Make sure that you follow what feels true for you. Illusions are that which seems to be true, but is not true when you feel deeply within. There are layers of illusions…and what is true for one may not be true for another. Pay attention when someone says to you that you are living in illusion. Are you truly living an illusion or are you following what is true for you? Sometimes when you follow your inner voice and your inner guidance, to someone looking outside at your experience, it may seem like you are living in an illusion.

An illusion merely is what is not true and what is truth for you may not be truth for another, yet that does NOT mean that it is an illusion. Follow your heart on this. It knows what is illusion and what is true. When you release the mind, you will know what your own truth is, therefore all that can be considered illusion falls away and what you consider as truth becomes what is, fully known within your entire being.

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  1. I don’t know how is this happen in my mind or what is it?. Is it real or not? but yesterday I had this image in my mind: he was sitting on the floor as I sometimes used to see him on the hallways at the school. He was crying, I did not know what to do, I just send him my love. Then today in the morning I felt some feelings coming to me like sadness. I think it is me, when I’m in my negative and hopeless mood maybe he can sense it. I can not describe this messages with words, they just come to me like TC, no kidding! One day, after writing something here, then I receive a message like: “How could you say that?” I don’t know if somebody is having this kind of experience. I just keep reading previous sections of this site just to find out if somebody is having the same experience like me. Yes, last week for no reason, I cried and cried.

  2. I asked you beacuse for me is like that too, i also just have that certain image in my head, like i`m looking a picture. in my case everything is on feeling level, i wish when i could hear him sometimes clearly like you do. yesterday my best friend and i should go on a dinner in student canteen but i was feeling bad so she left alone, but i knew he would be there i just knew and if i don`t go that i wont see him, but i was feeling pretty sick, and it was just like that. My friend met him and his friend, they were eating together at the same table. When she came back and told me what happend i laughed so much. Also in the past few days i dream him a lot, but i don`t remember the dream, i just know that we were doing something

  3. If I’m having some kind of TC comunication with my TF is not like voices, I mean human voices; it just a message of feelings, and I believe my mind decode it into words. I’m sure you have this kind of TC and a lot of people too. Since I was a child I noticed this TC specially with my mother, father, and a nice. Maybe they had this channel open, ok it is how I can understand it. One day my father went to the grocery store, and I forget to tell him to buy chicken; then he came back home with the chicken, we laughed a lot, as you said to have the certainty your TF would be there at that place. With my niece we used to play, I used to tell her not to think in anything, A used to tell her let you mind be white with nothing on it like a blank sheet of paper, then she did it then I sent her the image of an apple, and yes she saw the apple in her mind. Then vice versa she used to do the same to me. I guess it takes practice. We receive a lot of interference that maybe this block our TC with our TFs, friends and family. I don’t know, I’m guessing. I have been dreaming with my TF too, sometimes I just have the feeling that he was in my dream, but I don’t remember the dream, but yesteday, yes I saw him in my dream.

  4. I like this song with James Taylor, Is he wrote this song to his TF?

    Something In The Way She Moves lyrics

    James Taylor
    Theres something in the way she moves,
    or looks my way or calls my name,
    that seems to leave this troubled world behind.
    And if I’m feelin down and blue,
    or troubled by some foolish game,
    she always seems to make me change my mind.
    And I feel fine any time she’s around me now, she’s around me now
    almost all the time.
    And if I’m well you can tell she’s been with me now,
    she’s been with me now,
    quite a long, long time,
    and I feel fine.
    Every now and then the things I lean on lose their meaning, and I find myself careening,
    into places that I should not let me go.
    She has the power to go where no one else can find me,
    yes and to silently remind me,
    of the happiness and good times that I know.
    But I said I’ve just got to know that…
    It isn’t what she’s got to say,
    or how she thinks or where she’s been.
    To me the words are nice the way they sound.
    I like to hear them best that way,
    it doesn’t much matter what they mean.
    Well she says them mostly just to calm me down.
    And I feel fine any time she’s around me now,
    she’s around me now,
    almost all the time.
    And if I’m well you can tell that she’s been with me now, she’s been with me now,
    quite a long, long time.
    Yes and I feel fine.

  5. Joana, thank you, the song is beautiful, i really needed this, yesterday i had one of those days, i was so confused, i cried when i heared this song, i think that everything went out of me at that moment. About TC, yes, i feel that the same way, i feel on some way that it wasn`t my mind who set that sentence. I had that connection with other people like you do, i just started to be close with one of my colleague from college, in the past we had i few classes together but now we started to talk about all this things, spiritual awakening, just not with taht term, we really connected and i noticed very soon that “thought exchange” between us, she did also, she is very open too, i think that`s the reson…we just have that open chanell with some people, like you said, who have the same vibration…it`s so refreshing to experience that sometimes, it reminds me that we are all connected.

  6. It is a beautiful song. Hope you feel better. I’m having trouble to submit my comment.

  7. hey, i`m great, actually i`m feeling such peace for quite some time, but that day i needed that, i know what caused my feelings that day. I`m feeling like i`m floating every day and i feel my TF so much, like he is physically with me, he became so natural to me. That day i felt when i lose balance that i lose balance with him also, but every time he bring me back, i just call him in my heart. I meet him very often, i noticed that he put some weight, while i`m loosing it… i`m going on a trip tomorrow`s night for the next six days so i want be near computer, just to mention so you don`t worry 🙂 it became so normal for me to write here, i recharge my batteries here every time

  8. Joanna ,sunshine,
    It is indeed a beautiful song. The view points of bith you and sunshine have progressed a lot and has become a source do consolation . as we share our feelings we are able to take everything with more ease . I think one of the reasons I feel better is this sharing.