Running Away From the Twin Flame

Q. Do twin flames often push you away and leave you parting w/cold words and distance?

A. Can this happen when you encounter your twin flame? Yes, if there is unhealed parts of individual karma. It is important to know that when you encounter your twin flame in the physical (even before the physical), you will be confronted with all the pieces of yourself, since your twin is the clearest mirror for you of who you are. The goal of the twin flame journey is about service and moving deeper into the vibration of unconditional love. If you experience words that you may perceive to be “cold” and “distance,” this is an opportunity for you to see what beliefs, emotions are there for you to observe. This is a chance for you to know that underneath words that can be considered “cold,” is love. Many times words can be expressed that don’t feel as though they are coming from love as it may be something that is coming up for the person who is expressing them…and that most of the time, it doesn’t have anything to do with you…however, when you are receiving such from your twin, it is a chance for you to move deeper in unconditional love. Love yourself and love your twin through the process – and notice what is coming up within you that might need healing. You are loved and you are able to give love in the deepest sense.

There can be fear that comes up when one is presented with their twin flame…and that fear can come out in such behavior as you mention above. Where does the fear come from? It comes from a place of being wary or a bit concerned with being in such a vulnerable state, a transparent space of being seen for all that you are…for you cannot hide away from your twin. You are called to love all of yourself as you love your twin, like a seesaw, as they both go hand in hand. As you love yourself more, the love for your twin naturally rises because you see your beauty reflected in your twin and your twins beauty reflected in you. If the twin does leave or “run away,” then the twin who is being left is called to understand that that free will choice of not moving into physical union is just that, a choice, and it doesn’t change the profound love that you share and hold for one another – unconditional love for your twin brings you to the place of accepting whatever your twin decides in any moment, knowing that your physical separation does not mean that you are separated. Your souls and spirits are connected way beyond your physical bodies and you can elevate your vibrations and co-create together regardless of whether you are sharing direct contact in your lives.

May you connect to the truth of the eternal love that is present within you for you as well as your twin for in that love, you move closer in the vibration of unconditional love with your twin.

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88 comments on “Running Away From the Twin Flame
  1. Majella says:

    Hi Gabriella,
    Firstly thanks so very much for all the wonderful work you do and for the information you impart so readily at this important time. You words have offered my solace on countless occasions, have helped me understand what is happening to me, and also have (somewhat!) helped me that I am not going completely mad!
    I truly believe in my heart that I met my soul mate this summer. I was rather shocked and if I’m honest a bit scared of the intensity of the meeting and long story short we did not end up speaking to each other for the brief time we met. It’s a rather long story but I actually became aware of him before we met and now really just want to be with him all the time. I understand what you mean when you say that twin flames are never really apart but he lives in a different country, I can’t stop thinking about him and worry a times that the fear I felt (and maybe he felt too) the day we met may mean we will not meet again. What are your feelings about this?

  2. Michael (Rachel) says:

    Aloha Gabriella,

    Greetings and good evening! It’s about 10:30 p.m., Saturday evening. Yes let’s proceed please our session for Thursday November 3 12pm.Thank you my sister for your beloved helping hand to reach out to me! I believe we are sisters even in past lives and in soul, definitely! Yes, I am and always have been in total pain longing for my twin flame D since I have left his store on October 2010 and since I was still at his work during the times he had try to push me away. For the past year, every single breaths I take, every seconds, every minute, my mind and my soul longs and cant seem to destroy D from the top of my head to my deepest emotions. I wish I wasn’t the one who was lit up in this twin flame relationship, as I’m the intuitive one and the one who knows the truth. It hurts, yes, and I see the visions of our physical reunion, but living in the moment to where I am fully lit up in this twin flame is extraordinarily painful just as I am a lost soul longing for my other half in the tunnel. It takes a skill or practice to put it into motion. My life is incomplete and will be incomplete until he really comes in my life. All the 30 different psychics that have walked with me said of our twin flame connection (past life and even more) and the future visions of our eternal unconditional physical reunion. I have set my affirmations, sometimes, the human side takes control. Aside from us looking almost closely alike except he’s 6ft taller and I’m 5;6 of a female size although I am transitioning, mirrors exactly the similarities and reflections. I have prayed to take this away, this pain, this longing for D my twin flame, but the fire won’t quench. So many signs keep triggerng and bringing him up to my mind and soul. It’s like there could be a million possible men out there and sure as heck I could forget about them. But with D, it’s different. I can’t push forward without him. I’ve had crushes before with other attracted men, and sure I can live my life without them, but with D, it’s so deep that I’m stuck. It hurts sister. Every night, I cry and stare at the moon thinking of D, just as the song from Bruno Mars “Talking to the Moon.” Even tonight, I’m in pain asking the Angels and the Universe for divine help. I’ve tried to head out of town, but I can’t, D is in my head. Even passing by his city location to get into my endocrinologist in San Franciso via Freeway, I feel in pain, because D comes up always persistently. Oh my Universe, why does it have to be me the one whose lit up. Please say a prayer for me Gabriella I am in so much pain. Thank you

  3. Gabriella says:

    Majella, you can read the response to your question here: Releasing Fears and Increasing Self Love to Welcome in Twin Flame Reunion

  4. Me too says:

    Michael (Rachel),

    I just want to say that I feel the same as you. I can’t get my twin out of my mind no matter how hard I try. I think of him constantly. I hope this means that he is always thinking of me too. I can’t seem to focus on anything else. This isn’t some crush because I have know this guy for 20 years, but we haven’t seen each other for 18 years, although we have been back in touch recently. Time and distance have NOT faded my love for him. I, too, get signs that there is some connection here with him and I. But I am the one who is enlightened and he is not. Maybe one of my purposes here is to awaken him.

