Month: August 2012

In Honor of the Blue Moon

“We were written in the stars, my love, all that separated us, was time, the time it took to read the map which was placed within our hearts, to find our way back to one another.” ~Unknown In honor of

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Empathy and Service to the World

Q.I have a question regarding the topic you posted about Empaths. If a person is an Empath, what does that mean in regards to your service to the world? A. How an Empath will use their abilities to serve the

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The Dance

When you open your heart, you see without needing to open your *eyes*, and you realize, that’s where you dance!

No Rules in Love

Let go of your need for rules in how you respond, in how you react, in how you be, in how you love within your relationships. Unconditional love truly has no conditions, no expectations, no attachments, no restrictions, limitations, no

Perfection is You, Right Now

Perfection is always here right now, in this moment, as you are perfect…there is nothing you have to do nor anything that you are waiting for, to feel or be this perfection. For the perfection IS you, as you are,

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Blue Moon of Union

Two full moons in one month, the second called the Blue Moon, happens every 2.5 years, is considered “rare,” and opens the energy between spiritual and physical, is known to bring us deeper into the connection to the Divine. The

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Two as One

As two in the perfect balance of spirit and form come together, within both spirit and form, the joining brings about the rebirth of both and all. Their freedom is found in the pure love within them, between them, as

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Live Love

Exactly! When you dive inside of you where love resides and abides, you naturally live the love within without and become a vessel of living this love in each moment. What does this do? It increases the love within, so

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Dive In to Discover Your Divinity

Divine = Dive In. Dive within and you discover your divinity, as it is eternity within infinity, within, you and all as ONE.

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Bring Your Love into Union with the Awareness of One

Q. I have an urgency of helping bring my Love to the threshold…white pillars and nothing known but light beyond. What threshold is that? And what if the other isn’t ready, have I failed my mission? A. What instantly came

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