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My main blog section where you can delve into the depths of what makes you feel alive in all its various aspects, as you continue to rise in love.

Follow As many of you know, I have been compiling notes aplenty for my second book (and even contemplating what the title desires to be). This year much has been coming through, as the formation of this book is taking

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Follow The question that continues regardless of age, race, topic, geography, etc, etc… place anything after “why” and a string of conceptualization begins. The quest of truth, for the discovery of an answer. Is there truly one to be had?

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Follow From as far back as I can remember, I would see every challenge as an opportunity to see the beauty within it, and another chance to witness the dance of balancing energies in motion. I have now come to

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Follow The underwear can be a comfort zone when getting a massage. What is your preference? Do you take it off or keep it on when you allow yourself the relaxation of receiving a massage? When you recognize something as

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Follow Everything is unfolding in its perfect order to bring to you and through you all that is necessary to receive your soul gifts, lessons, insights, clues… all becomes inclusion in the fusion of your divine essence and physical presence.

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Follow I awoke this morning at 5:28am with a memory of dreaming of an address that was 528 something… and right when I opened my eyes, I recalled the address, but before I wrote it down, the address went away

Follow At times, you may feel like you have received so much along this soul’s journey in form, and other times, you may feel like a baby, learning how to crawl again, or move anew. This is not a competition,

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Follow Riding the waves of my essence as continuous sprinkles of light are coming through with such clarity, and with a pen that seems to be on fire, I am bringing the desire in the fire of my soul through

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Follow *a quote from my new book ~ Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness* “Remembering your soul plan, your soul agreements, your life lessons, comes through allowing the experience of the moments unfolding in your

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