  5. M says:

    Oh man… Its been 26 years since I found my twin. We have recently gotten back in touch. I have signs as well that he feels the same. Nothing concrete. Its never concrete. But subtle. He shows up every 12 years.. We saw eachother for 20 minutes 2 months ago and now he is running like the devil again..typical behavior.. He runs.. Then creeps forward again. So frustrating. But either way i love him.. Just have to wait.

    Tip.. Dont overwhelm your twin with talk of your feelings. It just makes them trip out and run faster. Just take thier signs as knowledge that they feel your love for them.. Because in truth, they do.

  6. elizabeth says:

    i came across this because i think i met my twin flame, who then pushed me away. our meeting was accidental and improbable. it was intense, and then he wanted to be alone. its been six months and i have an intense feeling of homesickness. incredible homesickness. is this how you feel when you lose a flame? ive been brokenhearted, but this does not feel like that. i am spiritually awakened. though he is spiritual, he is not awakened. we tried not communicating, but he would come back to talk. some days i try to give unconditional love, other days im intensely jealous of the time he gives to others. i feel like the only thing i know for sure is that i have to love him, even though my human characteristics boil to the top, and want things for me. i hate this because i have no idea if he’ll come back, but i also could never give up. do i pray for him? try to remove his blocks? sigh

  7. Princesa says:

    This year in May marks 10 years since I met my twin flame. It wasn’t love at 1st sight by a long shot; I never even planned to call him. He handed me his phone number and from the first touch we both saw a bright light and every person around us froze in their tracks. We still talk about that happening to this day. From that point on standing in the middle of the airport our souls connected and we were kidnapped by love. He was moving from NC to FL and I was moving from FL back to NC. We lived 2 hours from each other nearly all our life and never once met. We have seen each other a hand full of times about every 2 years, for no more than a few hours each encounter. All eyes are always on us because we exude such radiance. In public we become so enthralled in one another, it’s as if no one else is around. We used to talk on the phone every single day but we began to experience separation anxiety, which started to effect our every day lives. I am fortunate that we are both enlightened and understand this is a spiritual bond well beyond our control. His mere existence has taught me to love and seek the beauty of everything around. We didn’t choose to love each other so we are now able to just go with the flow. We know even after 10 years it’s time for us to reunite but still not time to be together, which is the case in many twin flame relationships. Ironically this year is approaching 2 years since the last time we saw each other, so I have faith we will at least meet again soon.

  8. yt8y8 says:

    I understand the pain I have lost my twin flame too and she is leaving my city soon to live in london, I am so frustrated I know she loves me but we seem to get nowhere every time we talk or see each other, I can feel her love surounding me every day but sometimes I wonder if im just insane or if its just an obsession or a delusion, I dont think I will ever see her again in the physical in this life but who knows,im glad I found This blog and it has helped to explain a lot of her actions and I suppose sometimes twins do things that do not make sense but to us but it must be for a reason and I suppose that reason is often very painfull why she has done this I have no idea but I cant do a thing about it so I have to accept it and know I will be with her one day

  9. Lionsheart says:

    Yes, I have had that too, but her and I may have had some fear, but she is the one that pushes me away. I experienced and aware of this deep soul love for her and she never tells me what she thinks other than puts up walls between us, keeps ehr distance, but she asks me into her life to share experiences of healing and spiritual discussion. Other than that she keeps pushing me away and i have endured this for three years.

    I love her enough that I would die for her in a heartbeat it it meant giving her more life, but when she pushes me away, it breaks my heart n the deepest levels possible.

    are we meant… are all of us meant to come together in the end?

  10. Joana says:

    When I used to be in the same room with my TF, he always was hidding himself from me or sitting in a place more far away from me. Only a couple of times he looked to be close to me (then I got so nervous). OK, I started to believe that he hate me or I made him feel so uncomfotable. The truth is, now I believe that he is not ready for this TF experience or even he does not know what it is going on. I Still thinking that maybe he believes, I’m only a crash. I kind of understand it because I felt the same way.. I believe, he needs time and space as well as me.

  11. Gabriella says:

    Hello Lionsheart!

    I feel the pull of your heart and the intensity of emotions flowing through, as this journey brings such strong feelings of the deepest love out of us and into us!! This is absolutely a journey of self discovery, of self love, spiritual growth within and of self/beyond self, which is intended to bring us more profoundly into the depth of love within us and beyond form. This twin flame love defies all limitations and goes beyond any attempts at limiting it, and it creates a deeper desire to want to give of the love that we are, for in giving out love, we receive it more! So, in answering your question…are all twin flames who are aware of each other meant to come together in the end?! Well, every twin flame, individually and together, have chosen ahead of incarnation what their journey on their own (as 1’s) and together (as 11 – two 1’s coming together creating an extension of their oneness) is…which is why it is so important to continue to go within, to remember your soul intentions with each step that you take, knowing that you are always guided, and the signs to point you are there and will continue to come, to surround you. I can say that if you are aware of your twin and have met, then there is something that you have planned to heal, something that you have planned to create together, and to bring that healing, that deeper love (within you, within her, and within you both) into the world…and how you go about doing this, you will know as you go along, as you let your heart and each moment guide you. Within that, knowing that you are connected, you are loving beyond your physical form, and that love has never forsaken you for it could never forsake you. It is there continuously awaking you, awaking you into the truth of deep, unconditional, divine love that always is. Sending both of your hearts so much love…you’re not alone on this journey. Hang in there…keep feeling love, giving love, even if you feel there are walls…love always is, love always loves. Each time you notice distance or a wall, it is there for you to move deeper into love within yourself and extending it to others around you while allowing yourself to receive that love back, and then extending it forth to your twin again…this is a neverending beautiful circle of love increased for ALL. Lots of love to you!!!

