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Expressions of Love Part 6

September 15, 2011 Open up, close down, open up, close down because the openness I want to share is with you, with you my love in all ways…though you know, I can’t ever fully close down to others because I

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Expressions of Love Part 5

How can I let go of you when you are the me I see reflected back, the me that I have always been, always known, always been shown in your eyes and your laughter? How can I walk away or

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Expressions of Love Part 2

August 11, 2011 Dear Me, The longing has released me and it is now replaced with an appetite ever thirsting for the awesomeness in the now. Have you truly seen the colors reflected in the sun as its arms extend

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Poetry From the Heart: Connecting With the Inner Twin Flame Energy

On this show, I shared a lot of my poetry written for my twin flame and a recent dream that we have had together. Please join into this intimate sharing of my heart with you. You are always welcome to

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