The Transformation of the Perception of Forgiveness from the Perspective of Union

Q. Could you speak on twin flames and forgiveness?

A. This is a great topic! Forgiveness is a two part process, on a human level and a spiritual level. From a human standpoint, it may seem necessary to forgive the twin flame for whatever reason the mind can attach to that which would need to be released. However from a spiritual perspective, there truly is no need to forgive. Let me explain…as discussed in previous blogs, questions answered and what will be expressed in detail in my second book, is the awareness of soul contracts/agreements. Before physical incarnation, your soul has agreed with not only your twin soul but other souls what you will accomplish together when in these human bodies, when you would come in contact with one another, what would be healed, created, expressed, shared, etc., so therefore, if the “challenges” or bumps along the journey have already been planned, there truly is nothing to forgive. Forgiving = to be thankful to the soul supplying the experience *for giving* you the opportunity to grow within unconditional love, to heal any aspects of perceiving separation (the need to forgive – seeing something done to you as separate from your creation and done TO you rather than WITH you), to heal, move ever deeper into the truth of union (you and I as one), which is always present.

There is truly nothing to forgive in the human sense with our twin flames, yet there are emotions, actions, beliefs of separation that are constantly coming up within our psyche for us to be aware of so that they can be healed by being released from our energy field, our consciousness. We are moving ever further into the reality of union consciousness, stepping away from separation mentality. Encountering our twins, becoming consciously aware of the presence and connection we have with our twin flames accelerates the process of moving from this energy field of separation into union, and it can be done regardless of whether you are physically merged with your twin flame or not, for the truth is that separation is only an illusion, and union is always present. We do carry with us in our cellular DNA, the individual and collective memory of the original split/physical separation from our twin flames, with each other, and from Source (all of these three aspects), and it is in feeling the human emotions of this that we transform/change our cellular DNA to recognize only union, becoming ever more aware of when separation mentality is seeping its way into our sight/our experience.

The forgiveness, therefore, on a human level is to acknowledge and be aware of the aspects of separation that emerge within your psyche and allow yourself to release them. If you need to cry because you feel the pain of separation from your twin (which again, is merely an illusion as you are always one), allow the tears to flow without having to understand why they are flowing. If you need quiet time to contemplate or just sit in silence to be aware of what thoughts are creating the pain of feeling separated, give yourself this space as you transform what you think/believe regarding such illusions so that you can move into the truth of your union with all that is, your own wholeness, which increases the energy of oneness for everyone and everything else. We truly are all connected through a tapestry of beautiful energy which is always connecting us as we are healing this creation of separation that has been ongoing for millennia, and you are not alone, though you are part of the one that is coming back to oneness knowing that we have never left, and therefore, you will be feeling the effects along with us all. Yet the rewards are massive as we continue to move forward, literally and figuratively, holding hands with one another as we intertwine our essences ever deeper in co-creation with our twin flame, creating a huge circle of everincreasing deep, unconditional love.

Author: Gabriella

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  1. Thanks Gabriella for this post, it is beautiful.

  2. You are absolutely right that sitting with the tears and becoming aware of the thoughts that are creating feelings of separation can allow a space to transform the thoughts. Sunday, I spent a good part of the day with my TF, friends and family. It was a lovely day. When I returned home, I needed time alone because tears just started flowing. At first, I couldn’t explain why the tears were flowing. It is always a little sad to physically part from my TF and so I thought parting was the reason for the tears. But as I felt into the tears, I understood that throughout the day, my TF had been filling me with his presence. His voice and thoughts and laughter echo through me. And his gaze, so direct and penetrating, tender and fearless. We had been feeling each others hearts, sending and receiving love between us for hours and sharing it with everyone around us: friends, family, pets, even complete strangers. When we embraced to say goodbye, he wrapped his arms around me and I still feel enveloped with his love. The tears were for love that kept flowing.

  3. Sidney,

    Thank you for sharing…so beautiful, just beautiful! I love how you were able to recognize that there may have been thoughts of focusing on or noticing the separation from your twin and then shifting into feeling the union and the love, exactly what I’m referring to…how powerful it is when we shift into the union, and the more we do this, the quicker it will be as other aspects and areas of separation ease their way in at times…this is what we are all healing now, as individuals and a collective. Again, thank you for sharing.

  4. My pleasure, Gabriella. Your website gives us a wonderful forum to express our TF journeys- to give and receive support and love. Thank you.

  5. Hi Gabriella! your website keeps me glued for updates everyday. Thank you.I have met my twinsoul and told him also that he is my twinsoul.we have known each other other for 23 years. we connected strongly, quarelled a lot but always made up and are drwan to each other. though he openly does not accept twin soul concept he still encourages intimacy with me but spaced at long intervals.I can feel him inside me. when i think of him my hands move up and i embrace myself and i feel this beautiful love filling me and he rocks me gently and comforts me and tears flow down as i feel that love.i have always felt this longing and when i am with him i feel complete. when i say my prayers my hands move up and i do some clearly defined postures balanced equally to right and left that seem like mudras and yoga asanas .what does this signify? will i be reunited in all ways, physically too with him. we have been intimate in many ways but immediately afterwards he withdraws and keeps a huge distance but spiritually i feel strongly connected. after a few months if i do not contact him he contacts me briefly and we connect immediately, it is so beautiful but so painful and i feel he longs to be with me but is waiting for something. we are both married with two children each and live in different towns but have common friends and relatives.where are we headed?

  6. Gabriella, my son and I went to a short vacation, and it seems that my TF came with us. There is not moment during the day, I’m not thinking on him, and receiving those waves of love. And during the night I feel that he is close to me. I like your thought: ” Encountering our twins, becoming consciously aware of the presence and connection we have with our twin flames accelerates the process of moving from this energy field of separation into union, and it can be done regardless of whether you are physically merged with your twin flame or not, for the truth is that separation is only an illusion, and union is always present.” I wish you could write more about the situacion where TFs, can feel one another even if they are separated by distance. I understand the crying, Sidney is talking about it. The last day before the spring brake at my university, my soul was crying coming back to home because I could not see my TF around, but suddenly a voice in my mind was telling: “give me you hand, give me your hand” I knew he (my TF) was trying to cheering me up.

  7. Sleeping Beauty,

    I feel that your questions would be better off answered in a reading or session where I would be able to share intimately with you regarding all of the details and your particular experience on this twin flame journey. You can go here to read more information on my services: Sessions and Readings.

    Sending you so much love – I know how intense the path can be!

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