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My main blog section where you can delve into the depths of what makes you feel alive in all its various aspects, as you continue to rise in love.

100 Days of Happiness ~ Day 2

Follow Heaven is for Real was a great movie! Does life go on after our sojourn here on Earth? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Did you have an experience that made you know without any doubts that connection,

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Let Your Reality Be Shaped Around Your Energy

Follow When you let go of things that are no longer a clear reflection of who you are and as a result, change perceptions, patterns, behaviors, how you show up within yourself and how you bring those vibrations out into

All Reflections Help to Perfect your Expression of Being

Follow Starting in July 2012, into 2013, and trickling into 2014, I was invited into the depth of the “darkness” inside of me. Rather, the sparkess in me emerged through the perceptions of “dark”… sparking my true essence by illuminating

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Witness the Perfecting in the Reflecting

Follow All things are received within the experience. What is real is what you experience in the moment, what you receive within it and how you perceive in it. If tomorrow you view what you experienced in another light, the

Immerse Into the Spaces Between the Formation of YOU

Follow Sometimes, before processing and understanding, before reflection and expression, comes the need for immersion into the stillness, the spaces in between the formations of your being. I recall hearing Rumi’s written words echoing in my consciousness… “Out beyond ideas

Love Yourself ~ Accept Compliments

Follow Somehow, it can be considered spiritual and without ego to deflect or reflect compliments rather than to accept them. Yet I invite you, I encourage you, to welcome in compliments that come, for these are gifts in the present

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Twin Flames Revealed ~ The True Love Story

Follow Often we grow up not consciously aware of the fact that we are like sponges, soaking up other’s perceptions, emotions, beliefs about life, about love, about how we are to be within the world. Part of the process of

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The Fairytale is Illusion

Follow The Fairytale of love ~ everything will be smooth in all moments, everyone will live happily ever after. The biggest illusion of all. What is real, true love? Unconditional, pure love, that will be there, stay there, with a

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Your True Essence is Eternal and Always at Peace

Follow Remember, that there is nothing you need to do to keep this stillness, for it IS you. Let the waves of anxiousness move through and know that what is there observing your emotions (energy in motion) is the true

Remember the Darkness Merges with Light

Follow Remember, when you are crawling out of a deep, dark pit, you may get dirt under your nails, but you have emerged, and it is your strength that brought you to stand where you are, right now. The beautiful

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