Month: February 2014

The Present is Creation

Smelling delicious food cooking, sipping a glass of red wine, and writing for my second book is feeling like Christmas morning. Unwrapping the present which is #creation ~ oh how I feel the peace, the comfort, the LOVE that this

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Walk Forward in LOVE

So much love in my heart for the one whom I love so dearly, and this love is building, as I know that the pathway is bringing our hearts, our service and our bodies closer together. I AM bringing the

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Season Your Uniqueness

As I take each step along my path, I have absolute faith in the sweetest aftermath, Reflecting the visions from within, showing me what I know has always been, If it has been, it must be, as I continue to

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The Truth is You are LOVE and You are LOVED

Feeling lonely and singled out can be so real and consuming. Kindness is essential. We need to come together, we need to realize that what we give to another comes back upon us. Wouldn’t you choose love? It can be

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Sing Your Song

Instead of learning the song of the world, sing your own tune, even if you have to hum along for a while, as the lyrics form and the melodies come together. You are not walking upon this Earth to follow

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Remember Union and Let Yourself Experience the Depth

Reunion = remembering union, which means you remember that U N I are ONe, but that also U N I are ON a journey of oneness. You are here to experience the oneness you are, therefore remembering that this already

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Each Step Shapes, Shifts and Builds the Whole

Building a website and managing your own business is a multi-layered process. Patience is key. Step by step. See the whole picture while walking it as you enable the clarity of each step to shape, shift and build the whole.

What is the True Divine Signature of Your Soul?

When I went on my first outing with Joel in 2008, he asked me, “what do you know about yourself?” And before my mind had a chance to think, what naturally emerged from my mouth in pure, authentic waves, vibrating

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Bring the Balance of your Divine Nature into Your Human Dance

What did we do before social media and the instant exchange that technology provides? We connected within ourselves. We found what brought us enjoyment and basked within that. We allowed divine synchronicities that surrounded us to move us into interaction,

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Follow your Intuition and Witness the Perfection

I am blown away by the perfection of the moment. When your intuition gives you a sign and a message, then you follow through with action upon it and what you receive is clarification of what you feel, you know

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