some of his friends and professors. There is a student female in that deparment that always comes to school with an umbrella and a hat with flowers on it, every single day. I saw her yesterday. He (my TF) is always in my mind though, the TC is becoming intense.

  25. sunshine says:

    me too, it`s so beautiful, every single day, spring is my favourite time. hihi yes, when i don`t see my TF for long time i always bumps on his best friend very often, but today i saw my tf, he threw some joke to me, i felt like i child again and my left hand started to shake, i didn`t think anything, aaaa oh my God hahaha, but i`m full of energy the whole day. i just can`t act normal. when i`m imagining us i usually see us just lying beside each other and doing nothing, just feeling each other, i could do that my whole life with him, i don`t need words with him…but in 3D doesn`t go this way. about the connection, yes, it`s becoming more intense and so peacful, we live together every day. ah, i just want to tell him sometimes what i feel and know, i think that he knows something too, but i`ll just conitune to pray

  26. sunshine says:

    i was just thinking something today…i bumped on my TF two times in the last month and every time we spoked a little and after that (i see that now) i have to confront with myself in a way, that all that i realized so far need conformation, like a test…he pushes me to face with myself and all that i feel and know. i met him yesterday and today i`m so confused, i can`t explain, this is the second time that happened. i feel that i have to input all my inner world to 3D world, connect this two worlds truly, without any fear or heasitation, i thought that i`m doing that…i did but not enough obviously.

  27. Joana says:

    I can spend my whole life just hugging him (my TF) without getting tired or bored. Yes I feel him laying close to me. Now, I feel him so close to me every moment, day and night that It feels like we are living together?!, so? What is going to happen if some day I see him in the 3D? True, he makes me face my reality and troubles in my life; maybe it is one of the reason I want to see him and at the same time I don’t want to see him in the 3D world.

  28. sunshine says:

    Yes, i think that`s the reason, you said it right. i think there`s fear involved again, but i`m always trying to beat it, i just don`t want him anymore in my life, i want to be free truly. lately i feel that something is going to happen, i can`t tell what, but i feel that fear also, like everything is melting into reality, into one spot, i meant this when i said it that he pushes me to something…and yes i feel him so much, we live together every day and night, it`s so normal to me. is this maybe happening on the global level?!

  29. Joana says:

    Yes, I feel that some force is pulling me to some place, I don’t know where, with him(my TF)? I suspect that something is going on.

  30. James says:

    I knew my twin flame when i first saw his face. People have actually said that we look alike or resemble. Its a connection that only you have to experience. I dont think he knows what a twin flame. I have not told him about the term. I am so glad to have this forum to talk to people about this. I can only say that there is a deep connection that I cannot explain. There is a feeling that they will always be in my life. I have a question. Does anyone else feel the pull of the twin flame. In what part of the body do you feel it?

  31. Joana says:

    Yes, when I used to be close to him (my TF) I felt this pull, in one occasion I followed him without thinking, then I was so embarrass. What do you mean when you ask: In what part of the body do you feel it? I’m also so glad for this site. Do you look like your TF?

  32. sunshine says:

    i feel it in my chest, right in the middle and sometimes in my stomach, i feel some kind of excitement, mixed with nervous,usually when i`m going to meet him, but the most of the time where my heart is…it feels like it`s bigger and i feel so much energy for life from there.

  33. Sidney says:

    I feel pressure in the center of my chest…not so much a pull. I find myself breathless, taking deep breaths to make more room.

  34. sunshine says:

    yes it`s like a pressure and sometimes it`s so big that i want to open my chest and let it out, like my body is to small for it.

  35. Joana says:

    I used to felt that pressure on my chest, breathless, and weakness in my body when I knew I would see my TF. According what I read on Gabriella’s blogs I could understand that meeting our TFs and the exchange of energy between us goes beyond our physical bodies and all this is our bodies’ reaction. Is there another explanation?

  36. sunshine says:

    this explanation have sense to me too, i think that`s it. do we adopte with time on this? maybe how we become more synchronise it`s easier to our bodies too?! i see that on myself,with my own body, it`s probably with our TFs too, when we are together with each other. I remember how i told my friend, while i was with my TF, how i`m so nervous when we are going to meet, how i didn`t felt like this since i was a childe and she told me: how this colud be, well you are going to meet for fifth time, how you can be nervous still…i didn`t get that niether, i thought that i`m immature…now i know 🙂

  37. Joana says:

    My question is: Even if I’m not able to see my TF in the tangible world, Are we doing some work in the synchronisation of our energies? I mean, from the physical distance TFs exchange energy or information?
    Sometimes I feel that the physical separation from my TF is doing its work. Before even in my dreams, I could not see into the eyes of my TF, now if I find him in my dreams, I have not problem, I can see into his eyes. Maybe is it a silly question?

  38. Sidney says:

    Sunshine, I am laughing. I’m still nervous when I meet my TF, even after 3 years! I have to consciously calm down my energy around him. I find it so much easier if we are doing something active together, like going for a walk.

  39. James says:

    I feel it in my chest and sometimes in my stomach. Almost like butterflies. We do look alike in someways. Even though I have not seen him in almost a year, there is this unspoken connection, a kinship… brother,cousin,friend ,lover.. a twin..LOL. In one of the few encounters that we spent together, he exclaimed, ” it feels like I have been knowing you for years!!!( he not knowing about TF). I agreed. Can anyone else try to explain the knowing feeling? Does anyone else think about their twin flame practically everyday?

