Synchronizing With Your Twin Flame

Q. How does one synchronize with one’s twin flame?

A. You are not separate from your twin flame even when you are not in direct physical connection. You are a part of each other. You can feel one another’s emotions, you can hear each other’s thoughts, you meet one another in dreams, sleep time dreams and waking. The best way for you to synchronize with your twin is to feel deeply connected to your own being for it is your natural being/essence which is mirrored within your twin, and to move into the deep space of knowing that you are ALREADY synchronized and one with your twin flame.

Become aware of what feelings brought you to asking this question – do you feel that you are separated from your twin? In order for you to truly experience the union of eternal love in all ways with your twin, you need to feel, know and resonate in the space of the truth of oneness with your twin. All you ever need to do is connect with yourself, to discover your passion and mission that is within you, and bring it forth into the world, as it is this path that will bring you to your twin flame, merging the both of you ever deeper in your eternal love in all ways.

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14 comments on “Synchronizing With Your Twin Flame
  1. Gita Ganger says:

    Thank you so much for your insight Gabriella. I have been feeling very emotional lately. At present my twin and I are physically separae from one another, yet I feel this deep inner peace and I know and trust that he loves deeply. During our ‘separation’ I have concentrated on completing ‘unfulfiled’ tasks and duties within my own life, as well as gaining better self knowledge. I feel he has been doing the same. I feel we had to temporailiy lead ‘parallel lives’ in order to get ourselves ready, so that we can be together again in the physical. In the eantime, we continue to communicate through thoughts and strong feelings.
    Thatnk you once again for sharing your knowledge, and confirming to me my own Truth. Love and blessngs. Gita xx

  2. Nenari says:

    I be this and do this in every moment. And so does Natu. And it is how Natu and I are always, in all ways, together even in the moments when we are unable to be together physically. And then when we are together physically it is intensely beautiful and amasing and loving. Thank you for this beautiful goddess Gabriella, for your message mirrors my own heart. Thank you. Much love always, in all ways ~Nenari

  3. Matthew says:

    How can you be sure that who you think your TF is, is indeed your TF? I’ve had a connection with a girl, that in my own mind, is very strong, yet this has not been reciprocated at all from her. We were close for 6 months, then she became estranged from me, popping back up every 6 months or so then running away. I was told she was my TF by a few readers, but, she doesn’t show any interest in me at all. Since are connection broke, she has been in 3 different committed relationships. I have tried a lot of meditation/spiritual practices to help relieve myself of this prison, but not a lot has worked. Even if she is my ‘TF’, my rational mind won’t let me take a relationship, or friendship with her serious due to the past issues. Yet I still think about her on a daily basis.
    Thanks in advance for any insight, I will be a frequent visitor here.

  4. Gabriella says:


    There are a couple other posts in Questions Answered that I think will be beneficial for you to read to help you understand that truly knowing your twin flame comes from deep within you as it is a soul recognition that goes beyond this lifetime. The Physical Connection Spurs the Spiritual Awakening and Vice Versa and How to Know Your Twin Flame. You are welcome to explore all of the responses in this section as well as in Into the Depths of Being Alive.

  5. Matthew says:

    Thanks, I have read through the posts as well as a few others and I feel it is very good information. I have one question, I seem to struggle a lot between what my heart tells me, and what my mind tells me. To put it short, I want to be with this girl, but my mind/ego, really won’t allow me to be with her unless she sacrifices similar to me as I did for her. I risked a lot for this connection, relocated, broke up with another women I had feelings for, along with a laundry list of other stuff. Do you believe it is wrong for me to feel she has to sacrifice as well? To be honest, she has said and did things that hurt me that I can’t honestly just give a pass to. I feel she consciously knew these things would hurt me, and didn’t care of my feelings. Even feeling the way I do about her, these are hard things to get over. Should I let all of the past go and accept her if she comes back? Or should I be clear to there has to be sacrifices amongst both people? As much feelings as i have for her, I don’t doubt my ego will allow me to push her away.
    Just curious if you, or anyone else had any insight regarding this.
    I just followed your group on FB, looking forward to keeping in touch.
    Matthew Maktub

  6. Sidney says:

    I hear a lot of pain and frustration in your post. You can only be in charge of your own feelings and reactions, so think about where they are coming from. The girl you love does not do what you want her to do or feel what you want her to feel for you? Your pain is entirely self-inflicted: she doesn’t meet your ego’s expectations so you feel bad. Own your feelings, listen to your heart, but give up on the idea that she should “sacrifice” or fit some perfect idea of what you think a relationship is meant to look like. I am not suggesting that you lower your standards or accept bad behavior, just that the only person you can control is yourself. You can love her and feel compassion for her, but you can’t make her love you in return.