    Also, I think that it might benefit you to read this for further insight into twin flame love and service: Being in Love and Sharing Your Completeness

  12. beth says:

    A year ago I met my twin flame and knew this from the start after several months of just talking. The feelings I had were unbelivable and a huge value of unconditional love surrounded us by both learning from each other. Yes in just a fairly short time with her she feared the truth of what love was and with that she ran . I did something I’m not proud of but with shattered heart and left so very hurt. I have heard no more from her sadly to say . I can’t seem to leave this period of my life because of the beauty I had with her I just hope that in the short wonderful time we shared together she felt the same . I do hope that seeing my love for her was nothing short honest . I pray that maybe one day she will see what my heart and soul was all about . <3

  13. Angelo says:

    Happy Day Everyone,
    I just wanted to say that I AM grateful for all of your experiences being discussed here. I really needed to hear that I AM not the only soul going through such pain at this time. Is there anything wrong with not wanting to do anything but just be with and near your twin even without speaking? Is there anything wrong with not having any passions, dreams or desires other than to be with your twin? I feel as if I AM not supposed to do anything without her although she has moved on and has distanced herself and does not wish to be with me or see me. There is so much fear and ego between us and yet all I long for is to pour out all my heart and soul to loving her with all the unconditional Love I have for her.

  14. Delphina says:

    Dear Angelo,

    how sweet to find an angel here this morning! I am very grateful to you and also to kay for letting us all know that all we are writing here is touching so many quiet readers as well. I know this, too, because I have been one of those quiet readers as well for many months and I am so grateful to Gabriella for creating this safe haven for twinflames, which is protected so much by the angels and all loving forces of the heavens.

    I can relate so very well to all you’re saying and feel just the same. And there is nothig wrong with any of your feelings. There is never anything wrong with what we feel. I think it is so very important to have your strange and new feelings validated, which is what a place like this does. I mean we all have encountered this strange or let’s say: this new situation, which in normal life people just don’t know about and so we can’t share with them as deeply. They will simply not understand. And to say the truth: if anybody had told me some years before what I would feel like, I would have thought they had gone mad! So I can very well understand that whoever hasn’t experienced the twin flame love can not fully grasp it.

    What really sounds exactly like what is in my heart is this sentence:
    “I feel as if I AM not supposed to do anything without her although she has moved on and has distanced herself and does not wish to be with me or see me.”

    Yes, this is exactly how I am experiencing it as well … really this “I am not supposed to …”. I have a very clear and strong feeling in my heart that my way in all of this is to go through this life *with* her (no matter what she does on the 3D level).
    And what’s more: every time I am about to lose this feeling because of the obstacles in 3D-life, something happens: I am getting a strong reminder by the angels, somebody is writing the words that touch my heart so very deeply I cannot go on with denying my inner knowledge, I am getting a phone call or something else happens just to keep me on track, on this so unattainable looking track of life *with* my twin.

    Here’s what helps me: I *can* be with her in my heart any time I want. I *can* feel her there, I *can* feel her love, I can do all things in life *with* her as long as she is in my heart.
    It’s like in 3D life when you are married to someone and maybe have a mission together, like say you have a business together or something like this, and during the day you may not do everything together, but she goes here, you go there, but everything both of you are doing is under this goal that unites you and both of you are doing something in order to forward your mission/business. In your heart you are together because you are both doing the things you are doing for the same goals.
    I sometimes think of it like that, with the difference that this day of spending time without each other and of not seeing each other is so much longer than an actual day, but with thoughts like this is is easier for me to go through the day.
    And I know as well deep in my heart that every night the twinflames are reunited and are sleeping peacefully next to each other, guarded by sweetest angels and soft loving energies. I have read this in a book once and I believe it to be true. Funny, dear Kay, that you wrote something about dreams … just this night I had a dream full of sweet love and asked myself whether it was her and me in this dream … So I would love to know Gabriella’s answer to your question as well 😉

    And while some may think this may be wishful thinking or just romantic stuff feeling your beloved twinflame in your heart and going through the time with her, I believe that this may be actually where twinflame love can take us like no other can and I think this might be the key to happiness when twins are running … and even more I think it might be what brings healing for both twins.

    Because all the pain comes in the end from separation. This is true for all life and the whole world. And when ending the separation (even if it’s first only in our minds) and when living the union even if still not visable on the earth, this may bring healing to us, to us as a twinflame couple, and maybe even to the world. Because it somehow gives you a completely different view of the world, and moves you deeply into feelings of connection and pure love.

    Sending my love to all of you as all of us are trying to find our paths in this journey of love,


  15. Joana says:

    Thanks Angelo, I see you are a gentleman; usually here it seems that only ladies write our feelings about our TFs. It is great to hear the masculine side. I feel that my TF probably feels like you. There is a huge distance between us and a lot of obstacles between us too. Who will have the courage to give the first step? I feel so scare to be the first one, and maybe he is scare to dead to be the first one too. So time is running…The times I had the opportunity to be close to him, I see him thin and he looked sad. I’m the same way…and I think like you, I just want to spend the rest of my 3D life with him.
    You are not alone,
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  16. Joana says:

    Thanks, Dear Delphina: As always writing the right words, the words that make me feel that I’m not mad because of my feelings. Yes, no one who does not know about TF love can understand what it is about. Yes, I feel my TF next to me everynight I always was thinking that it was my imagination, but as you wrote, you read it in some book; it must be some truth on this.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  17. Delphina says:

    Dear Joana, thank *you* 🙂 for all you’re writing.

