Month: September 2010

Dream Progression of Twin Flame Reunion

I wanted to share a dream I had last Friday evening with my twin flame. One thing that it is important to know as you connect with your twin in dreams is the purpose of what these dreams are for.

The 7 A’s to Spiritual Healing: Connecting to the Light of Love in the Midst of a Break Up

I interviewed Lana Bettencourt, Writer, Lecturer on the subject of Spiritual Healing, Healer and Author of A Handbook to Spiritual Healing, the 7 A’s. Lana shared with us on how to use the 7 A’s of Spiritual Healing when encountering

How to Believe in Love and Be Faithful to Your Love

Q All this time, I had a question that does love really come to those who believe it. But how to believe love? Does it mean to be faithful to my love?? A Yes, love does come to those who

Letters to Juliet (Letting Go Allows for Love to Arrive)

The movie that was played while I was on the plane to Hawaii was LETTERS TO JULIET. Many of you who have been following me know that I consistently say that everything is perfect, that you encounter what you do

“It’s Too Good to Be True” Does Not Exist Unless YOU Make It So

Have you heard the phrase “It’s too good to be true,” or in regards to a relationship that there is a honeymoon stage, which is sure to end? It is important for this belief to be released in your psyche

To Be or Not to Be: The Choice Really is Yours

We interviewed Barbara Hofmeister, an internationally renowned speaker, Author of the book To Be Or Not To Be: The Choice is Yours and expert on the topic of human growth. She shared with us insights in her book and offered

Is It Ever Too Late to Find Your Twin?

Q I was wondering if you can find your twin later on in life? My date and I were discussing this and we both seemed to notice twin flames seem to find each other young and spend their lives together,

Connection with Your Divine Spiritual Guides

I interviewed Elizabeth Saenz, the Author of The Expanded Gateway: Messages to Expand Your Consciousness and “The Fairies and Me” Blog. In her business, The Expanded Gateway, she has helped hundreds become empowered and connect to their spiritual guides using

Merging of Souls

A man among men, desire and truth at the forefront of his being, All the while resisting the urge to destroy his will, to become part of the other, which holds his strength, pushing away the opportunity to become intimate,