Month: January 2014

The Little Things We DO are BIG Things

Never discount the little things you do for you never know how much they are treasures for those that receive it. I was having a bit of an emotional day yesterday releasing things that are no longer serving me, had

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You are Receiving in the Perceiving

Have patience with yourself along your journey. When you revisit creations of the “past,” observing them in the “present,” know that you are receiving in the perceiving, and trust that you are creating in each moment…you are becoming clear of

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Open Your Heart to Express and Be the Love You Are

This is what I find passionate and beautiful, AND extremely attractive. When someone opens up to be their authentic, expressive, natural open self. We are meant to connect DEEPLY for we are one as we have always been, and it

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Light and Dark Dancing in Oneness

When I tell you I love you, I mean it from the depths of my being, for I recognize you from our many incarnations and the many ways in which we have played with each other throughout our lifetimes. You

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There is no Evolving, but Revolving Infinitely

The word “evolved” implies that there was something to attain to, yet we are just remembering what we already are, surrendering into this ISness. “What the ‘Evolved’ Woman Wants,” ~ to not be labeled, for without the label she is

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Completeness, Caressing

Trickling into the ethers, sprinkling into the serenading sweetness…the completeness has always been caressing me and confessing me into its folds, as I cease allowing the molds to conform me. Transform me, serendipity, into simplicity, tis the true tranquility that

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