    I think all of us are definitely not mad, but all is just new. How many people know consciously of twinflames ? In my family and of my friends: nobody! (apart from my husband who I have told)

    And what is even more: even if one knows of the existence of twinflames from books or from stories told by friends, experiencing it yourself with all your soul and heart is a completely different kettle of fish. My twinflame knew about twinflames long before because she is very spiritual, but she was completely blown away when we found each other *smile* …and she didn’t even come to the conclusion we were twinflames, but this was me.

    And concerning all the things we are experiencing on this twinflame journey: the funny thing for me is that I never seem to come across a book or an article telling me things about twinflames *before* I have come to this conclusion myself. It is as if the universe wants to make sure that I know deep inside what the truths are and it always happens only after I have felt things quietly for myself on the inside or have shared things with my twinflame that I then suddenly find a book validating my inner knowing.

    It has been like this with the term “twinflames”, which only came to me after I had a long inner list of things that I felt were unusual about us and that put all these question marks into my head … and then suddenly a book fell into my hands with a list of twinflame characteristics and this book came up with the name “twinflame” that I hadn’t heard before. But then I knew what it meant, and a couple of strong angel messages (that I had put like questions and the angels answered in their beautiful way) let me know this was the truth.

    It is also the same with this sleeping in each other’s arms peacefully protected in another dimension : I had experienced and known this to be true for quite a long time before actually reading it in a book. Like it is for you, dear Joana, you also said that you had this image before in your mind, and I remember others on this blog also saying this.

    I think this is the beauty in it … the universe makes us feel and know things on the inside and doesn’t tell us right away what it is like to know your twinflame, but lets us experience it first of all until we are pretty sure that some special detail about twinflames is the truth. But on the other hand this is what makes us doubt and ask: “is this right? Am I feeling the right thing? Or am I mad?” I think this is exactly what causes all of our inner doubts. So much is unknown to all of us still, so much is just new, new, new … and different with all other relationships and so much is probably going to be revealed only later that we are having these doubts whether we are doing/thinking/feeling the right thing.

    I can only say to this: The more I experience and find my feelings validated afterwards (by posts here on the blog, in books, by speaking to people who know about twinflames …) the more I am getting the feeling my doubts were unnecessary … and the more I am moving into trust and think: “This and this and this have already proved to be true (although I had doubts at the beginning and although everything is so new and unknown), but this turned out to be really true … oh, and this other detail as well ….. ” and suddenly a soft thought knocks at my door and says: “Well, maybe this is also true for the things I am doubting today that haven’t yet been validated, because I can feel them just as clearly in my heart as I had felt the other now validated thoughts in my heart.”

    TRUST your feelings and your heart! 🙂

    They know so many things that are still beyond comprehension of the conscious mind.

    Sending waves of love and light to you and everybody

  18. Durinda says:

    Dear Delphina,

    I so wholeHEARTedly agree with your wonderful insights. This too has been my experience. I feel because everything is so new and different then what we may be use to, we are given these awesome validations so that we do begin to trust our inner knowing. We also then truly trust that we are being lovingly held and guided as we feel this love inside and out. I guess that is why the journey is so very important, even though we wish to get to the destination. Everything has its time and purpose. So amazing!

  19. Delphina says:

    Dearest Durinda,

    thank you so much for your wholeHEARTed response! Oh yes, I agree, by this we also feel lovingly held by something way bigger than we are and we begin to really feel the love of God and the universe for us!
    Thank you so much for expanding my thoughts in this direction .. yes, this is so true for me as well!

    Thank you so much for the thought that this might be why the journey is so important! What a wonderful thought! It helps so much to see *why* we are on the journey and haven’t yet arrived! Makes all a bit lighter ! 🙂

    Waves of love and light to you, dear one, and to all

  20. Joana says:

    Dear Delphina, yes I like you as soon as meet him (my TF) I feel something different from my other relationships of the past. There was some reactions on my inner soul that I could not explain. The first thing that make my whole being shake was the heavenly sensation I used to feel when I was close to him, and the waves of love coming from him. ALL THIS scare me because I did not know what all these was about it. So, I started investigating about Soulmates, but this concept did not match what I was feeling then I found the term twinflames and it was when I came across this site. Did you TF was feeling too that something was beyond a logical explanation between both of you? THIs is a question that I always wonder, if I could to ask to him (my TF).
    Waves of love to you and everybody.

  21. Delphina says:

    Dear Joana,

    I’m sending you lots of love and light and do have to think before answering to this question … I am getting a strong “don’t answer this for your twinflame as you don’t know what it is really like for her, so refrain from speaking for her or instead of her” from my inner guidance … and I want to follow this inner feeling … on the one hand this blog is much too open for writing more and on the other hand I really don’t want to speak for her, neither here nor anywhere …and I am keeping the things she has entrusted me with in the safest place I can offer, in my own deepest heart, just as I do with all things that my friends entrust with me ….

    … and I can really only say how I am feeling in all of this and what it is like for me …

    ….and so I am thinking ….. about what your question is heading at and also what might be of help for you in this …. as I also feel whatever my twinflame’s answer would be to that, it would not answer your question about your own twinflame.

