Month: April 2011

Welcoming in the Twin Flame

Many of you may have noticed that the energies are speeding up. Things that have taken us months and years to experience before are now taking days. We are being called to release any old behaviors, emotions and beliefs that

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The Vibration of Our Love

The journey moves onward I know that I don’t need anything to tell me that you love me. Can love ever be fully explained or proven rather? I love you – isn’t that all the reassurance my heart requires? Is

Assistance on Guiding your Psychic Child into Their Gifts

Sara Wiseman is a longtime features journalist, Intuitive, and Author of Your Psychic Child: How to Raise Intuitive and Spiritually Gifted Kids of All Ages, Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth and Healing. We shared specifically

Release the Idea of Competition

There is never any competition between you and another. The rainbow can’t be a rainbow without all of the colors and each color does not take away from your own color. If you feel there is competition, it is only

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The Magnetism of True Love

There is a magnetism to your true love that you can’t deny. When you feel it, you’ll know. Your knowing will break down any perceptions of the mind. Honor the truth in your heart.

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The Power of Believing Your Dreams into Manifestation

On this show, I shared how important it is for you to believe in your dreams and how strengthening your beliefs, especially in the midst of different emotions/opinions from others, will bring them into manifestation. I had an amazing guest

Serendipity – There are no Accidents

Watched the movie Serendipity yesterday, one of my favorite movies…pay attention to all of the signs around you as EVERYTHING is there to support you and guide you along your journey to the deepest love you can imagine. AND when

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Merging from Separation Mentality into Unity Consciousness Continued

You may want to read this post before this one since it is the first entry into this discussion: First part of Merging from Separation Mentality into Union Consciousness The path of reunion of twin flames is one of unconditional

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Be With Me

“For while you wallow in complaint, Beauty kisses you awake each morning with a new day. With eternal patience she whispers, “Release your burden, come outside yourself, and be with me.” ~Hajjar Gibran

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Nature Symbolizing Love

Nature is so beautiful in its constant expression & symbolism of love.