Month: July 2014

Transforming Within Our Warming

Never mind the bees and the birds, Our love is woven as it is spoken through these words. They can deceive as they weave, depending how we choose to receive the many layers of meaning, seeming to transform us as

Awaken to Divine Love: Interview with Scott Grace

~ Scott’s website ~ In this interview with Scott Grace, we shared on many aspects of moving through transitions within the journey of life, through relationships, career shifts, and so much more. We focused on the dance of balance brought

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Let Love Flow Free

One thing we are always desiring so profoundly is connection, to feel in the seeing of the reflection that we are, uniquely and as one, to know that we aren’t walking alone on this journey. And when we encounter those

Man and Woman Reside and Collide in Each Other

From the place where two become one, to the space where cool and warm collide, easing into where the warmth resides, all of the sides, the moods, in my eyes, add the element of surprise, a sunrise to the senses,

Spread the Love Within You Around You

When the love is awakened within you, and particularly by another reflection of your own vibration in form, the joy and continuation of loving that person, of loving in its entirety comes with shining that love outward to others. That

The Return of the Light, Igniting and Righting any “Wrongs”

New England, what an interesting history you weave… the energy and vibration I receive, and the way in which you perceive incarnation through those that walk upon your belly intrigue me. Stay tuned for the Weaving of Witch city, that

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