    So I guess there is another way of responding to your question … I’ll take it into my day and will think about it. Maybe we’ll both get some inspiration today somehow, somewhere, let’s just keep our eyes and hearts open … as this question is really an important one for all twinflames, isn’t it? 😉

    Oh, so often I have hoped we might find a way to some more personal exchange, dear Joana. You so often have the same or very similar experiences or questions or ways of viewing things as I have.

    Anyway, I’m going to take this question with me into the day and am sending everybody here a soft angel for the day bringing you a smile to warm your hearts in some unexpected place or way today

    Waves of love to you and everybody

  22. Joana says:

    Dear Delphina: IT was a silly question, many times I receive a message from my TF: “Do you know how much I love you?” Of course if he is my TF he loves me. I can not add more to this. IF we are not together in the 3D plane for one, two or many reasons is just how things were planned. Dear Jessica, I think you know the answer.
    Waves of love to everybody

  23. Delphina says:

    Dear Joana,

    I think there are no silly questions on this twinflame journey and all of us have doubts sometimes, this is just so natural, and then again, we find our lights and inner guidance again. I am glad you have found the answer in your heart.

    For me I think it is always important to not only know the answer on a conscious level, but to be also able to feel it, to really feel it with all my heart. This is what I am trying to do and I am aligning to God and all the LOVE that IS and then I am putting my question again … and if I am lucky ;-), which is not always the case, but many times, I can get an answer on my heart level. Sometimes I am not even sure whether this answer reflects the reality, but I then know for sure again that the angels want me to believe. And this is the strong message I am getting over and over again, also if my light of hope is growing dim, I immediately get a message igniting my inner fire again. And so I believe when I want to put it very cautiously: the angels surely want me to believe in our twinflame love and all the blessings connected with it and they won’t have my light for my twinflame grow dim and die.
    What this means? Who knows? I don’t. I am just trusting the angels on this journey.

    Waves of love to you and everybody

  24. Gabriella says:

    Happy Day Dear Angelo,

    There is never anything wrong ever, along life or this twin flame journey…wrong would bring us into the separation of it all…right or wrong…when we open our remembrance into union consciousness, we see that all is connected, all our experiences can bring about soul remembrance and growth…focusing and feeling so powerfully weaved with your twin flame opens the vessel of love that you are, and brings about an awakening of your soul plan and intentions for creation and service within this lifetime, yet there is a process of knowing that this is not merely to love and share that love with your Beloved as well as with the world, but to move you into love of self and remembrance of that identity of self you chose for this lifetime…as you connect with this and bring your own unique passions and vibes for creation in, the more your love will grow for your twin flame and then the more passion and enthusiasm you will have for creating on your own…this will continuously and always expand, evolve, and grow in such beautiful, intimate ways. Let the love flow everywhere!

  25. Sidney says:

    I can absolutely relate to what Angelo is saying about “not having any passions, dreams or desires other than to be with your twin”. I had a few very strong interests and desires when I met my TF, but I am now indifferent about them and they have not been replaced with new passions and dreams. It is like the TF love has the intensity of the Sun and all other passions, dreams and desires are mere flickering candles. This is a very difficult place to be in, psychologically & emotionally for lots of reasons…everyone wants to know what I’m doing, and offer lots of “helpful” suggestions to fix me. But, I’m not broken. It may be, as Gabriella says, that “the more your love will grow for your twin flame then the more passion and enthusiasm you will have for creating on your own”. This is not what I am experiencing. I no longer desire to create on my own. I desire to create with my TF and know this is what is needed.

  26. Joana says:

    Dear Sidney:
    You gave the right words to what I’m feeling since I met my TF. Before every simple things was giving me joy and I used to live for my projects, now everything calm down. But my little son keep me on track with my feet on this 3D plane, he needs me. Right now, God or the angels are putting in my mind ideas on which I need to put some energy to work on them. But my TF is the 24hrs of the day in my mind, the minute I think to put him at side, is the minute the universe send me a sign remaining me the love I FEEL for him. I always wonder if he feels the same.
    Blessings to everybody

  27. Gabriella says:


    I honestly do feel that it is all of it and not just one or the other ~ meaning that the desire absolutely increases and now it feels that for me it is at its all time highest, of feeling the magnetic pull to be one in all ways with my Beloved twin flame, however with it, has also come an increased peacefulness knowing that we are loving and moving ever closer into this union by being the love that we are…so both of these magnetic feelings go hand in hand, as they increase each other. The love within expressed without, with everyone, every situation and the constant increasing and nudging to be one in love with my twin flame. It feels for me within, that this is my/our next natural step…and I am surrendering each moment into what is as it is bringing this into being in its perfect flow. I am sending you so much love and everyone here during these days leading into the holidays. Always holding warmth in my heart for you!

  28. Sidney says:

    Thanks for your reply, Gabriella. Every twin flame journey is wonderfully unique and, at times, one person’s experience resonates more closely with our own than another’s. I am truly happy for you that your own creative desires are increasing as you experience your twin flame reunion. For whatever reason, I have chosen to experience having my desires stripped from me, with one exception-my twin flame. It is appropriate for me at this time. It is as if I have acquired attachments and desires that are like the dirt and grime that stick to a traveler’s clothes. Only now, I have come across a small, clear lake and have decided to float in it for a while and let all the desires and attachments be washed away. Part of me has been anxious, wondering if my TF might also be washed away. But I don’t believe so, he is the heart of my heart.

