Year: 2010

Balance is the Key to Your Happiness in All Ways

I was joined by Melissa Stone, Owner, CMT, Certified Fitness Professional, Author of the book The Key to Life is Balance. She owns and operates Balance Studio Spa in Felton CA, a full service holistic fitness, wellness and skin care

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Divine Union: Why Twin Flames are Coming Together Now

It is time to release the idea of separation and merge fully into union. This illusion of separation needs to be let go of not only with our beloved divine partners but also any perceptions of differences within other cultures

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Union: Necessary to Release Separation

Everything I know…I know only because I love. ~Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace) The rain slowly falls from the sky onto the pavement and trickles off the leaves of the tree, adding a rhythm to my own tears joining them

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Eat Pray Love – Appetite for Your Life

I introduce you to an amazing woman who is working with women in such powerful ways – welcome into the energy of Paula Gregorowicz. Do You Have an Appetite for Your Life? I admit it, when I read the book

Sound Vibrations and Releasing the Illusion of Separation

I was joined by Jason Welch (Asa). He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), healing sound engineer, artist and wayshower. Jason is the creator of the Source Vibrations audio content which continues to inspire and empower

Twin Flame Love Includes All

Q. If I choose to be with another person who is not my twin flame and share love now, is this cheating on my twin flame? A. There seems to be a common belief that when you become aware of

How to Know if Someone is Your Twin Flame (Radio Show)

On this show, I went into detail on how you can know if someone is your twin flame. I have been receiving this question a lot recently and it is time for clarity to come out so that you can

How to Know Your Twin Flame

Q. How do I know if someone is my twin flame? A. There is an inner knowing of who your twin flame is that once you tap into, there is absolutely no doubt. It is not something that you think

The Choice to See Life With Rose Colored Glasses:An Interview with LisaMae Brunson

I was joined by Lisa Mae Brunson, a Writer, Poet, Author of Rose Colored Glasses, Creative Visionary, and an Inspirationalist. Her main vision is to “inspire people to live up to their highest vision of themselves and go after their

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Family is All of Us

Life is a beautiful tapestry of sweetness and weavings of love, moments that allow us to reflect on the truth within our hearts. On Wednesday, I had a conversation with my mother and someone else. She mentioned that she invited