Month: July 2010

The Balance of Holding Intentions and Being in the Moment Right Now

Have you heard of the law of attraction? Do you know how it applies to relationships and sharing in love with another as you profoundly desire? There is a very important aspect within this law that many do not focus

A Happy Marriage is Not Only Possible but Real

Tim Kellis, renowned Wall Street analyst and founder of the Marriage Education Center of Boca Raton and, is the author of “Equality: The Quest for the Happy Marriage”. Through personal tragedy and a successful professional career Tim has finally

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Come and Celebrate Your Friendships

We are going to interview Janina Serden Sebesky, a Grammy and Emmy nominated artist and musical producer who loves to nurture and inspire people through music. She’s the founder of a unique greeting card line called With a Card and

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Becoming Alive and Awake

This was a dream I had Wednesday morning: My mother and a male person was digging up Jesus’s grave, took the body out (he had long hair), and took the body to the river. They immersed the body into the

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Timer Movie Review

Here is the you tube video to Timer if you want to know more details.

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Transition in Relationships: From Soul Mate to Twin Flame

Colin Martin interviewed Gabriella on this show regarding her transition out of a soul mate relationship and preparing for her twin flame reunion. This is going to be a special 2 hour show where your questions and concerns will be

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Similar Experiences as My Twin Flame

Q I know he is my twin, I just want to know if our experiences are the same, telepathy still the same, and if I think of him, does he then feel it and think of me? And of course

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