Month: November 2010

The Choice to See Life With Rose Colored Glasses:An Interview with LisaMae Brunson

I was joined by Lisa Mae Brunson, a Writer, Poet, Author of Rose Colored Glasses, Creative Visionary, and an Inspirationalist. Her main vision is to “inspire people to live up to their highest vision of themselves and go after their

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Family is All of Us

Life is a beautiful tapestry of sweetness and weavings of love, moments that allow us to reflect on the truth within our hearts. On Wednesday, I had a conversation with my mother and someone else. She mentioned that she invited

Happy Thanksgiving

As I reflect on Thanksgiving and all that I have experienced this last week leading up to it, I have been feeling various emotions, all in such depth. It took me a little while to try to formulate all that

Poetry of Oneness in All Its Forms: An Interview with Em Claire

I interviewed Em Claire, an amazing woman, friend and poet. She is a weaver of words and the Author of the book Silent, Sacred, Holy, Deepening Heart. Her poetry stems from both a love of the written and spoken word,

Illuminations of Love and Connection

Today, November 15th, Josh Groban’s album Illuminations is now out in stores for you to purchase. I have my copy coming to me in the mail and I am excited to have the actual copy. Many of you may have

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A Great Poem (To My Friends and Family)

written by Elizabeth Saenz Elizabeth’s website You don’t have to be my knight, Rescuing atop his steed. You don’t have to be my butler, Anticipating every need. I’m not looking for a savior, To wash my sins away. I don’t

November Giveaway Winners

The winner of Em Claire’s CD called Remembering of poems from her book Silent Sacred Holy Deepening Heart is Kat. She sent in a poem which includes all aspects of the three sections of Em Claire’s book, Remembering, Forgetting and

Dream Progression to Prepare for Physical Reunion with Twin Flame (Radio Show)

I shared with you the dreams that I have shared with my twin flame leading us up to physical reunion. You will discover what the purpose is for sharing these dreams and just what can be gained from them. You

The Puzzle Piece is YOU

I am at the mercy of the tenderness in the essence of you my sweet On bended knee, I lift my hands up to the light Do you remember how we danced on the clouds, squeezing hands, Laughing at the

Creation of Play

I’ve made love to the whiteness again and again. I now lay here, arms outstretched, willing the inkblots to flow from me, yet the me is no longer familiar, the words themselves feel rough, foreign, leaving the safe haven of