  29. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella,
    I too feel a certain calmness. As if a completion has happened. I just seem to be floating. After 12.12.12 , I feel this calmness, that I just want to receive ,just be open to receiving the love from my TF . There is a feeling of just BEING. Thank you for being a guardian guiding Angel Ganriella. Love to all.

  30. -Patience says:

    This “Homesickness” that Elisabeth talked about is very accurate! Also the feeling of “Anticipation” that NEVER goes away. I met my TF 18 years ago and after 5 months of friendship, he pulled away and stopped talking. He spoke 1 time last year FINALLY and acknowledged our connection, but then went right back to silence again…and here I am completely open and vulnerable, and it drives me CRAZY!!! The problem with these Connections is we don’t know if we will ever end up together and we don’t remember the plan. We go back and forth between “knowing” at the Soul level and “Doubting” at the Ego level. Doubting because the Runner’s silence and/or denial, makes us feel like an utter fool!! I, at this time, need more than just sweet unconditional love talk. I already know I love him unconditionally, otherwise my heart would not ache like this 18 yrs later. This shit is hard as HELL and I’m at the end of my rope…but absolutely CANNOT let go of it!!

  31. -Patience says:

    Sidney, I’m with you! My desire to create has not increased but my ability to love him more and more have. I mean, I have always felt the depth of love, even from the first moment, but now I know that I won’t let ANYTHING come between us again. I know if we finally come together, I will NEVER take his love for granted! I do not have a desire to create any big project, I WISH I could find something to OCCUPY my mind like that! But that is not my experience, and I have been going through this for 18 yrs, so the love is definitely increasing but not the creativity. Also, Gabriella, do you have a Soulmate you are currently with? Because I believe it is a little different if one has another outlet for their TF passion. If you have someone you are passionate about in your life besides TF, then you don’t feel like you’re going completely cold turkey like I do!

  32. Gabriella says:

    Dear Patience,

    That is a great question and I’m glad you asked it. I have a soul mate whom I met in 2008 who has become my best friend through this journey, as we have constantly opened and expanded our perceptions, emotions, experience of what true, unconditional, divine love really is. We have had such blessings by having the support of each other throughout these years, yet make no mistake about it, we have had our own challenges along the way. I have had my own experiences of loneliness and walking this path alone…as being physically by your self, you are left with sharing your emotions and all that come along with it by yourself. When you are sharing with a soul mate as well, there are moments when you truly need to allow yourself that time to go within, to connect with the connection/love always increasing, always present with your twin flame…and I have had to do this. More than anything in this world, my soul and heart desires to share ALL of me with my beloved twin flame…and no one, not even my best friend, will take that place. I do believe that we can’t compare our journeys in that one is easier than the other because we all have our own challenges, our own steps towards the deepest self love, love with our twin flame and love with all ~ some of us have chosen to walk with a soul mate, others have chosen to do it physically alone…and then there are some that have a mixture of both…my best friend has been beside me yet not always physically. We have had times where we physically parted, came back together, parted, came back together…how MANY times we experienced this along the journey, how much this journey (no matter what you have chosen ~ to include a soul mate or not) encourages you so strongly to go within, and will make you, gently push you even. I am sending you waves of love dear Patience, know that we are all walking through the fire together.

  33. Sidney says:

    The biggest challenge right now (for me anyway) seems to be allowing integration of the two realities of the twin flame “dream”/ideal and the more ordinary day-to-day living and relating to my twin. When I refer to the twin flame experience as a “dream” I don’t mean to imply that it is any less real. It is a remarkable and life-changing experience for most of us, but I think we are protecting it from everyday living. It is a perfect, unconditional, unbreakable love that we are all keeping at arm’s length to protect it from this world. Many of us talk about desire to unite with our twins in all ways and keep adding our energy to thoughts of an ideal relationship/reunion. This is further protecting the dream, instead of allowing it to truly become part of our lives with grace and ease. The only ones holding back this perfect love are ourselves and I think it’s worth finding out how and why.

  34. Delphina says:

    There is truth in your words, dear Sidney, very much so. I can relate very well to what you are saying as I have had exactly this question with my twinflame over and over again. The twinflame love seems to be the dream, this romantic dream of unconditional love that seems nearly too wonderful to be true. And then there is the more normal day-to-day-life … and yes, they are somehow kept apart.

    I find this a very interesting question indeed why this is the case and why merging of the two lives is so difficult and seemingly impossible.

    Obviously I am not the only one experiencing this so clearly and who is thinking about this very much. You say this, too. And probably there are more of us who also feel like this ….

    Well, the only thing I can say about this because it is really the only thing I know so far is this: both me and my twinflame have talked about this wish to merge the two lives very often and we have both had this wish, and it has always been very honest that both of us really wanted it … and at the same time … somehow it just did not work. This is all I can say. It just did not work. Things came up, feelings in one or the other, things from the outside that prevented us from merging more … and all of this happened each time when we made the slightest effort to merge the lives …. could have been as small as an invitation to dinner for example. It just did not work. Nobody of us knows why. And believe me, both of us did a lot of thinking and exploring while trying to find out why this is so.

    I completely agree: it is definitely worth finding our how and why this is happening.

    love and light to you and all

  35. Delphina says:

    P.S. when I’m speaking of “merging the two lives” I don’t mean my life and my twins, but I am talking of the two realities Sidney mentioned.

    Both my twin and I were very clear about the fact that we wanted to let the twinflame “dream” become more down-to-earth so to say and to make it visible and tangible also in the day-to-day-living, i.e. merging the two realitites ~ for both of us.

