Month: May 2010

Insomnia, Blackberry Curve, Merging of Home (Within and Without)

Oh I was an insomniac last night, not falling asleep until like 3:30 in the morning, just laying on the bed playing with my new Blackberry Curve phone (such a treat to be able to go online and get email

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A Story of Soul Mate Reunion

Melissa Stone is an Author of the book The Key to Life is Balance, Certified Massage Therapist and Fitness Professional and the Owner of the Balance Studio Spa in Santa Cruz, CA. I had a few sessions with Melissa, gave

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Intuition, Missed Connections and Trusting Yourself to Love

Have you ever felt that someone close to you could have been your soul mate….but you didn’t say anything? Do you feel you don’t fully trust your intuition when it comes to speaking up about love? Do you live with

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Releasing Judgment When Being With a Partner In a Relationship

Ladies, have you ever felt that you were judged because you didn’t look a certain way? Men, have you felt that you were judged because you didn’t have a particular “status” in society? Are you afraid that the more that

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Made in Heaven (A Story of Twin Flame Reunion)

What is a twin flame? A twin flame is the highest form of love, where you share love with someone who resonates on the same vibration as your soul, you think alike, feel alike, desire similar things, almost as if

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Self Sustainability, The Shift of Consciousness and Dream Time

Join us as we interview Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael. She is a Sacred Shamangelic High Priestess of Light, Priestess of the AvaSha Goddess Temple of Mt. Shasta, Doctor of Vibrational Medicine, Founder and Executive Director of the Legion

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