Month: November 2008

Romance Movies Really Do Have Love Right

You know that type of feeling that you get after watching a romance movie? Ya know the kind where you feel as if there is a love that can truly move you, a love so strong that it makes you

The Law of Opposites is Actually in Support of You

Have you heard of the law of opposites? I was talking to a friend the other day about signs that the universe sends us as we go along our path of life. When you notice signs, you are able to

Love Comes to Those who Believe It

Last night was Halloween, and I went to watch a dear friend of mine perform a burlesque dance in a show which was performed at the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. This hotel was built in 1906, and is

Synecdoche, New York

Wait Around for Fate, and It Will be Too Late I highly recommend watching the movie Synecdoche, New York directed by Charlie Kauffman. This is a movie that may move you to take action in your life, if you have