    And although both of us agreed on doing that, even the slightest attempt to do something down-to-earth together did go wrong. Everything that could go wrong did.


    This is the big question.

    Being 3D-separated from her I have stopped thinking about this question, but in fact it is a mystery which is not solved for me at all and I am also nearly certain that if we found a way to open our ways of communication again (which I hope we will 🙂 ) and if we started wishing to include “normal” kind of real, tangible meetings again, even if they were as “easy” and “safe” and “little” as possible like a meeting in a café or going for a walk together, we would most certainly again meet this same difficulty that has been with us right from the start. It feels for me that even if the fears that are now holding us back from speaking to each other are released one day and we will email again, this does not imply we would be able to meet in the 3D and merge our twinflame love life with the day-to-day-living.

    So the answer to this question ~ if we can find them together ~ would be as crucial to me as to everyone experiencing this separation between the “dream twinflame love” and “reality”.

    Love and angels to all

  36. Joana says:

    I believe is not just a dream what can not be a reality. I seem to me those blockings between my TF and I are the signals that it is not the right time. And then my question to the universe is; why God allow us to meet one another in this 3D if we are not suppose to be together yet. Maybe the purpose to being introduce to one another is related to our espiritual growing. Sorry, I’m just wondering. Did you watch the movie “ONE DAY”
    Blessings to everybody

  37. lisa barrow says:

    Years ago, I had the most profound experience that left me biwildered with the feeling that this twin flame thing must have some validity to it. It is so VERY confusing and life changing that it can leave you tredding the waters of your life as you try desperately to make sence of it all. Thanks for articles like yours that shed some light whenever we feel weak which still happens after all these years.

    We have to have faith in a higher power and as he guides us through the process we will be stronger for it.

    THere is always a reason why what feels so perfect is filled with so much imperfection so to speak. I honestly believe that they come into our lives to teach us the lessons that god wants us to learn as they push us and pull us and test and re-test us in very trying ways.

    My question is why does the meeting have to ignite so much overwhelming emotion that seems almost unbearable to handle? I’m sure that if many of us knew the outcome of that meeting, we would have ran the oposite way but then we could not learn our lessons….this is like the most difficult exam that you can take. Thank god for a forum like yours that offers us the support that we need. god bless.

  38. Gabriella says:

    Dear Lisa,

    How else would you be able to recognize your self in another? Such profound waves of emotion is the energy in motion of your essence…and you are moving into oneness with self and your Beloved when you meet, wiping away and releasing all of the pieces that keep you away from knowing the oneness that is. I like to transform the phrase learning lessons into remembering intentions. Your soul has chosen to encounter who you do when you do for reasons of creation, sharing, expanding the perception and experience of the love that you are. So therefore, you won’t run away from what you have so profoundly already chosen…yet when there are moments on a human level, where it feels like there is running away, you are encouraged to see this as a moving within to bring you awareness into the light of remembering that you are one, and therefore there is no separation.

    However you express quite accurately how intense the “tests,” experiences can be, for each moment brings you into reflection within yourself with each relationship, situation, etc that comes your way, but especially your Beloved for your twin is the clearest mirror for you of your own unique soul vibration, therefore there is a constant and ever deepening pull to love all aspects of self into the light, so that this balanced vibration of loving all within you can be brought into expression outside of you in all of your relationships, situations, etc, then back into self and out again, a continuous circle and cycle of being love and being loved. You are never given more than you can “handle,” yet the emotions can be so strong at times that it may seem like such. Yet this intensity of emotion allows you to feel the limitless capacity for you, as a vessel of divine love, to be the love that you are and receive it back upon you. You are so welcome for this forum. I am so happy that you have made it here. Lots of love your way!

  39. -Patience says:

    I really wish we knew more from the male perspective. Not enough men coming on and joining this discussion. I too am amazed that almost every Twin Flame couple cannot be together yet. It’s highly unusual to have this almost “impossible” feeling about it. The strongest feeling I’ve ever known but harder to attain than winning the lottery. It feels so impossible yet,I must have hope deep inside to have held on for more than 18 yrs. I won’t give up…he won’t speak. Two very unusual reactions to love. Most people in my shoes would have given up by now…and most men in his shoes would have said; “Hey…I don’t feel the way you do!”. He will not do that and never has. The only negative thing he has ever told me in all the times and years I have reached out to him, is 1 time he told me “This is out of control.” Yes! I said it most definitely is! But in the same breath he told me he would never forget what he felt when we met.

  40. kay says:

    Hi Patience,
    I know you’re wanting a male perspective…but there are a few things that my male TF told me when he opened up…that may help.

    1) he likes being in control of himself
    2) he likes feeling confident
    3) he likes things in an orderly, organized, detailed way
    4) he doesn’t like surprises or being overwhelmed

    Well, the TF experience is the complete opposite of the way he has structured his life. Too many emotions and feelings…and add the spirituality. It overwhelmed him and he told me his heart was not ready…and we’ve been doing the dance for 8 months.

    Just to let you know..I have known my TF for 20 years and were seperated for 18 years. We reunited last year. He opened up to me while we were together…and wanted to talk about us. I was so in love with him…and I froze up. I coulnd’t say a word. So, I experienced first hand reacting to love by not speaking. There was the love of my life telling me his feelings and I couldn’t speak. I think we all take it in as we can and react differently. It doesn’t mean the love isn’t there.

