Month: January 2008

All is Connected Existing as Co-creators Together, Magnifying Truth and Love

All is Connected Existing as Co-creators Together, Magnifying Truth and Love You are the embers of the fire as it ignites its warmth and spreads it to all that come near You are the raindrops entering into the world as

Do You Love Me? (Kilian McDonnell)

This poem was found in the magazine “Spirituality and Health.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Mark 15:34 Some stupid pistol picked off the street lights on rattlesnake road as I stumble over shards walking to

Conversations With God

This is a movie that goes into some concepts within the book series, however it is more of Neale Donald Walsch’s process of conversing and convening with God and how his books transpired. Though it also brings up an idea

Conversations with God (Neale Donald Walsch)- Spiritual Transformation

This was the book which started my path onto spiritual enlightenment. I grew up Catholic, instilled with many ideas, among them, the one that I was a sinner, that I had to ask for forgiveness to be looked at lovingly

Twin Flame Love – Before and After Coming Together

I believe in destiny (though free will is a part of it), I believe that we have a connection with a particular soul in the universe that we will connect with to further our mission, our life purpose together on

How to Let the Universe Handle the “How”

Even when you begin to live your life with your intention added by the knowledge and belief in the Law of Attraction, there are times when the “how” of your manifestation can haunt you. But the main key is to

August Rush – Rhythmic Connection between all Things

If you listen, if you truly listen with open ears, you can hear the rhythm of all that is around you. You can hear that every sound connects with the next sound, and as the sounds follow each other, a

We Were Out, Now We’re In

I wrote this blog in April of 2007 and I wanted to post it here because something came up today that made me think of it. I’d like you to read it and then read what I write today to

Eleven Minutes (Paulo Coelho) – The Search for Love

I admit that I am a fan of Paulo’s and I can’t help it. His words, his thoughts, are just so profoundly inspiring – he takes the reader on a journey of self-realization and discovery, allowing for the essential step

Tonight, That I Might See…

My prayers have been answered Tonight that I might see… a vision of you before me smiling, full of spirit For you are the pioneer my love The essence of you inspires the divine within others calls to the spirit