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Continuing to Move From Separation into Union Consciousness in Relationships

A lot of energies swirling around within us in the vibration of separation that are being healed now. Allow yourself to feel the emotions, be aware of your behaviors, your beliefs, and your fears as they come up. Know that

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Continuing to Heal the Separation as We Move Consciously into Union

Gosh, it is truly amazing how we continuously want to move into the separation in all areas…and how DEEPLY this is embedded unconsciously in our psyches. I have realized that the more aware I become of the pieces of separation

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The Transformation of the Perception of Forgiveness from the Perspective of Union

Q. Could you speak on twin flames and forgiveness? A. This is a great topic! Forgiveness is a two part process, on a human level and a spiritual level. From a human standpoint, it may seem necessary to forgive the

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It is Essential to Release Separation to Move into Union with your Twin Flame

This is a call to both men and women (the masculine and feminine energies), to open your heart deeper and deeper to the truth that union is present in every moment, within every relationship and experience in your life. I

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Twin Flame Union: Divine Timing

Q. Divine timing is a big part of twin flame union, but if you have already met physically, does it mean 2012 is the reunion year? A. Yes, divine timing is a huge part of the twin flame union, and

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