    Also, I don’t know your whole story, but if you haven’t given up and feel that you shouldn’t, there might be a reason. I moved on 18 years ago, but not really. I loved my TF and never let him go…and deep down felt we would be together. I was engaged for a long time, over a decade. My former fiance used to tell me (when he was angery at me) that he didn’t understand why I just didn’t move to “…..” (the country where my TF lives) I thought he was just jealous, but he knew he didn’t have my heart and my TF did. He realized more than me.

    Nobody can understand this if they have not been through it. So, please don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ve read that a lot of people who meet there TF early in life, will not settle for less. I admire that. Plus, we all have to follow our heart and nobody can tell us what is right for us. I was engaged a few times and didn’t marry…now I realize why. (Although it wasn’t very apparent while I was going through it because I did try so hard to move on… but nobody or no relationship ever matched what I had with my TF) So I understand…really I do.


  41. sunshine says:

    Thank you for this. I am in this situation right now when i met someone else and it is really confusing…sometimes i feel like i am going against what i know and feel about me and my TF, but their is Divine order and i will follow it. This doesn`t seem like a wrong situation, i guess i will have to trust the flow!
    Much love!

  42. Joana says:

    Hi! Everybody, yes, me too. I would like to know how male TFs handle this TF ride. I hope more men write here, I’m sure many of them just read the posts on this site.
    Blessings to everybody

  43. Joana says:

    Teo, this TF ride make me feel, experience, and dream things out of my understanding. So, I keep reading and researching here, and there. For me it is like a joke to find men around, on photos, or in videos that look like my TF. It is somebody playing a game with me?
    Waves of love to you and everybosy

  44. Vicki says:

    In 1976 I met my twin flames…we connected right away..We were suppose to get married but we didn’t..I married somebody else..but John was always in my heart…Two days before I found out he past away…I heard my name being called..When I found out the he past, I felt my heart being broke and I cried for days…my husband being the type of man he is was very good about the all thing, I married my husband on the rebound from John.. I had 2 readings where he came through…the first reading he said that things went the way that they were suppose to go and that he would always love me and is always around me..The medium Pam describe him to a t..I just a reading on Feb. 9 2013 and John came through again…He told me that I had to open my heart to my husband because my husband is a good man..John said that we were only allowed to be together for a short time in this lifetime and that was why we couldn’t married..He told my medium Michelle that he has made reservation for us for the next lifetime..He mention something about sailboats…When I am down our song Magnet and Steel comes on…The only time I hear that song is when I am thinking about him..When I first heard the song My Heart Will Go On, my mind went right to John…He will be gone for 20 years in June..I have such a hard time letting him go…but, I told him that I will let my husband George more into my heart…

  45. Karen says:

    I dont understand any of this and Im very upset and frustrated with all of it.

  46. Gabriella says:


    You can read my response to your question here: You are Love, Unconditional and Pure, Flowing and Growing into Its Full Expression. Sending you profound waves of love!

  47. Jimmy says:

    A guys perspective? O.K. I was the ‘chaser’ unfortunately and fortunately, as ‘normal’ guys aren’t going to spend their time meditating and working through the Lefkoe technique. Deeper layers come to the surface. Er, not going to tell you exactly what I’ve been through on a public forum.

    I have spent a huge amount of time working on myself. I am driven in all areas of my life, so this is just another load of shit to demolish. Either we’ll be together, or I’ll get to a place where I don’t give a damn and drop her forever.

    She deliberately acts up when I am going through the worst points in my life, some of which have included both parent having to have minor operation in hospital and the death of a relative. She is fully aware of this too because of the whole telepathy thing. There are ridiculous roadblocks when I try to date new girls. So there ya go, feel free to email me:

  48. Joana says:

    Wow Jimmy, I hope for you the best my heart is with you. I just want to share something I found interesting, hopping you all take a look: revive with you are a crystal.

    Blessings to everybody

  49. tiffany says:

    These post are so discouraging, my TF ran. We are both enlightened and both knew we were connected the first time we met. It took us 3 years to meet up by chance and see each other again. It was the most intence amaizing instant love connection. When ever we were together which became everyday quickly we became more and more enlightened,, he said it first that looking at me was like looking at a twin. When we made love, we litterally became one, intertwined.. Then I read about twin flames, I knew that was us, then he agreed. My intuition grew strong during our time,, and I started astro projecting, which I hadn’t done since I was a child. Together our neighbors started calling on s to help them with spirital matters, like removing spirits from their home Heart issues and somtimes physical. He has a gift with chrystals, and I have a healing touch, that was suppressed since childhood. We understood, things, when together had answers to question, we were very connected to the source. We studied the bible together, and understanding to wonders came to us. We healed each other in many ways. We quite our jobs and pursude our dreams.

    Then he decided it was too much andstarted pulling away. It was 5 months of harsh words and fighting but never being able to stay away from each other. Finally he broke my heart too much, so I moved away. I’m hoping to stop loving him. But our seperation has also distanced me from my higher power, per say. I miss that.

    I feel like I live in 2 worlds. I miss the one I lived with him.

  50. Sidney says:

    You’re a potato? Yeah, I think Joana might be on to something and it’s easier to think of yourself as a vessel that can be filled with experiences. Why are you chasing? I am the chaser too, although I have learned to slow the pace with my TF so that we don’t both go completely nuts from the emotional intensity. It also gives more time for both of us to work out our own issues, even if they are, at their core, the same. Trust me, whatever you are struggling with, she will be struggling with in a different form. You also seem to have strong expectations of her being there to go through your stuff with you and hold your hand through it. Well, with TFs, it doesn’t have to work the way you expect, and probably won’t. Think about what you absolutely need from her and why. Then figure out why you have this need.

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