  7. Kayla says:

    I LOVE your Twin Flame articles! Thank you so much for being you and posting these truths. I really needed to see this today! I can feel him so much and the ego tries to tell me I am crazy and insane that this is not really him. God/the Universe told me one day exactly who he is, I got the overwhelming sensation of the KNOWING and I remembered who he is. He is a famous man and the ego tries to patronize me and tell me that I am crazy and every girl wishes he were there “soon to be husband” though I never even looked at him that way or hardly even looked at him before I got this knowing. I hear him speaking to me inside through his songs, random songs, his acting, and just all the time. Now after reading this I feel grounded and reassured of my sanity and the egos insanity. Thank you again, I love one of the things you said in a different article…about “Re-union is remembering the union” Your words helped me remember it. Thank you again!

  8. nynthika says:

    Hi Gabriella, I am a clairvoyant, I visualize things and put them in to their place in a verbal way to express it to someone else…I have known who I believe is my twinflame, Sean for almost 13 years…so from the time I was 13 till now which is 26. He lives down the street from me and we grew close between the ages of 22-and25. We do not talk to eachother anymore as he is the “runner” and I am the one sacraficing each time and in the higher dimension of concisousness than he is….I know he’s my twinflame, because of all the signs and mysterious dreams I have of him and then I’ll bump in to him if I am not speaking to him for a few months, it’s strange, I had a dream this morning, that I met him, and I was telling him in my dream….how I always dream of him…I’m telling him this in my dream.
    I have two other eligible bachelors that are in love with me, and they have good heads on their shoulder financially and education wise etc, whereas sean is in the middle still struggling to find his identiy, I don’t know …My only question is, if he is my twinflame, why am I dreaming of him so much when he’s not even in my life at all?
    Will he ever come to realization ? and if so …how? Sometimes I think I am going crazy because he always runs as soon as we get “close” . I love him with all my heart and I am not sure why…


  9. DUPE says:


  10. Gabriella says:

    Nynthika, you can read my response here: Dreaming of the Twin Flame While Physically Apart

  11. Willow says:

    I met a man on the internet…we are both married…we had an almost instant feeling that we have known each other forever..we are so close it is a really weird feeling…we are so alike it is rather alarming and we are deeply connected through music…he plays and I sing…and we love the same music. I feel like I love him with all my heart but don’t know why, he is not my usual type at all…we are both in our 50s….so we are not youngsters….we keep nothing from each other…he knows how deeply I feel for him, and I know he cares deeply, but he is a good man and I believe he is in a good marriage…and I would not want to betray anyone..we though cannot be apart…we live in different countries..and talk almost daily, send video clips and pictures…it is an amazing thing and I am humbled by the experience…I know he is a part of me, and a while ago he said he really felt I was the other half of him, even though I don’t think he knows about twin flames – I am very confused and recently I have had feelings that he is coming to me and making love to me…it is amazing, I do not have to do anything…except accept it and love in return…is this all normal for a twin flame relationship….all this is new to me, I knew something was different and somehow found myself looking at Twin Flame sites even though I had never heard the term before…what do you think…I have never loved like this before and I have not even met him, though he wants our families to meet which scares me a little…because I don’t know if I can hide how I feel…and I also have never felt physical love like this before when there is no-one there and I am doing nothing, it was an orgasm that shook me to heights I cannot explain..

  12. Joana says:

    Willow, I feel the same way like you. I have not seen my TF for months and I don’t know where he lives, I don’t know his last name either so there is not way I can find him. I think on him all the time, I feel him too. A couple of days ago, I could remember a dream, he was talking with my son. Di you read about the kundalini energy?
    Blessings to everybody

  13. willow says:

    Yes I have read about kundalini energy and it is a fascinating subject…I am not even sure I have met my twin flame…have nothing to compare it all too…I sense right now that I am alone….and he/she is not with me right now….I don’t know what that means….I feel as if I am occasionally getting a glimpse or a feeling…but it is fleeting and then gone…and so I am never sure what I am experiencing…I know that I will not leave the land that I live in, so our meeting is unlikely…I am unable to travel…and though I am in contact with him in almost daily…the telepathic feelings are fewer…and that is where I feel I am alone right now….we do not talk about TFs he is always so busy writing his songs….and I do not sense he would be open to it….so I stay in my state of confusion and wonder: ))

  14. Rae says:

    Just sending comfort to those who have a Twin that is famous in a certain avenue.

    I met him, ran away and have been running for 4 years. I finally returned in a surrendered state. We now speak on the phone. If it’s meant to be it will be through divine timing.

    God Bless

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