  40. James says:

    Also, I remember the feeling of talking to my TF flame on the phone before we met and when I would take my morning walks, the whole world seem to open up. The flowers seem to speak to me and poetry would flow from me easily. In addition, after we met, I can remember on two occasions when I got sick on my stomach. I was confused and embarrassed because that doesn’t normally happen. In addtion, my body has gone through many changes/ challenges.I lost weight After speaking to him after seperation ( not speaking for about 5 months,which was for me a living hell) he had mentioned that he had lost weight. I asked him how much he weighed… we weighed the same.

  41. sunshine says:

    Sidney, yees, hihi…i always wanted to do something with him beacuse it was easier like you said, but he, on the contrary, loved to watch me and obesrve, i loved that too but it was too much to carry sometimes, i just wanted to do “normal” things with him…like i said,now i know why.

    Joana i think that synchronization happen by it`s self when we align with our self, both of us…that`s why i think, when we both accomplish certain things with our selfs the synchronisation will increase and accelerate and bring us together, it`s just matter of time and are progress.

  42. Joana says:

    James, I remember that after being for a while close to him (my TF), I used to calm down and then It was when I felt that I was in heaven, so peaceful, I can not explain it with words. When I did not see him anymore, I lost weight too, and I’m a thin person. I could not eat, I mean, I did not have taste for food. Then I noticed the change on my diet, now I eat organic, drink a lot of water and I just eat what I need, no more. I used to like to eat sometimes a piece of cake, now I don’t care for it, my body reject too much sugar, and salt on food. People have told me that I look younger. I never talked with my TF, it was too much between us, I wanted just to break the ice between us, but I could not do it. When I used to be close to him and I could say Hi! I was paralized and then he run away. Or viceversa, when he got close to me I was scared. I found myself running away from him too. Now, with this separation, things have come to my mind, for example: a day after a tornado was close to my area, I found him in the elevator, and I sense that he was sending me a message by TC : “Were you scared last night?” When I felt or heard this message I just turn my head a little bit to see him. No kidding! Now, I realized that there was TC communication between us. I guess “the knowing thing” for me was the inmediate love I felt for him, SCARE ME A LOT. How I could love somebody this way, if I only know his name? Yes, my TF is ALWAY IN MY MIND THE 7/24.

    Sunshine, I don’t understand what is this alignment about, this means becoming more esperitual? I read what Gabriella said, the more we find our pasion to serve humanity the more we are in frequency with our TF, ok it is how I understand this alignment.

  43. sunshine says:

    Yes i thought this too, more spiritual, each of us do his work and then we come together, that`s how i see this. i was always imagining how i`ll do something meaningful for this world and people with my love some day and when i met my TF and saw that he has that aspirations too i couldn`t believe, he used the same sentence like i did when i was thinking about this. i just want him beside me, it`s not anymore that i need him in my life, i want him in my life to walk with me…that would be beautiful.

  44. Joana says:

    That is beautiful what you said. Me too, I just want to know about my TF and be his friend.

  45. James says:

    Joana, thank you so much for responding. I can say it enough about how grateful I am to have this site to talk this. Many times for me it feels like I being obsessive, thinking about them 24/7. But I also go back to the feeling whenever my doubt creeps in. Yes, I I remember the feeling of being at home when ever we hugged. Like I could actually breathe. I think that is what I miss the most. Holding each other and holding hands. Gosh I wish I could explain the feeling!!! Also, we are very ying and yang. I think he is the direct opposite of me. However, we understand each at the core. Thats the part that is so amazing. It goes without saying. and ultimately that is what comforts me when I think about not seeing him.

  46. Gabriella says:


    You can read my response here: Be Love and Be Loved as You See Love in All That Is

  47. Em says:


    I think T/Flames is a female/male thing. especially as it’s a balancing of the feminine – Masculine. Although, soulmates can be same sex i’ve read in other articles though.

  48. Sidney says:

    I don’t agree with Em about TF’s being only male/female. Complementary energies, yes, but this doesn’t mean opposite genders. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to hear of numerous same-gender Twin Flames because TF love is about unconditional love. Expecting only male/female TF couples is imposing conditions on love and antithetical to Spirit.

  49. Gabriella says:

    Twin flames are male/female, and by that, I mean complimentary male and female energies. If you observe same sex couples, you can see that one has more dominant male energy and one more dominant female energy. The merging/balancing of masculine/feminine energies occurs within each twin flame and then the physical merging of both together happens. I am glad you brought this up Em as it is something I shall be discussing in this next book. What Sidney said is true in that if we were to say that in order for you to be with your twin flame, you would have to be a male and a female is creating conditions on the expressions of love, however, more so than that, at this time on Earth, twin flames have chosen to break down all the barriers of separation to bring us all into the truth of unconditional, eternal love and union. As I stated in the excerpt from my book, The Truth of Unconditional Eternal Love and Union, there are no conditions, restrictions, limitations, judgment on love. If one perceives there is, then it is in the disguise of love, but not true love. One way that twin flames will be showing this is by uniting as same sex couples and many more – age differences, race differences, religious differences, geographical gaps, status differences, even one in spirit while the other is in physical form. The purpose of this is to show the love despite all of the perceived differences and limitations placed upon it, because all of those conditions were there in the vibration of separation – to keep us thinking, believing, feeling and acting in ways to keep us separate from each other and from experiencing love as we are guided. It is time to let all of it go, so we can individually and collectively move into the vibration and truth of union, which has always been. It’s just a massive remembrance that union has always been, as we see what union really is, and we release all of the illlusions that take us away from the truth of it.

  50. Teo says:

    I dunno. I am so confused. The soul is an energy, therefore I believed it could possess traites carried on by experiences, but it was NOT a gender, it has no penis or vagina, just simply a more dominant and masculine figure over a feminine one.

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