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My Beloved, Home With Me

I feel your embrace in my breath as I inhale, the vision of your face surrounding me, so softly you become me. My eyes close as I exhale… I know what I chose. My heart yearns for the tenderness of

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Meditation to Draw in and Embrace Physical Reunion with Your Twin Flame

Feel the vibrations within this video to raise your frequency in preparation for your divine, sacred twin flame reunion in all ways. Get comfortable: sit down, lay down, close your eyes, keep your eyes open, watch and listen more than

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Journey on the Pilgrimage of Love to Your Beloved

I was joined by Anaiya Sophia, Author of the book Pilgrimage of Love: A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and meeting “The One.” Anaiya has many services that she offers to help you on your path to the Beloved. She is

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